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Zyklon is: Samoth playing guitar, Trym playing drums, Destructhor playing lead guitar, and Secthdamon playing bass and doing vocals. Aeon is the bands 2nd full-length album and my first impression, strictly on visuals and band members names, is that these guys are a goofy ass bunch. The CD slip shows a picture of the 4 band members, 3 of which are wearing a trench coat and all of which are wearing sunglasses. They all have balled up fists also… Remind you of anything? The Matrix perhaps? Yes, that’s it. These morons are mimicking the Matrix. Good movies don’t deserve mimicking from such assholes. Play music guys, that’s all we ask. Before I pre-judge these guys entirely too much, let me listen to their CD first. Here we go.

1. Psyklon Aeon – Terrible track. The song sucks, period. The growling is horrific and the song sounds like a bunch of monkeys beating drums and playing guitars aimlessly and without skill.

2. Core Solution: This song seems to be played with some actual skill. I didn’t think these guys had a slice of it after that first track. This song still isn’t anything amazing, but definitely a step up from that last disaster. The growling I still don’t like from this band. It doesn’t sit right with me. The song consists of a typical fast paced drum set, growling, and basic guitar riffs, although the end of the song does show some skilled guitar playing.

3. Subtle Manipulation: Not a bad song, but the vocalist is annoying as hell. He screams like a bitch on this track. More fast paced drums and guitar. Half way into the song a badass beat drops with a slow guitar and fast drums all backed by a high-pitched guitar solo.

4. Two Thousand Years: The singer sounds like he is singing while taking an enormous shit. It almost makes my ears bleed. The song is nothing wonderful either. It consists of repetitive drums beats and guitar riffs.

5. No Name Above The Names: All of the tracks off this album are beginning to sound the same minus a few minor changes to each. The song is made up of faster paced drums and odd guitar riffs. The vocalist growls his way through the song, but with no kind of pleasure to my ears. This song is boring.

6. The Prophetic Method: Same shit different song. In this track the vocalist sounds as if he has a lisp while growling the lyrics. Then he uses some voice while screaming the lyrics and it sounds even worse. The song presents more fast drums and repetitive guitar riffs. These songs are becoming very predictable and I don’t like that.

7. Specimen Eruption: Nothing new here. The growling sucks and the guitars and drums have become one in the same to my ears. Each track presents similar beats and riffs with little to no melody.

8. Electric Current: Goddamn this song is horrific. I hear noise… The vocalist mixed with the drums, guitar, and bass. I can barely discern any of them in this song. It’s a mess of sound generated by an unskilled group. There is hope though as a very small portion of the song I could actually tell where each instrument was and what they were doing.

9. An Eclectic Manner: What’s this I hear? Something slightly different? I’ll be damned. I actually hear some melody in this song. The vocalist still sounds like a real asshole, but the instrumentals and background vocals sound pretty good. Not bad, I must say. The drums have slowed down a bit from the rest of the album and the guitar presents a different style. If the other songs were styled in this manner I might be able to dig this shit.

A terrible album for the most part. I hated it. Lots of terrible growling and creaming, very little melody, repetitive guitar and drums, and lots of uncertainty on my part as to what the fuck was going on in a lot of the tracks. I find it hard to believe that this band resides on the same record label (Candle Light Records) as Centinex. Centinex and Zyklon have similar styles, but Centinex brings so much more to the table. This album was worth nothing more than a headache to me. On a scale of 1-10 this album receives a solid 2. For more information on the band visit www.zyklontribe.com.

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