Agent Orange


Agent Orange at The Masquerade
11/11/03 Atlanta, GA

Agent Orange is: Mike Palm-Vocals, Guitar. James Levesque-Bass. Scott Miller-Drums.

Ok, I didn’t know who the hell they were-but I knew I loved them the minute they hit the stage at The Masquerade. Three guys got up onstage and started ripping out this fucking poppy, but hardcore punk.
They were belting out the kind of shit that just gets you where you live, and at that point I couldn’t think of a better opener for The Misfits. — Mike Palm does double duty on guitar and vocals. He sings like good old Johnny Rotten on too much caffeine. What a fucking showman! The fucking crowd ate him up like he was some long, lost rich uncle that showed up with dollars for everybody. James Levesque on bass had an amazing amount of fucking energy. He banged on that guitar like it was a lead, and Scott Miller on the drums should go visit some of these little drummers in these little bands and kick their asses-it takes a hell of a drummer to go on before Marky Ramone, and he did it very fucking well.
Let me tell you what I found out. Agent Orange formed in the late seventies and they have always been way fucking underground. The link at the beginning of this article is the closest thing I have found to an official website. Agent Orange has a 2003 release on Restless Records called Sonic Snake Session that looks like a greatest hits sort of fucking thing-gee isn’t working! Agent Orange is a way underground sort of fucking band and they rock. I have always thought a fucking punk band should do Secret Agent Man, and guess what-one does. Agent Orange also did Too Young To Die, and dedicated it to a friend. Other tracks that just stuck in my head were Fire In The Rain, and Bloodstains…remember, I didn’t know a fucking thing about them. If they come to a town near you –DO NOT MISS THEM, you will be making the mistake of a fucking lifetime-go, just because I said so.

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