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Tim Fluckey is the guitarist for Adema. He was there during the reign of Marky Chavez, and he is there now. This is an interesting motherfucker with an electric stage presence-you have seen him, now hear what he has to say.

MI: When is your birthday?

TIM: January 23rd, 1974.

MI: What’s your favorite track off of the new CD and why?

TIM: My favorite song right now is Rise Above because the song is about rising above blocks and Luke and I are from small towns and we had to overcome barriers to get where we are today.

MI: The artwork on the cover is beautiful, who came up with the concept?

TIM: We came up with a concept and they did a great job making the concept look better than we ever thought it could be.

MI: Why did Marky Chavez leave Adema?

TIM: He didn’t really leave Adema. There were a few things that he got caught up in and he wasn’t on the same page as us about a few things. We didn’t want to be on a major label. We wanted to put out a record on our own because every producer we’ve worked with has yet to capture our sound. They’re too busy trying to make that one hit and get paid.

MI: How did you guys find a new lead singer?

TIM: We didn’t go the traditional route by signing a known singer. We wanted to find an unknown talent, someone new, somebody that no one has ever heard of and make a super group out of it. We had about 20 guys come from all over and audition and we received a demo from a guy that just moved to Bakersfield, CA, and we brought him in to sing. After he was done we were all really amazed. He’s a great singer but it was more of his attitude and personality that we fell in love with.

MI: Tell me something you think everyone should know about each of your band mates.

TIM: Chris is a blue belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and he fights in Ju Jitsu tournaments all the time. If you ever want to get him talking for hours that’s what to talk to him about. Dave is a pretty open guy; I don’t think there are any secrets besides his love of pork. I’m sure everyone knows Dave’s history. He was in SexArt with John Davis of Korn and Ryan Shuck of Orgy. Luke is a small town dude from Alabama… I played college basketball, I’m sure many people don’t know that about me. When I was 18 years old I won a dunking contest. It was on national TV on WGN out of Chicago. I had a mullet and everything. I beat a guy that eventually went on to play pro basketball. As far as deep dark secrets go, we got rid of those guys.

MI: What do you think of the new MTV these days?

TIM: I would say that MTV should remove the word music from the beginning of their title. It’s just a bunch of garbage reality shows. I can’t remember the last time I turned on that channel in the middle of the day and saw a video. It’s always 3 in the morning. TRL doesn’t even play the whole video. I’m more down with Fuse because they play videos and they try to be the anti-MTV to a certain extent. I have no beef with MTV or VH1.

MI: What do you think of the new Head banger’s Ball?

TIM: I know they’ve probably single handedly help to bring back the shit I use to listen to growing up. The Slayers of the world and all that is cool shit to me.

MI: How has security changed since the death of Dimebag Darrell?

TIM: We haven’t really changed any security. You cannot plan for that. It’s the responsibility of the club to make sure no one gets in with a weapon and the only thing we can do is reiterate that to the people. Bands like ours and bands in general right now, if you’re not one of the top 5 bands, are not making enough money to pay for more security. You gotta keep on moving on and I definitely do think it’s the responsibility of the club to protect everyone.

MI: Are you freaked out about playing the Alrosa?

TIM: It’s a weird feeling but I’m not worried about security. I don’t know what to think about it. I want to go there to see the place and try to get a perspective on it all. It’s not a morbid fascination. I have a lot of respect for Darrell.

MI: Out of all the places you’ve played where do you consider home?

TIM: I would say that Florida is always good to us. The entire state of Florida is good to us. Boise, Idaho is good to us as well. They have always greeted us with open arms. What’s cool about being in a band is meeting people everywhere. It’s like an extended family.

MI: Are you and the band planning on coming to Atlanta?

TIM: Yeah, we’re coming to Atlanta. The reason why we’re doing this weird schedule right now is because my wife is due to have a baby on April 30th.

MI: What do your parents think of your career?

TIM: My parents have always been supportive. I’ve always been lucky in that way. When I quit college and went to play guitar they didn’t tell me I needed to be in college or tell me what to do they were just happy that I was doing what I wanted to do. They love coming to the shows. I would say all of our parents are like that.

MI: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done live on stage?

TIM: We were playing in Washington D.C. in a club and there were about 500 people and I stepped on my chord and fell completely off stage. Nothing broke though. Another one was when we were on tour with Disturbed and I wanted to watch them from the crowd. I’m coming down the stairs and I’m hammered drunk and I fall down about 20 stairs and roll into a group of people. They were all mad until my hood came off and then they were tripping out that is was the dude from Adema. I stood and hung out with them to watch the show.

MI: If you could bury someone live in cement who would it be?

TIM: It’s a toss up between George W. Bush and Michael Jackson. I had a registration ticket about 6 or 7 years ago and I had a failure to report to court and did about 24 hours in jail. 12 of that time were in shackles. Michael Jackson, who is accused of child molesting, shows up to court late and gets nothing. The first time Jackson was late the judge said “No problem.” If this was a regular guy that stole a VCR and was late for court he would be put in jail. Then the next day I heard he was late again for court. I’m tired of the excuse “I had a bad childhood.” What about the guy down in Florida that kidnapped the little girl. I think her name is Jessica. He’s a sex offender, and I will never understand the messed up childhood excuse. Other people had messed up childhoods and they don’t grow up molesting children.

MI: What’s your opinion on Bush?

TIM: He’s not qualified and never was qualified to be President. What has he done? He’s the son of a millionaire, did a bunch of coke at Yale, got C’s at Yale, partied all the time, and went back home and got an oil company that was financed through somebody else. It went under so that proves he can’t run a business, and then he becomes part owner of the Texas Rangers. He did that for a while and then decides he wants to become governor of Texas. By the way, that’s the least amount of responsibility, being governor of Texas. They don’t make decisions on appropriations meaning they don’t decide where any money goes, they mostly fixate on the educational part and they have the worst education in the United States.

MI: How do you think Bush has handled the situation in the Middle East?

TIM: Right now he can only handle it how John Kerry probably would have handled it and that would be making sure Iraq has security and all that shit. As far as being there we probably shouldn’t be there. We should have done what everyone is saying. We should have gone to the UN and put pressure on them that way and maybe it would have made our case better. This coalition is becoming less and less and less.

MI: Do you think Powell retired or was fired?

TIM: I’m sure he got pushed out. He’s a military guy so he’s loyal. I think he refused to do what John McCain did. He wasn’t going to change his views for the election. He wanted to take a diplomatic stand in the first place and he was always the guy saying “chill the fuck out until we find more information about the WMDs.” He had more trust than the President did, in polls, so they put him out there in front of the UN to talk and show pictures and say that that’s where the WMDs are. I think he started taking heat for it all and he was butting heads in meetings and finally said fuck it.

MI: Do you think overseas news is more honest than the US news?

TIM: They talk about issues that are not as fear based. I don’t know if our news is dishonest or if they’re just more about corporate America. All you see on cable news is trials. The Michael Jackson trial, the Robert Blake trial, the Scott Peterson trial, and all they do is speculate.

MI: How did 9-11 affect you?

TIM: It was devastating. We were in the World Trade the day before eating at a restaurant in the North tower. Luckily none of those people were there that we knew. We were in Germany in a taxi and the driver was translating for us saying a plane flew into one of the towers. We thought it was an accident like everyone else. So we got to the club where we were playing and there wasn’t a single TV there. We walked a couple blocks down to a bar and everyone was watching it on TV.

MI: How would you describe the worst day of your life?

TIM: I’ve had pretty good days. I’ve been lucky. No one close to me has passed away. When Dimebag was killed was one of the worst days in my life. I got to meet him and he surpassed all my expectations as a person.

MI: Have you ever inhaled?

TIM: Yes. I probably do it everyday.

MI: What are your thoughts on legalizing drugs in the United States?

TIM: I think marijuana should be legal. I don’t see any problems with it being legal. If you keep it to where you wouldn’t be doing it out in the open it would be fine. People use it, people are going to use it, you can spend all of our tax money trying to get people not to smoke marijuana but it’s not going to help.

MI: Do you have any pets?

TIM: No.

MI: Would you leave the music industry for an acting role if it were offered?

TIM: No, I would never leave the music industry. My father in-law is a two time Emmy award winning director so I’ve been around that. I’m more interested in being on the creative side of music. For a while I was writing treatments for reality shows and I haven’t pitched any of them yet, but I have 4 of them so far. As far as acting, I want to save it for the videos.

MI: Describe the best day of your life.

TIM: It’s a toss up between the day I got married and the day we found out we were having a kid.

MI: Do you think your child will follow in your footsteps?

TIM: I don’t know. That’s the cool thing about having a kid, not knowing what they will end up doing. My parents were into music growing up but not a ton. I had an uncle that was always into cover bands and that probably influenced me a little bit. If he or she did want to follow in my footsteps that would be cool. I want to help either way.

MI: What advice would you give to any young band getting into a label?

TIM: They should know exactly what they want to do and they should know if they want to do it for the rest of their life. You can’t be about selling records, that will eventually come, but you can’t worry about that first.

MI: Where do you get your influences as a musician?

TIM: I would say I get it from people like Dimebag and James Hettefield and people like that. It’s just as much their attitude as their music that influences me. Everything around me influences my creativity also.

MI: If you could open up for any band which would it be?

TIM: Metallica would be cool because I was influenced by them as a kid. I would love to open for Slayer but I don’t think we ever would because of the genre difference.

MI: If you were God for a week what would you change?

TIM: I would stop the goddamn rain in California. I would make people be more progressive in their life and make people more tolerant of other people’s views. I guess if I was God I would end all religions… Is that ironic?

MI: If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring 3 people, 3 books, 3 CDs, and your favorite CD what would they be?

TIM: Jagermeister as the liquor, some kind of history books or some Tom Clancy books, CDs would be; Vulgar Display of Power and Rain of Blood, and I would take my wife and child.

MI: Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

TIM: I don’t believe in that stuff.

MI: If you could send a message to your fans what would it be?

TIM: We’re not letting you down with this new stuff and have an open mind.

MI: What is the band website?

TIM: right now and the official site will be up in a couple weeks.


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