KMFDM featuring: Lucia Cifarelli, Jules Hodgson, Sascha K, Andy Selway, Raymond Watts, and Steve White.

This is a DVD for the thinking person. This is a DVD for the fans. This is a DVD for you. -KMFDM has NEVER been about blatant fucking commercialism. KMFDM is about evolution-it has been for as long as the band has been in existence. The WWIII cd is angry and full of fucking protest, so is the DVD. I really fucking loved the sampling of George W. Bush’s voice on the opening track of the DVD-WWIII. KMFDM is expressing an opinion. It may not be your fucking opinion, but would you dare to fucking criticize some of those legends from the sixties for protesting the Vietnam war? Go ahead, take a swing at fucking Morrison. I dare you. When you take a fucking swing at WWIII, you are knocking songs like Unknown Soldier. You are also taking a swing at something deeper-good art reflects the times in which we live. The CD AND the DVD put out by KMFDM reflect this time period perfectly. -Look at the extra shit on the DVD, we have a birthday party. -Yeah, I personally love truck stops-but the clip was funny. The band goes whale watching. Why? Let me tell you. KMFDM is an accessible band. They organize meet and greets before and after every show. Every shitty little club they have EVER played has been packed because of it. They have a core of rabid fans. And because the band has never been a mainstream sellout, they are able to maintain that underground touch and say whatever the fuck they want to and play whatever and however the fuck they want to. -Gee, absolutely honest artistic expression without a Manhattan PR package attached to it telling them what to do. -Even if I hated the fucking music, I would love KMFDM for that reason alone. -But the music. The musical VARIETY offered up on the fucking CD is magnificent. I get really tired of putting a CD in and hearing the same song ten times in a row. We have the famous synthesizers, the heavy beats, and the metal guitar, and something that sound VERY MUCH like sex in Pity For The Pious. -The DVD is the ultimate KMFDM concert experience. -At the center of the fucking madness is the one and only Kaptain K. Believe Sascha. Be angry, and be fucking artistic about it. Remember that Sascha started out as a performance artist, and he has never truly stopped. Tim Skold, an original cast member of KMFDM, left the band to join Marilyn Manson. Where would the mighty masturbating Manson be without KMFDM? Back with The Spooky Kids in Florida? -What Manson does is performance art to an extent, but it is largely pre-packaged and commercialized. We get plenty of BANG for his uhhh-buck. -We have the mighty and ferocious Lucia on vocals. The DVD allows you to get a real sense of her stage presence, and in case you have been living under a rock-Lucia is one of the most IMPORTANT female voices in heavy music. -Then, there is Mr. Raymond Watts. Raymond does double duty between KMFDM and Pig and brings this large personality and beauty to the stage. P.S.-I love you Raymond. I want to get a hat. -The show is rounded out by Andy Selway, Steve White, and Jules Hodgson. How fucking excellent can they possible be? Sascha even joins them and plays bass himself. -The DVD will definitely expose you to the KMFDM concert experience. You will never catch KMFDM playing in a large commercial venue-that is why you see live performances of the band in small clubs.
-This DVD is only for the intelligent people. This DVD is only for the beautiful people-so if you qualify DIY and pick yourself up a copy. You may even see pictures taken by your favorite photographer (insert my name here).

DVD Contents:

Live performances of: WWIII (cool as shit), From Here On Out, Blackball, Brute, Stars & Stripes, Pity For The Pious (somebody is having big sex), Moron, Revenge, Bullets, Bombs, & Bigotry, Light, Juke Joint Jezebel (outfuckingrageous KMFDM Klassic), Intro (What exactly does the Kaptain want you to suck again?), and A Drug Against War (not a bad concept).

Music Videos: Skurk, Ultra, Stars & Stripes.

Extras: After Show and Backstage Footage, Interviews With Band & Crew, Tour photos Slide Show, Fan Photos Slide Show, Journals From Band & Crew, Hoarde Fan Club Section, Wild West Concert Intro Sequence, WWIII Recording Studio Footage, Whale Watching With KMFDM. Lyrics. E-Card. Electronic Press Kit.


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