Ancient: Night Visit


Ancient: Aphazel-Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards. GroM-Drums, Vocals. Dhilorz-Bass, Guitars, Vocals. Jesus Christ-Guitars, Bass, Vocals. Kaiaphis-Guest lead vocals on Rape The Children of Abel. Andrea Trapasso-Session keyboards. Alex Azzali-Guitars on Night Of The Stygian Souls.

This is a complete fucking album. Heavy, kick-ass, aggressive, and melodic. It has all of the variety I want to hear when I put in some black metal. I love my black metal theatrical like Night Visit. For those of you that have never heard of them, they will remind you of Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth-fucking chilling and beautiful like your best nightmare. -This is a band with history, Lord Kaiaphis, who does guest lead vocals on Rape Of The Children of Abel, used to be the lead singer. Great spine-blowing vocals. -Aphazel, who is the vocalist NOW, started Ancient as a side project. Aphazel has a big enough voice. It will shatter you like Shagrath and Dani Filth. He probably should have been the vocalist all along. He complements those vocals with some soul-stealing guitar playing that is very fucking brilliant. It was Aphazel’s move to Italy that prompted all of the fucking line up changes. -GroM is one of those rolling lighting and thunder drummers. I think it must be an absolute bitch to be a drummer in a black metal band-but what impresses me are drummers that carry off vocal parts at the same time. -Then we have Jesus Christ. If you are not the front man in your band and you want attention name yourself Jesus Christ. The first Jesus was hardcore-he got himself nailed to a cross. This one is pretty fucking hardcore too. -Dhilorz. How could you forget a name like that? He plays this straight edge bass that could double in a symphony. -What we have with this Ancient CD is an overall band effort. Everybody has song credit. Everybody has played very nearly every instrument-and that is rare as hell. Pick up any one of your CD’s and look at the liner notes-you are going to see one or two guys, not everybody. Not a fucking chance. -What I wonder about is the band’s ability to pull this fucker off live. There are so many guests on the CD that I would think that they would have to travel with a huge entourage like Cradle of Filth. -Of course, new fans are going to pick this up and say there isn’t anything original about it at all. Don’t forget the band’s history kids, this is CD number eight and that puts Ancient right at the beginning of the black metal movement. -If you can’t get enough of Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, or Satyricon-you won’t be able to get enough of Ancient. This CD is for you.

Track Listing:

Envision The Beast-Female vocals by Neviah Luneville. Violin by Moonbeam of Iblis. -Now who do you think a soul-stealing beast is that needs a soul to refresh his heart? This isn’t your typical song about the devil.

Rape The Children of Abel-Lord Kaiaphis, guest lead vocals. -This could be straight out of the Satanic bible. It is one of those numbers designed to lift you up out of your sorrow and reach for the next dimension. Look hard and you will see shades of ‘Mr. Crowley.’ -This one would have been great in The Book of Lies.

Horroble-‘Embraced by the dark/And In League With The Sign.’ -This song is about the journey to the dark side, of fucking course, and becoming a soul-sucking, death-dealing DEMON (I know a few people like this). What would we do without Norway?

Night Visit-This one is the best track on the CD. It is the best song idea. It sounds the best. It kicks fucking ass. -Everybody knows somebody or knows of somebody that has died. What is that dead guy decides to crawl out of his hole in the ground and pay you a little visit? What is he thinking?

Lycanthrophy-This is the vampire song. Learn the lyrics, you little goths. You will fucking love this. We can all go suck some blood.

Night Of The Stygian Souls-Violin by Moonbeam of Iblis. -This song is absolutely fucking majestic. What is coming down from the sky to rule the Earth though? Is it fucking Jesus or Satan? The only hint you fucking get is the darkness.

Fuel The Flames-This is a black metal love song. Amazing, because some woman brought him back to life with her love. Dramatic, because she cured his cancer and ripped out the chains that bound his heart. =She fuels the flames of his desire. Maybe this one is for the radio.

The Truth Unveiled-I love the last song of this song-A Tale from the Land Of The Dead. -In this song an innocent child comes across a bloody, dying angel. -This song is very poetic. Loss of Innocence, and loss of faith. Great song.

Bonus Tracks:

The Arctic Mirage-When I get too cold, I have to build a fucking fire. This song proves the cold is something to be fucking afraid of. -But I an not going to give it away, go buy the CD.

Out In The Haunted Woods-Female vocals by Omega. This one will send chills up your spine, who needs Halloween?


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