An Evening With Joe ‘The Angel’ Satriani


The Band: Galen Henson-Guitar. Jeff Campitelli – Drums. Matt Bissonette – Bass.

Ah Joe. Is it hard to be an angel? You get called in to Deep Purple when Ritchie Blackmore quits in the middle of a tour. You teach people like Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Larry LeLonde (Primus), David Bryson (Counting Crows), and The Devil himself-Steve Vai. -Out of all of these notables, the only one that opened his fucking mouth about you was Vai back in 1986 when he was hitting it big as the guitarist for David Lee Roth’s solo band (Would now be a good time to mention Roth is a perfect Libra?). -I guess it is true-you can only count on The Devil to open his mouth and raise hell. If Vai hadn’t opened his mouth, you would probably still be turning out brilliant guitar players that are too stupid to give a nod to their guardian angel Joe. -I am glad he did. Joe was amazing at G3, but I liked him so much better this time around. The concert had a much more relaxed feeling to it. It was more like going to a spiritual healing than going to the greatest guitar battles of all time. I got to see the Angel descend from the heavens and grace the Roxy in Atlanta-and the faithful turned out for Satch the Angel in spite of a last minute venue change and fifteen dollar parking at The Roxy (did you ever notice how the dollar amount changes with the parking lot company depending on who is playing?). This concert did not have the fretless guitar player that so many Satriani faithful are bitching up a blue streak about as an opener. It was just Joe and his band on this first night of the tour. Atlanta loved it. The Roxy was entirely packed for this fucking RICH and BEAUTIFUL display of guitar healing. I was impressed that Satriani fans could pick out his influence on music overall and that the fucking majority of them knew his entire history. Personally, I think Deep Purple should have kept him when Blackmore quit and we might have gotten more memorable riffs like Smoke On The Water, but then who would have taught little Stevie Vai? Who would have taught Kirk Hammett to actually hold a guitar? See my point-you would not have a Metallica without Joe Satriani. Cliff Burton would have probably became a solo artist, and Newstead would have made it big with just about anything he touched. Hetfield-who knows? Maybe he would have become a country and western singer. And Lars? Lars would probably be downloading music off of the internet. -It is a small fucking world isn’t it? -I will tell you that Joe was born July 15th in Westbury, New York. Lots of famous fucking people were born on July 15th, but the most famous of these is Rembrandt. Heaven sent Joe (Jophiel-the angel of creativity) to Earth on a day that lines up with pure artistic brilliance in the stars. He had to be good, because somebody had to teach Vai. -I really loved Joe’s stage performance. He was really fucking into it this time around. I got introduced to Satriani’s vocals for the first time ever on I Like The Rain. I loved his fucking voice-he sounded like a smoky blues singer. I want this guy to do more vocals. I really fucking mean it. -Gnaaah was really fucking awesome. Joe told the crowd that it was a song that he wrote when he was first thinking about putting together an instrumental album. -You could feel the bugs on Hordes of Locusts, and I think that is the fucking point with music that is purely instrumental. It needs to make us get the point WITHOUT the lyrics. -If I Could Fly made me feel all fucking teary eyed. They clipped poor Joe’s wings and down he fell-but you could feel the rise and the fall of flight. -House Full Of Bullets for some fucked up reason made me feel all fucking happy inside. I think it must be Joe’s revenge song about having to come to Earth in the first place. -Always With Me, Always With You is just fucking ROMANTIC for a guitar song. It has to be for a wife somewhere. It was just fucking beautiful. -Searching and Hands In The Air were just fucking UPLIFTING for lack of a better way to describe it. I hate like hell to say guitar church for us lost sinners-but there you fucking go. -For all of you guitar freaks who just have to fucking know, I saw the new red guitar come out a lot this time, the white one, and the gray-blue one. I had NO fucking clue that which guitar he played was so fucking important until I was asked eighty-seven times after this concert, and NO I don’t know if I fucking saw the famous chrome-boy guitar but I think that may have been retired.
Galen Hensen is a fucking guitar hero in his own right. He was fucking amazing with his quick little fingers. Any band would be lucky to have him. -Matt Bisonette has a fucking WONDERFUL stage presence for a bass player. He fucking rocked. I think it would be fucking hard to be the bass player in this set up. -Jeff Campitelli
on drums was fucking out of this world. I think it would be fucking hard to follow Joe from behind a drum kit-you would have to be a pretty versatile drummer. -I loved Joe at G3. I loved Joe this time around, and I will probably love him in the future. He is amazing, and I look for him, Vai, Malmsteen, and Lynch to become even bigger and more legendary as time rolls on. Guitar players will ALWAYS have a place in music. In this day and age, they are like the major classical composers of the past. Two hundred years into the future, children will study Satriani, Vai, and Malmsteen compositions like they study Mozart and Beethoven now. -So yes, go see him. Then you will be a part of fucking history.

Set List (More or Less): Up In The Sky / House Full Of Bullets / Cool #9 / Gnaaah / Time / Lords Of Karma / If I Could Fly / I Like The Rain / Hordes Of Locusts / Motorcycle Driver / Sleep Walk / INTERMISSION / Starry Night / Moroccan Sunset / Bamboo / Strange / Searching / Hands In The Air / Psycho Monkey / Is There Love In Space? / War / Flying In A Blue Dream / ENCORE / Always With Me, Always With You / Surfing With The Alien


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