You Aren’t Rockin’ Unless You’re Listening to Dokken


Dokken is: Don Dokken-Vocals. Jon Levin-Guitars. Mick Brown-Drums. Barry Sparks-Bass.

I have to admit I was really fucking skeptical about this one. Dokken without Jeff Pilson and George Lynch, both who I adore completely, seemed like it was going to be a fucking flop live without them. That June 29th Cancer Don Dokken proved me wrong. Fucking Don Dokken still has it-even without George and Jeff. They will probably wheel Don out in a wheelchair on stage in twenty years and he will still kick ass and have an amazing voice-timeless and immortal.
Ahh, but those of you who read my shit are probably too fucking young to even know who Dokken is so let me tell you. -Don Dokken started out in a band called Airbom in the late seventies, just when the great metal music was being born in this country. He nailed a record deal in Germany-because those fucking Germans know good music-convinced George Lynch and Mick Brown to join the cause and then the band known as Dokken was born. Jeff Pilson joined the band with the second album -Tooth and Nail, and Dokken got fucking HUGE in America. Don Dokken has always had a unique vocal style. You can’t compare him to fucking anybody but Don Dokken. When that was coupled with Lynch and Pilson, a dynasty was born. -But let me tell you, it is an utter and complete bitch for cancer’s and libra’s to work together, and such was the case with Dokken and Lynch. Dokken broke up in 1988, and Don put together a series of studio and touring bands keeping hard rock music alive as a force. -So that is who and what Dokken was. -Let me tell you about Dokken in 2004. This tour at The Masquerade was in support of the recent Dokken album Hell To Pay. Dokken’s voice is still timeless and immortal. He still fucking rocks on stage-none of that has ever changed. You can tell by watching him that he is a relentless perfectionist that believes in what he is doing. He still believes in pleasing his fans-he even sang The Doors’ Crystal Ship Dokken-style for me. There is only one Dokken, and nobody will ever take his place. Mick Brown on drums is still fucking amazing. He should probably teach clinics when he isn’t on tour. -Then there are the new boys. Dokken has a fucking eye for talented guitar players. Jon Levin is a sexy motherfucker. He has a blistering, unique playing style that is all his own. He isn’t trying to be Lynch. Barry Sparks brings the hard rock thunder and the metal lightening down with that bass of his. He isn’t trying to be Pilson. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Sparks is a blond and Levin has brown hair. -If you ever get a chance to see Dokken, GO. Run. Don’t be a fucking fool.


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