Adema at the Masquerade
8/15/2003 Atlanta, GA

Adema is: Mark ‘Marky’ Chavez-Lead Vocals. Mike Ransom-Guitars. Tim Fluckey-Guitars. Dave DeRoo-Bass. Kris Kohls-Drums.

Marky Chavez is Jonathan Davis’s (Korn lead vocals) half brother. Can you imagine the pressure this kid must be under day in and day out? It must be hard as hell trying to NOT live in Jonathan Davis’s shadow, and to top it off, his band had to follow PM5K at the Masquerade. But you know, Marky was born November 15th, 1978-and those fucking Scorpios will get in there and swing with both fists until the end. –His vocals were good that night, and so was his performance…but he needs to loosen up onstage. He was just plain tight and he did not look like he was having any fun. He did look like he was in severe pain, and that has me worried for the kid. –He has a unique voice, he doesn’t sound like anybody else out there today, including his big brother. –The Adema crowd did not give a shit if Marky was tight on stage, they fucking loved him. I wished that he would have stopped and taken a look around. Marky-the kids can relate to what you are trying to put out there. Let them love ya man. Let the crowd pump you the fuck up. Those kids pumping their fists are on your fucking side, so cut loose and go with them. Adema has a HUGE, loyal fan base-so lift your head up and say hi. They love you.
-Mike Ransom on guitars is a blond haired, blue eyed Aries (4-12-1977). This guy can PLAY like a monster. Onstage, he reminds me of James Hetfield. He has some great shit going on while he is onstage.
-Dave DeRoo on bass was born on September 3rd, 1974. This bald headed motherfucker is physically HUGE, and you want to have him on your side in a fight. Nobody works as hard as a Virgo, and he was throwing charisma out there to the crowd all night long at the Masquerade. –Kris Kohls on drums holds the Adema show together, but I think Marky could work him a little bit harder by changing direction. Kris is up for the fucking task, work the man. He could EXPLODE! -Tim Fluckey on guitars reminds me of Randy Rhodes onstage. He just has that way about him-and those fucked up blond dreads don’t hurt either.
Adema was at the Masq in support of their new cd-Unstable. This band is pushing Unstable to the fucking MAX. Every song of the Adema set was off of Unstable, fuck I even found an Unstable sampler on my windshield when I left the show. More than a little hint huh? So here is the breakdown of the cd!

Co-Dependent-Man. Everybody is on the heroes back in this song. Everybody is a clingy fucking monster blaming him for everything that is wrong. Give this man a fucking vacation. Please.
Rip The Heart Out Of Me-In this song, everybody is controlling this poor little bastard. Telling him where to eat, when to eat, where to take a shit, when he can sleep…and he doesn’t know how to get the fuck out of it.
Stand Up-Can’t you see some kid begging his mother to leave his father? Please mom, don’t let him hurt you anymore. You are killing me. If you keep letting him hurt you-it is your fault.
Unstable-The bad relationship song. He knows she is going to rip him apart, but she is like a great fucking drug man-you just can’t get enough. Sometimes, you just gotta dive right in.
Promises-Big brother left home and made a bunch of fucking promises he never kept. He never came back and picked him up out of the hell he was in. Our hero in this song doesn’t need big brother anymore.
Blame Me-A break up song. This song could be about a kid leaving home, leaving his girlfriend…or leaving a friend. It doesn’t matter-it is about pain, grief, and loss. It doesn’t matter to the hero in this song if he gets the blame anymore-who gives a fuck!
So Fortunate-So Fortunate, did he win the lottery? Nope. He had a son, and he is going to do it the right way. He is gonna love and cherish that kid-no matter what, and I respect the hell out of that. This has to be the most upbeat song on the cd.
Stressin’-Everybody has those fucking days. Those days where the bills are piled so high that they fall over, and people threaten to destroy you in five minutes with one phone call because you won’t be a good girl and do what you are told. –Fuck them all.
Do You Hear Me-Grief, more grief. What do you do when somebody dies and you watched them go? You talk to them, and wonder if they fucking hear you. You hope to god that they do. You hope that they are out of pain and at peace, and you want them to know how sorry you are about how they had to go.
Let Go-The other side of grief is letting go of the pain. How do you do that? Let is go into the water man. If you hang on to all of the fucking shit it will KILL you too. You have to learn to be okay in the now.
Betray-Some bitch left him standing at the altar, dressed in his tux-and ready for life. Why shouldn’t he be depressed? Life is a real motherfucker sometimes isn’t it? But fuck man, you are a rock star-go on tour and find some groupies.
Needles-This is the anti heroin song. Look, they talk about needles in the vein and red dragons to shut out the pain. –Our hero in this song just wants to fucking live and get better, just like everybody else.
I like Adema much better than Korn. Adema tries to leave you on an upbeat, looking for a way out of the shit. Get out of the bad relationship, put the fucking needle down, and let go of the pain. –As far as Adema on stage, loosen up Marky-you have some really good vocal talent. Those guitar players in Adema are really fucking good, and make that drummer work a little harder, -As far as the cd, Unstable goes, it has more musical variety than the other Adema cd’s. Chavez is allowed to sing on this one-and it is always a good fucking thing when the singer actually sings. So if you like some Adema, pick it up.

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