American Anthem


American Anthem at The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 10/30/2003

American Anthem Is: Cliff Calabro-Lead Vocals, Guitar. Christy Calabro-Lead Guitar, Vocals. Joe Andriaccio-Bass, Vocals. John Medina-Drums, Vocals.

Ok, Just for a minute I thought Cliff Calabro was CC Deville-but he wasn’t playing guitar. Oh shit, did it take a minute to figure out CC was at home and not at The Masquerade. I figured it out when he opened his mouth and talked to the crowd. Cliff doesn’t have CC’s charming snarl in his voice. It was also pretty fucking strange to figure out that American Anthem was also The Bret Michaels band-not disappointing, just strange. I wasn’t alone in this, I turned around and they were pretty fucking confused too. But newsflash people, this was Bret Michaels solo tour-the rest of Poison was off doing their thing. Was Bret supposed to play EVERY fucking song by himself? No, of course not. Now don’t YOU feel stupid. Hello!?!?!? -Cliff Calabro has a great voice, but it is a voice that is meant for darker music. Beatles covers just did not sound right coming out of his fucking mouth. He has a voice that is better suited to cover Mother by Danzig. He works a crowd fantastically. He knows how to play with them like he is a big cat and the crowd is a bunch of fuzzy catnip toys. He has a great stage presence about him. The crowd just eats him up, but if he keeps singing Beatles covers he is going to damn himself to doing retirement dinners. A better example of American Anthem, to me, was Complicated Girl off of their cd. I just have a feeling that this California band was a little fucking darker than they were letting on to the Masquerade. –Christy Calabro on lead was outrageous-now this boy could be CC’s bastard child, he was just that good. -Joe Andriaccio on bass did a great job, but he looked like he wanted to jump around and break shit like Frank Bello of Anthrax. –John Medina on drums looked settled in for the night. He went to work and did his job-he held two sets together. –American Anthem is a good band, but I am telling you I KNOW deep in my heart that they have a darker, more intense form to their music. I do not feel as though they are supposed to be a cover band. Their music was tight, and geared toward an older crowd. No flaws in the musicianship either-but I will bet they come out with an inspired piece of work sooner rather than later. American Anthem was on a job, and not a shitty job either. They opened for Mr. Bret Michaels and then they backed him up. –Yes, I will see American Anthem the next time I in the same town they are…because I am betting I will see something different.

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