36 Crazy Fists


36 Crazy Fists: Brock Lindow-Vocals. Thomas Noonan-Drums. Steve Holt-Guitar.
Mick Whitney-Bass.

Boring. Largely Fogettable. Nothing to distinguish them from any other band on Road Runner, and I mean it. I might as well be writing this review about Chimaria-same band, different faces. Same sound as EVERY other band on a Road Runner stage. I guess since the SlipKnot formula worked we had to stick with it. I cannot see why they are special at all-so let’s start with the name-36 Crazy Fists. Is it some kind of penis driven metal version of The Fight Club? Is it the lead singer’s Eskimo name? Questions, questions. -The fucking guitar player-Steve Holt, was excellent. He was the one bright spot during a group of songs I should have taken a nap to. Maybe when he makes all of his money, he will start a good band. -Wait, there was a singer wasn’t there? I think Brock Lindlow must be his porno name. When Road Runner’s music grows up, he must be planning a future in porn. -Thomas Noonan looked goofy in his flannel shirt on a hot night at The Masquerade. I was so distracted by how RAINMAN he looked that I could not pay attention to how he was playing. Hey Rainman, at least unbutton the top button. -Mick Whitney? Who the hell was that? I guess you have to have a bass player. -Now lets look at the name of the album: A Snowcapped Romance. Is that an attempt to get yourselves labeled SCREAMO like Killswitch Engage? Killswitch Engage is another formula isn’t it. The new one. I understand that music is a business, but I wonder what this band would be like if they were allowed to perform on their own without a fucking micro managed formula. I like originality and music that is done well. Any asshole that practices enough can sound good, but it takes an artist to be original. If you are into this band, ask yourself why. Ask yourself if you are the victim of good marketing and pr, because I know that you are.


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