Andrew W.K.


Andrew W.K. Rocks The Masquerade
Atlanta, Georgia
January 18, 2003


Andrew puts the roll back on the end of rock. He has rock star good looks.
He pumps his fist, and thrashes his head along with every song. His music makes
the crowd do the same. Andrew W.K.’s music is freedom. The freedom to be here
and now and express 110% of your soul.

Andrew and the band are hell-raising rock and rollers that took Atlanta by
storm. The drummer reminded me of John Bonham of Led Zepplin fame. He truly
blew me away. His timing and style held the band together through all the fucking
free floating madness. D.T. will be remembered as one of the greatest rock and
roll drummers of all time.

Psychically speaking, I almost got killed in the pit. No, wait that is physically
speaking (ha-ha). Energetically, he mesmerizes the crowd with his lyrics and
stage performance. Psychically, he builds a link between himself and his fans.
Andrew truly understands being in concert with his fans. I would recommend an
Andrew W.K. concert in a New York minute. Just make sure you bring some armor
gear, especially if you are in the fucking pit.

I met this kid named James in the audience before the show. James had an interesting
story to tell. Last time Andrew W. K. was in Athens, he was signing autographs
after the show like always. With bag in hand, he crossed the street to some
more fans to sign some more autographs. His Battlecat was in his hand. He put
his cat down, and a fan snatched it. James, thinking this was totally wrong,
went after the cat thief. He bribed the perpetrator with a twenty dollar bill
to get back Andrew’s cat. He thought this was very wrong to do to Andrew. James
asked me to give Andrew his cat back, and I am never one to turn down a fucking
mission. I told him he could trust me with the cat. I am pleased to report Battlecat
is now back in Andrew’s possession. Andrew thanked me and James on stage. He
is a gentleman’s gentleman that way. I, myself, have nicknamed James The Head
of Battlecat Rescue. He accomplished his mission. I was the right person to
help him finish the job.

I was sad that he was too tired to do karaoke at the Masquerade that night.
I would have loved to have heard him try his hand at Lady Marmalade, or a little
Springsteen. He was not too tired to talk to his fans, one on one, and give
them an autograph. The next time Aerosmith does a tour, they should get Andrew
and company as their official opening act for the whole thing. We, at MusicIncider,
are keeping our eyes open for the next Andrew W.K. album. We look forward to
hearing about one soon.


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