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Barbara Fara
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Mike Gallo – Bass, Lenny Di Sclafani – Guitar, Vinny Stigma – Guitar, Roger Miret – Vocals, Steve Gallo – Drums

Agnostic Front-it should have been you rather than tired ass Hatebreed. After hearing you live at The Masquerade, I have decided that Jamey ‘In Control Of Myself’ Jasta is guilty of ripping you off and formatting Hatebreed as a Dead Kennedys/Agnostic Front rip-off. -Let’s do the math, Agnostic Front has been around since 1986. Who wins? But I guess a bunch if tough fuckers from New York were not as commercially viable as a band that called itself Hatebreed-even the name is a rip off. Hatebreed/Agnostic Front? Even the name Agnostic Front reeks of more fucking intelligence. -Having been guilty of seeing Hatebreed live more than once, I can’t begin to tell you what an absolute fucking pleasure it was to see Agnostic Front. I had ALWAYS suspected Hatebreed of modeling their live show on somebody, but I had no proof until now. Play some AF against some Hatebreed. See them together on tour. -Roger Miret looks better than Jamey, sounds better, and he is older-you can’t help but see the similarities in the stage moves as well as EVERTHING else. -It is my valued opinion as a psychic and a journalist that Roger Miret was not capable of giving blow jobs to anyone-therefore the original model, Agnostic Front, was swamped by Hatebreed-who simply WANTS us to believe that they are PUNK (who the fuck came up with Hardcore-it is PUNK) and came from a hard life-because Jamey is in control of himself. We all know Agnostic let him co-produce an album to feel better about himself. -An Agnostic Front show is like going to war. It is complete, HARD, and will rip your fucking face off. It is a righteous outlet for RAGE, ANGER, and FRUSTRATION. I know AT LEAST fifteen people who still have their DEAD YUPPIES t-shits, but AF’s greatest work is their latest work. I love the RAGE in STILL HERE and the attitude in DEDICATION-it shows that tough ass beating of a NEW YORK heart.
Remember that Agnostic Front was born during Reganomics- a whole fucking lot of us BLUE STATE people were starving then. SOMEBODY invented this thing called trickle down economics-meaning that is the rich people get richer, eventually the poor people might be able to eat—you know, food and jobs might TRICKLE DOWN to them. Rich people thought this was a very good idea-the rest of us were pissed off and had to work when it came time to vote in the next election. -This was the environment that Agnostic Front was born in-the name sounds like an underground movement doesn’t it? -Here we are again. Tax cuts went to the richest of the rich under GW. Poor kids have employment-if they want to die in Iraq, and people are generally pissed off unless they sing country. Some of those country kids are under contract to the Pentagon-I just know it, so many war songs. -People are hungry and frustrated and poor as shit. Now is the time for the rise of Agnostic Front-the meanest, most angry, and most hungry of New York punk.
Maybe Roger Miret should be the host of Headbangers Ball.


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