10 Fold B-Low: Low Tuned Output


Ten Fold B-Low: Thomas-Vocals. Dirk-Guitar. Steffi-Guitar. Pexxx-Bass. Pabicz-Drums.

10 Fold Below is like new metal rap meeting the death growl. In other words Soulfly, Korn, and Slipknot. –If you are into those three bands, you will be into 10 Fold Below. Of the three bands that they are like, they are most like Soulfly. Soulfly had a big underground following before being sucked into the cult of the RoadRunner-they were new and original. –10 Fold Below isn’t offering up anything new or original here, but it is pretty fucking good. I would like to see 10 Fold Below take off the hip hop edge and lean a little bit more into the fucking death growl and metal OR go with some of the more clean vocals that we get out of Thomas from time to time. The hip-hop shit gets kind of fucking funny at points, but after a day of reviewing death metal it can be kind of refreshing. –What I am after with this band is more power. I think they have it in them. Yes, Thomas is like vocally Jonathan Davis so 10 Fold Below has a built in following-but Marky Chavez didn’t last with actually being Jonathan Davis’ little brother in Adema, so this vocalist is going to have to work on his style so he doesn’t become a one hit wonder. He shows us where he is going on the tracks Pain In Progress and Final Loneliness. I think he should try more of a Mudvayne/Deadsy feel. –The guitars on the CD are metal enough, but once again I want MORE FUCKING POWER. I know they have it in them. I want Dirk and Steffi to show us what they are made of and not just be background noise for the vocalist (remember when they used to be called singers). –The bass player, Pexxx and the drummer, Pabicz are the true fucking standouts on the CD. It takes a good rhythm section to pull this CD out of the fire-and they do it. –If you are into Korn and Soulfly, you will be into these guys. They are technically pretty fucking good-I just want more. So kids, 10 fold B-Low gets a six out of a possible ten. Listen to the MP3’s before you run out and buy it. It is going to appeal to a specific type of music lover. –The outstanding tracks were Pain in Progress and Final Loneliness.

Track Listing
1. Input
2. Break Your Neck
3. Run
4. Pain In Progress
5. Left Alone
6. Bow Down 2 No 1
7. Burning
8. Obey
9. Final Loneliness
10. Away
11. Bloodshed
And 12. Output


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