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Voxhaul Broadcast – Rotten Apples EP Review
by Rikki O.
Staff Writer
David Dennis- guitar, vocals

Anthony (Toe Knee) Aguiar- guitar, organ, backing vocals

Phillip Munsey II-bass
Kurt Allen- drums
Voxhaul Broadcast is a band that you probably haven’t heard of – yet. The Orange County, California band is composed of four energetic guys who have been friends since childhood and who decided to create “our own version of soul music.” Their debut EP “Rotton Apples” was recorded live in a single day by Dwayne Larring, mixed by Dave Larring and then later mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Mastering. Signed to Leftwing/Retone Records in 2007, their distinctive sound is a little hard to pin down, but certainly doesn’t disappoint – catchy and buoyant guitars lift the mood in the heaviest of rooms lickety split and the ardent and expressive lyrics are a blast for singing along.
Opening track “Rotten Apples” is a clear standout for single material and has a charming video by director Luke Asa Guidici with the lead singer riding a quarter-operated horse over old western film footage. This song is perfect for college radio and I’m somewhat surprised that it hasn’t blown up beyond the California area yet. Lyrics like “You say the strangest things in the name of self defense/ I need your love in my blood, so I cut off all my limbs” are strangely charming; what choice do you have but to lean in and listen harder? On “The Echo”, a slowed down track perfect for the last song spun at the end of a summer night’s close, guitars slide and echo contrasting nicely with the next song on the EP, “Why Not” – a rollicking number that truly shows off the band’s musical talent. 
The sexy “Lipstick Stained Coffee Cups” slows the EP to a sultry near close followed by “When The Wives Come Home”, a passionate homage to that vintage British sound that should seem out of place coming from a California indie band, and yet proves to be the perfect end to what promises to be the start of something big for Voxhaul Broadcast. Hopefully their aversion to recording in studio settings does not delay a full length release in the near future, as this could easily be a buzz generating band that surpasses the indie realm with a sound that is palatable to nearly everybody with ears. I’ll be watching.


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