Akercocke: HELL YES At The Masquerade


Akercocke: David Gray-Drums. Peter Theobalds-Bass. Jason Medonca-Vocals, Guitar. Paul Scanlan-Guitar.

I am not Metal Hammer or Revolver, I am MusicIncider-so sometimes I have to wait for greatness to come my way and it did in the form of Akercocke. -I had already been slated to shoot Vehemence for Metal Blade, and I noticed Mortician and Akercocke were headlining. Mortician is from Yonkers, so I had to have them and Will was fucking great about it. While I was talking to Will, I noticed some British accents and found Akercocke. Akercocke is a bunch of extremely nice gentlemen in suits, so being me I had to have them too. I hadn’t shot anybody in a suit since Todd Rundgren. I know, I am greedy-but that greed about shooting leads me to some of the most amazing shit EVER so I go with it every time. -This time it was incredible. Akercocke is a satanist band, but I just don’t care about that in particular. I don’t care about the religion of AS I LAY DYING, SLAYER, or DEICIDE either-what interests me is greatness and the potential for greatness and the truth. Akercocke possesses both greatness and speaks their own truth, and I love that in a band. So let’s talk about them. -Peter Theobalds is a monster on bass. He is HUGE on stage and different. You won’t see anybody like him in any band going right now. It is worth the price of a ticket just to see Theobalds on bass. -Paul Scanlan wipes a lot of the competition away on guitar. Akercocke has thick, heavy music BUT I can still hear every guitar solo Scanlan kicks out. It was almost hypnotic watching Scanlan and Medonca playing in unison, blending those guitars together, and kicking out a monster guitar sound. Yes, it was THE ATTACK OF THE FIFTY FOOT GUITAR. Speaking of Jason, I couldn’t understand a thing he said when he talked to the crowd with that thick accect of his-but when he sang he was different. I really liked the alternating melody thrown in from time to time as well. -David Gray is an animal on the drums. I think extreme metal drummers really have to have their shit together. -Who do they sound like? The sound like Akercocke motherfucker! Similar artists include Voivod-who everybody with a brain fucking loves, Cradle of Filth, Lacuna Coil, and Dimmu Borgir. Great live songs included Marguerite & Gretchen, Conjuration, and Justine. -It was a pleasure to catch Akercocke on their first US tour, and in case you were wondering HELL YES-go see them.


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