Vision Divine: Stream of Consciousness


Vision Divine is: Olaf Thornsen-Guitars. Michele Luppi-Vocals. Oleg Smirnoff-Keyboards. Matteo Amoroso-Drums. Andrea Tower Torrieini-Bass.

Vision Divine is Italian Progressive/Power metal. Vision Divine would be a great candidate for Prog Power in Atlanta. What the hell do they sound like? Think Dream Theatre. Think Rage. Think Symphony X, Savatage, and Evergrey-then you will have an idea. Vision Divine has offered up an opera-of all things a fucking metal opera. It is about a crazy man who gets his shit together with the help of his guardian angel. That’s why I am not going track to track and making myself crazy. The vision in the music is fucking clear, so I am going to tell you what I like and don’t like. First, I like the cover. I would have liked an actual Italian statue in front of a looney bin better, but the cover is fucking gorgeous. I like a continuous concept in an album. I like an idea that is so fucking clear that it is understood no matter what language it happens to be in. I like the fact that this is an Italian band that does progressive metal on Metal Blade. I can ALWAYS count on Metal Blade to throw something interesting my way. -I don’t give a shit where ANY of these guys were before, because this is the first I have heard of ANY of them. So fuck the Rhapsody bullshit. Rhapsody sounds like a name some new age airy-fairy fucker would have anyway-or maybe a stripper or a hooker. I just do not care. -The name Vision Divine reminds me of Dante and The Inferno. Much better name for me. -I like the singer, Michele Luppi. He is a good looking son of a bitch with a tremendous vocal range. He reminds me of another good looking bastard when he sings-Ronnie James Dio. I LOVE Olaf Thornsen on guitar. I love an amazing power guitar. Think Vai. Think Malmsteen. Without an amazing guitar player, this cd would immediately fall to shit. Matteo Amoroso on drums has this understated, weird brilliance that reminds me of Marky Ramone. I know-but fuck that’s what he reminds me of. Then there is Oleg Smirnoff on the keyboards. The guy who plays the keys is VERY important in this type of music because he helps set the mood. If he sucks, he’s going to stick out like a sore thumb. If he is good, he sets the mood. What can I say, Oleg Smirnoff is good. Andrea Tower Torrieini on bass is the thundering background that makes you move.
I would like to see him wag that hair of his on stage sometime.
My favorite tracks were The Fallen Feather and the very fucking moody Stream of Unconciousness. If you are into bands like Circle II Circle and Saxon-you are going to fucking love Vision Divine. So based on that-Would I tell you to get the album? Fuck yeah I would. Would I tell you to go see the band live if you got a chance? Fuck yeah I would.
Vision Divine’s Stream of Consciousness gets nine fuck yeah’s out of a possible ten. Here is looking forward to seeing Vision Divine at Prog Power soon.

Track Listing:
Stream of Unconciousness
The Secret Life
Colours Of My World
All The Light-Instrumental.
The Fallen Feather
La Vita Pugge
Versions of the Same
Through The Eyes of God
We Are, We Are Not
Fool’s Garden-Instrumental.
The Fall of Reason-Instrumental.
Out of The Maze


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