Vince Neil 7


Vince Neil 7

HI-FI Buys Amphitheatre
August 6th, 2003

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Look, can we talk? Back in 1983 when Motley Crue released Shout At The Devil,
nobody gave a fuck about this accident he was in where the drummer from Hanoi
Rocks-Razzle Dingley was killed. It sucked. It was a fucking tragedy-but it never
dampened the impact of the music that Motley Crue was putting out-and that is
what I mean by nobody gave a fuck. That accident never made me not love Too Young
To Fall In Love, and it didn’t make Vince not play Too Young To Fall In
Love in Atlanta. -So yes, we know here at MusicIncider that there was some shit
at the Bunny Ranch in Atlanta. The shit in Nevada had nothing to do with the show
on August 6th and what Vince Neil was trying to pull off on stage. His personal
life might influence his music-but it isn’t his music. –There is just
something about Vince Neil that makes us want him to pull it off. Back in the
eighties, he had this wild ass blond hair and the wild, rock star party lifestyle.
He was a hero to a lot of wild little mother fucking metal children trying to
become adults. Let’s face it. We loved that fact that he was pretty AND
a bad ass. –Life has been rough on Vince. He has been through some horrible
shit. Life has been rough on us as a group of metal heads wondering through life.
We have been through some horrible shit. So, Vince Neil could come up on stage
and play a fucking harmonica for a half hour and we would still love him. He is
one of us. We, as a group of fans, do not give a fuck if Vince has put on a couple
of pounds-because WE have all put on a couple of pounds. So Vince’s weight
has nothing to do with what he was doing onstage to the fans in Atlanta. –So
MANY non fucking issues to get out of the way before I can talk about Vince Neil
in Atlanta, it is really starting to piss me off.

Come the fuck on, haven’t you been waiting a long time to hear Vince Neil
sing Girls, Girls, Girls live on stage? I will bet you didn’t know that
he once owned a strip club in Japan called Girls, Girls, Girls.

Vince Neil played for the fans in Atlanta, period. We heard Live Wire, All In
the Name of, Home Sweet Home, Wild Side, You’re Invited But Your Friend
Can’t Come, Looks That Kill, Teaser, and Dr. Feelgood. Neil had everybody’s
hands on that make believe Harley they have always wanted to own when Vince Neil
7 did Kickstart My Heart live. The reviews that Vince put on a sucky show aren’t
fair-he put on a great show. People are going to shows expecting to see a twenty
year old Vince-but fuck, I am not twenty anymore and neither is he. He sang Crue
songs live for you, me, and everybody else on the tour. He is out there keeping
songs written by Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars alive. He is giving us what the fuck
we want, and that is why the fans turn out for Vince Neil. Say whatever you want
about Vince Neil in the press-but who is going to give a fuck? He still can carry
Same Ol’ Situation as well as he did fifteen years ago. Remember, without
Vince Neil there probably wouldn’t have been a Sebastian Bach. Fuck, Vince
Neil was the inspiration for Aerosmith’s Dude Looks Like a Lady. –Going
to see Vince Neil 7 is going to see music metal history. You want to see people
who can sing live. You want to see people who can work the crowd like Vince Neil,
Bret Michaels, and David Coverdale because these are the places where metal has
been and these are the places that metal is going. And these are the people who
give a fuck about their fans and what they want.-Vince will be back in Atlanta-
Sat 12/20/03 Atlanta, GA C. J.’s Landing MusicIncider Magazine is a wholly owned
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