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There’s very little I can tell you about this band as there is very little information available on them. I viewed their web site (http://wolfspidermd.tripod.com) and it is pure shit. It’s a terrible design, free server with a huge banner on top, and no useful information. What I do know is that they’re from the Washington D.C. area and they play Rock n Roll. The band members are; A.B. Rhoads leading up vocals and keyboard, Jim Swink on guitar, Tommy Wilson on bass and vocals, and Bob Brasted on drums.

We here at Music Incider received their CD along with other press packs recently and they did not include any information on themselves; no band bio, just a CD. The CD is littered with what looks like a 3rd graders artwork. The cover has some sort of Crayola style drawing of a female holding a knife in the woods. ‘Wolf Spider’ is lettered across the top and the CD title ‘Exterminator’ across the bottom. I’m less than impressed so far. Inside the CD booklet is a lot of yellow text in some sort of Old English font. A picture of a wolf spider lies in the background and special thanks as well as credits are displayed. On the right side is a picture of each band member and their name. Nothing about this booklet screams quality. On the back on the CD case is a track listing as well as a cartoon of some man trying to exterminate bugs and saying “These things won’t DIE”. Again, nothing of any quality here. While you read this review keep in mind that the CD is 3 years old.

1. Gone: The instrumentals are not bad and the beat is good. The chorus has a catchy tune to it but the song is not anything special.

2. Strong Machine: Another mediocre song. Not terrible, but not great either. I already see a developing theme from these first two songs. A lot of basic instrumental work and simplified lyrics.

3. Rhythm of the Dog: The vocalist seems to attempt a sort of rap style through out this song and it fails miserably. The chorus sports a catchy tune and that’s about the only good thing going in this song.

4. Don’t Give A Damn: The idea behind this song is expressing frustration towards many different people. More good instrumentals but the vocalist sounds like he’s trying too hard to sound ‘raw’.

5. Cold Rain: This song presents a good change of pace to the album. The song is slower and not as heavy. Other than that it’s still nothing I can feel and get into.

6. Set Them Free: Easily the worst track I’ve heard off this album so far. The instrumentals are repetitive and the vocals are nothing close to what the song sounds like.

7. Scary: A cool guitar riff leads this song. Other than that the song is unspectacular. Repetitive lyrically and instrumentally. The song just doesn’t motivate my senses.

8. In My Dreams: In a nutshell, this song resembles most every other song on the album. Simplistic instrumentals, mediocre vocals, and repetitive lyrics.

9. Freak Of Nature: Same shit different song. Nice guitar solo mid song though. Other than that it’s exactly what I expected. Boring.

I could complain all day, but in the end this CD would still be something very short of amazing. Each and every song, minus a couple, lacked its own identity. Don’t get me wrong though, these guys can play their instruments well, but they lack the creative juices on this CD that make great songs. I feel they have the ability to make great songs and they do have the skill, but the drive and desire don’t seem existent on each track. Granted the CD is 3 years old, we can only hope they’ve evolved to something better and more musically inspirational. On a scale of 1 – 10 this CD receives a generous 4.


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