Imagine a club with a dark intimate setting where you are encouraged to get up
on stage and belt out your favorite Heavy Metal tunes, with a live band to back
you up no less! Well dream no longer! Its METALSOME MONDAYS at the 10 HIGH located
a short flight of stairs below the DARK HORSE TAVERN. It’s dark, dingy and
it feels like home! That’s right, you too, can be a Rock Star! so get out
your denim jackets, bandanas and Heavy Metal bracelets and get there early ‘cause
the place packs out! My brother Wally and I went down there to promote our upcoming
show with NONPOINT, drop off a CD to the lovely Nichole who books bands there
and check out what this Heavy Metal Kareoke with a live band thing was all about.
English Nick from 96 Rock hosts the show and opened it with a blistering version
of “Surrender” from CHEAP TRICK. No kidding this DJ can wail! Being
the Metal Head that I am, how could I resist? I had to get in on some of the action.
The song list was awesome, it included all around faves from Ozzy, Def Leppard,
Judas Preist, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Pat Benatar…
the list goes on and if there’s a song you want to sing that isn’t
on the list, you could put in a request and the band will get it down for the
coming week’s shows. You also get to name the band after every set. English
Nick selects the most colorful name. The band itself is incredible paying attention
to every detail of each song, nailing guitar solos and even backup vocals! We’d
heard it was cool, but damn, we had a hell of a good fuckin’ time! It takes
place every other Monday so get in touch with the 10 HIGH to find out when it’s
going down again. Well that’s my installment of “Man on the Streets”
from your friend Fran the Drunken Man from the LOVEBUZZARDS.
See you out there! And remember keep your Metal Horns in the air!

The 10 HIGH is located at: 816 N Highland Ave. 404-873-3607
For more info on the LOVEBUZZARDS visit:


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