What the World Needs Now Is Love -Wynonna Judd –


Recently, Wynonna has found out that her real father died. She never knew her real father. The experience has been a sharp turn in the path of Wynonna’s life. As an artist she has her talent to fall back on. What God has given her no one can take away. Everybody has problems. We all hope Wynnona will be back on track, soon. As Wynnona asks herself could things be better if she’d known of her Father. -We are talking about a woman who has struggled to build a career apart from her mother. She has everything, a beautiful home in Franklin Tennessee, two great kids, a husband and in this writers opinion, a devoted mother who thought it was best. As Wynonna and Naomi sang “ Flies On The Butter” a song of child hood memories, she will forgive her Mother and be at peace. We all know that good things are on the horizon. This writer is asking herself! How could all those movie people miss number 10 “Who Am I Supposed To Love”?

Track Listing:

1.What The World Needs – Everybody needs to love in his or her own way. No one really wants to be completely alone. We all need to spread a little love around. This little tune reminds us of that need. 2. “Heaven Help Me”- This is beautifully done. She’s lost without a prayer if she looses her lover. Surprise Wynonna! Another one possibly for the movies. A lot of people ask heaven to help them out and that’s ok. 3.” It All Comes Down To Love”-An everyday song, people are always looking for an answer-self help guides, the preacher is someone to tell us what’s missing. 4. “ Flies On The Butter”-A tune about childhood memories. Holes in the screen door, running in the sprinkler in your underwear, fire flies in the mason jar topped off with an old tin roof. You can’t go home again, as life changes while growing up. Naomi joins Wynonna singing . It doesn’t seem like long ago but maybe it was. 5. “ I Will Be”- A song about facing fear. Trying to keep the faith, this lady takes the beaten path she while climbing to take a higher road to the top. This reminds us everybody needs courage to go on. 6.”I Want to Know What Love Is”- The lady in this song needs time to think things over. Always knowing there is heartache and pain with love. Jeff Beck also appears in this song. Too bad love always doesn’t give us time. 7.”Its Only Love”- Everyone feels love is never quite enough but everybody builds their life on love. There is no control love always wins. Too bad love rules. This is a truthful tale about love. 8.”Sometimes I Feel Like Elvis”- This is a story about Wynonna giving away everything house, cars, motorcycles, for her lover to return. She has everything but nothing without love. Wynonna has her God given talent, but she needs love above this. I bet Elvis felt that way too, he had everything, as he tried to buy love. 9.” Burning Love”-A Elvis make over from the 1960s.This song was in Lilo and Stitch. Light and lively I’ve always enjoyed Elvis. Wynonna adds her voice and talented spirit to this song. 10. “Who Am I Supposed To Love” – Only memories keep her alive. She fills his space, if it’s not him, she can’t love. This should be a movie and it is my favorite on the CD. This is an excellent song.
11. “Your Day Will Come”– Love will come to you, if you open up your soul. At the right time love will come. Everyone belongs in the sun. An excellent song!

This album has real soul. It comes from a place we all know, and if you like the music of Wynonna Judd this is a must buy.


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