Andrew W.K.


1. When is your birth date?

I was born on May 9th, 1979! I’m a Taurus bull and in the Chinese Zodiac I
believe I’m the Sheep. Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or a ham steak in a chicken
cordon bleu cover-coat. It’s only a matter of how much swiss cheese you can
stuff inside the chicken chunk and still have room for the ham, but remember
to eat it hot or you’ll get solid swiss, and that can be a big time bum out!
Dunk your food in cider for a cool spiced apple taste with a autumn kind of
feeling. That is why this website rules!

2. What made you become a musician?

Well, I had a lot of things to do, you know? A lot of chores, and the first
chore was always the worst. When you first wake up in the morning and you have
a big list of chores slipped under your pillow and tucked under your mattress
you know it’s going to be one of those days… you know? Just a long list of
things to do before the sun sets and then some good old fashioned traditional
night-work to polish it off. The problem was sometimes I would have dual double
chores and I would have to finish the first set chores before I could even think
about getting to the alternate lists of back up chores, and the stuff would
pile up. I remember one weekend when I had at least two dozen primary chores
on the front lines with a healthy stack of back up and secondary alternate chores
that I was supposed to do in the downtime between the setup and take-down of
the more important chores, the thing was I would already be working with my
hands dipped into at least two different pies, so even if I had some cross time
between a chore layover I was already over-commited to the chores that were
already underway, and once I committed to a chore I would never let it rest
until I could completely mark it off the list. One day I decided that I was
through with only doing other peoples pie work, and I decided to start adding
my own stuff to the chore lists. I marked down that I was going to take ten
minutes everyday to eat candy and to do some push-ups. And everyday I always
made sure to get some kind of candy in my gut, no matter how small or rotted
the candy may have been, I had to fulfill the chore. And I would do one pushup
before I went to bed as I chewed on the candy. My Mom and Dad thought that I
might like to start playing piano when I was about five years old. So, I took
some lessons and I really liked them, it stayed with me through and through
and I kept on playing the keys to this very day. In high school I stopped taking
piano lessons, but I was still figuring out stuff by continuous playing. I’m
not the greatest piano player, but I can play enough to get by. I can make the
first and last moves and get the song going, and I can always figure out what
I need to do. I really would like to get better at playing, so I always keep
practice and playing high on the list of cool stuff to try and do. It made it
become what it is, and my parents made me become a musician and I made myself
become a kid and my parents made me become a man and then we all made me become
a maker. You know?

3. Who are your musical influences and why?

It really all starts and ends with pure grandness and large scale standings
and high production values and a cinematic vision to view things as they are
and not what they could be! All music that takes it upon itself to be as best
as it can be, all music that tries and tries and uses all it’s might to build
up the most fantastic power that music can build. No reservations or doubts
but instead absolute conviction and dedication and committment to what is overwhelming
and devine with a complete and total uncompromise to do anything less than everything!
You know? So like, it’s not an influence it’s a belief! A belief that things
can still be made and always made better and that they should! And that’s the
thing, the influence is all music! The influence is music itself and life and
possibility that music isn’t a bunch of stuff that we talk about and look at,
but an absolutly all consuming and overwhelming magnificence that blows aways
all other senses that things should not be blasted! That’s the beauty of it!!!

4. What is your favorite instrument to play and why?

Well, I play the piano most often, and I guess at the end of the day it’s
my favorite one to play, but that’s probably just because it’s the one I can
play the best. I really like playing drums too, but I’m not as good at that,
but listening to drum parts and working on any kind of drum stuff is what I
really get floored with! I just love it! So I guess piano and drums are my favorites
to play… they’re both percussion instruments, so they’re related. I learned
to play drums from my experience with piano… any instrument can help you play
another one, except maybe wind instruments… but I mean, it all ties in together
at the end, right? Awesome!

5. What did you think of the Masquerade in Atlanta?

Any place that’s named the Masquerade is awesome! With a name like that, it’s
got to be good! Right? I thought it was one of the best concerts we’ve ever
played! We played in Tampa the night before (also at a place called the Masquerade!),
and then we went to Atlanta – it was a back to back Masquerade ball and I couldn’t
imagine it having been better! People went totally crazy, the crew went into
full-out stance and best of all, it blasted!

6. What is your stance on gun control?

Well, I’ve never owned a gun, and I’ve only fired some guns at shooting ranges,
so I can’t speak too much from direct experience. There seems to be some stuff
that’s really cool about them, but then again, they’re made to shoot and shoot
to get shot and shot to die… you know? So I think it could be tightened up
or maybe loosened a little bit, it seems that with some help and pushing we
could clean up the gun trouble… right? But you know what?… this is a huge
control thing that I can only just touch on – I know that there are people out
there that are working on this 24/7 on both sides of the line! Keep up that

7. Have you ever inhaled?

Yeah! Totally! I didn’t do drugs until I was 21 and I didn’t get drunk until
I was 21, because it’s against the law, but then again, doing drugs is always
against the law, but you know what I mean. Sometimes I think I mess up when
I’m trying to inhale and I don’t get the smoke all the way in the right parts
of the lung. I think an open ported blow space is just waiting for some smoke,
and I’m still trying to figure out who’s responsibilty the transport of smoke
belongs to!

8. Do you believe in psychics? Why or why not?

Yeah, I totally believe in psychic stuff, and psychic people… but I kind
of like to think that everyone can do that stuff, not just special people, and
of course I also think that some people that say they’re psychics are just trying
to trick people… but that’s cool, because it can still be really fun. Either
way, I do believe that there are many things that happen that tradional science
cannot explain – there are some theories, including the holographic theory that
attempts to explain everything in a new scientific way, like string theory too.
I’ve had a nice handful of psychic experiences myself and they’ve all been amazing
and mind blowing. They’ve been situations where I’ve had a similar dream as
someone else, on the same night, or where I’ve guessed what someone was going
to say, before they said it, out of no where… you know? It’s crazy when that
kind of stuff happens! I love it.

9. Tell us the story about how your band was born.

Well, I was playing all these songs and working on recording the record with
out anyone at first. I was determined to play concerts even if I had to do it
by myself. I really wanted a band, but at that time I was living in New York
City and I didn’t know anyone who really wanted to be in it. I put some ads
in the newspapers and I would ask around to see if anyone wanted to do it, but
it never really got rolling. Some people didn’t want to be in the band because
they didn’t like piano and keyboards and stuff, so it was hard to find someone
who liked it all… but I was patient, and in the mean time I tried to play
as many concerts as I could, hoping that I would meet people that would maybe
want to be in the band. I did start meeting some cool people that helped me
out, and over about a 6 month period, I assembled the whole band – most of them
came from Florida because that’s where the drummer came from: Donald Tardy.
One of my favorite bands of all time is Obituary, and it’s hard to explain sometimes,
but I mean it… it’s the best! The guitar parts are amazing, the singing is
absolutly insane, and the drumming is some of the best drumming ever. They just
have this certain feeling that no other band has, and it’s pure glory. Anyway,
so for years I had loved Obituary and while I was looking for band members a
crazy idea came to me that I should write a letter to the Obituary drummer and
see if he would play drums on my CD I was making. It seemed really unlikely,
but at the time I had nothing to loose and I thought that you only live once
so I might as well ask him, you know? So, I wrote him a letter and sent him
some songs on a CD and just hoped for the best. About a week later he called
me on the phone and said he wanted to be in the band. I was so excited I almost
passed out! I couldn’t believe that Donald Tardy, my favorite drummer, was actually
calling me on the phone, and now he’s telling me he’s going to play drums in
my band? "This is crazy!" It was definetly one of the best days of
my whole life and every morning for weeks after that I would wake up and just
be happy because Donald Tardy had told me he would by my drummer! It’s only
gotten even better since then. Donald has taken this whole thing and ran with
it around the world! He’s the best dude and just killing the drums every time.
It’s awesome. Three of the other dudes in the band: E. Pain, Gregg, and Sgt.
Frank, are all dudes that D.T. knew in Florida and they’ve all blown me away!
We got Jimmy from a dude that knew him from years and said "this is the
guy to play guitar"! We couldn’t do this the way we’re doing it, without
these dudes. You know? This is band is so good I can’t even believe it, and
it just keeps getting better! Wow! And of course, while we’re on the subject,
the crew that we have is amazing too. Big Daddy is our stage manager and he’s
told me he’s in it til death. He’s on top of it and a real pro and the nicest
dude you’ve ever known. Thank goodness he’s doing this! And Kendall is our guitar
and bass tech and he’s definetly one of the funniest and nicest and coolest
dudes ever, and Rich our drum tech is a total wiz at the kit, and of course
Big Shirt our sound man, who’s the wisest of us all, makes the whole dream sound
like reality in fantasy! And Paulie, our tour manager, who keeps the show rolling
in a hard riding chilled out way. He’s very on top of things, but also laid
into a solid groove that makes panic attacks a thing of rare beauty. It really
is the best group of people. I’m so lucky to have them doing this.

10. How do you feel about the music industry and the way it treats you?

I feel great about it! How could I complain? You know? I’ve been really lucky
to have an excellent group of people (just like the band) who have been incredibly
supportive and involved from the very begining. The record label I’m on is called
Island Def Jam, and they’ve been awesome. They’ve given me a lot of opportunity
to do what we thought was right, and what would make things best. They always
tell me their thoughts on an idea, but in the end, it usually comes down to
me, and I am so happy about that. I really respect it. I always want to have
their input, you know? I figure that they know a lot about what they’re doing
– the actual business of music: the promotion and that kind of thing… if I
concentrate on doing what I know how to do, and they focus on what they’re good
at I think it will all work out pretty good. A lot of people have bad experiences
with record labels, and I can understand why… all I used to hear about was
how major labels suck and that you shouldn’t trust them etc… and I am aware
of the potential for a lot of problems, as there are in any kind of business,
or just dealing with different people and different ideas… but for me and
this music it has been O.K. I think if you can get everyone focused on the same
outcome, and try to keep everyone involved, or at least hear them out, things
have a good chance of working… you know? It always seem to go better when
everyone’s working on it, but I can also see why some people and some bands
want to tell the record label to leave them alone. I just figured, this is company
that has a lot of experience and I might as well take advantage of that. In
the end though, I know that everything can change in a blink of a watered eye,
and next thing you know I could be dropped from a record label, or I could wake
up dead, you know? So I just want to make the most of it while I have it. So
many bands work so hard for so long and they don’t ever get the kind of support
I’ve been given. It’s really not fair why some bands get more help than others…
at least, I can’t figure it out. I’m really glad that I’ve had so much opportunity
so quickly and so much attention from the people I’m working with, and I try
to use it and respect it… you know? Basic stuff. But sometimes I think about
my friend’s bands and all the bands I grew up playing concerts with, and I think
about how they would really be happy to have even a small fraction of the resources
I’ve been given to work with. I try to always keep that in mind, because that’s
where I came from and that is how this all began, and I don’t want to ever forget
how amazing this whole thing is. This is a one in a million thing.

11. Tell me your feelings and opinions about America going to war with Iraq.
Do you think North Korea is more dangerous?

This is a huge topic and I want to admit up front that I don’t know as much
about this as I would like. But I’m working on it, and between research and
talking to friends that are very involved in politics and global affairs, I
feel like I’m getting a better grasp on it. I know some people who try to ignore
the whole situation, and then I have other friends who seem to think of nothing
else. I can understand both sides, but I tend to feel that the state of the
world, and the state of this country is intense and warrents a lot of informed
attention from everyone who lives here. But there’s so nuch information coming
from so many places, it’s hard to know who to listen to. That’s definetly one
of the drawbacks to the age of information – with so many options, where do
you begin? You know? But it just takes some effort, and that’s what I’m trying
to do. In my opinion there is no excuse for not knowing something – if I don’t
know about this stuff it’s my fault. All I can say at this point is peace seems
better than war. And I think it is that simple, and even though I don’t know
the best way to go about that, it seems that with all the past experiences humanity
has gone through, there would be many ways to resolve conflict without force.
But what do I know about running a country?

12. Describe yourself as a person.

I am 23 years old, and I’ll be 24 this May… whoa for a second there I actually
wasn’t sure if I was 23 or 24… I was born in 1979 so it’s got to be 23 going
on 24! I’m 6’3" and I weigh between 200 and 205 pounds depending on when
I last ate and last went to the bathroom. My goal is to get to 215 pounds, and
I’ll take the weight however it comes. I’m constantly on a build up mission.
I’ve been trying to consume 6,000 calories a day and at least 200 grams of protein,
ideally I’d like to get the calories up to 10,000 a day, and the protein up
to 350 grams. I need to focus and dedicate more to this mission, but I am also
patient and I know that it is a mission with no end that will last to the end
of time. And I’m fine with that. It will happen as I long work to do it.

13. What is your greatest achievement?

Right now, my greatest achievement was drinking 3 glasses of milk, eating 3
cans of tuna, and 3 cups of plain oatmeal in one sitting… it took about 2
hours to finish, but when it was over I knew something great had happened.

14. How do your parents feel about your music career?

My parents feel really good about it. They’ve been supportive since the very
begining, after all, they’re the ones who started me on piano lessons, so if
they were bummed out about it now, it would kind of be their own fault! But
luckily they are very happy, and proud just like any parents would and should
be… and that’s awesome. I really lucked out again when it comes to parents.
I have a lot of friends who don’t really talk to their parents or don’t get
along too good, and I had times like that when I was in High School, but over
all I’ve been handed the world’s greatest Mom and the world’s greatest weirdo
Dad, but he knows he’s weird, so it’s cool. They’re smart and wise and good.
I feel really glad knowing that they’re not quite as worried as they used to
be. Both my Mom and Dad are equally excited, but the biggest change in attitude
has been with my Dad. He’s really excited about the whole thing – I think it’s
something that he’s getting to live with me at the same time. And I think he
feels really good about me being happy. You know? I’m just glad that they’re
not worried, because I used to put them through a lot of concern, my Dad was
expecially concerned about me not going to college. He was convinced that I
was going to wind up miserable and doing something that I didn’t want to do,
like some dead-end job… but back then I told him that I was going to be happy
no matter what, even if music didn’t work out in a way that I could survive
on, I would always be able to do fun things that I loved, even if I had to have
some simple jobs at the same time. And I still believe that to this day. Things
change and lives change, but no matter what happens I’ll be able to find happiness
somehow, somewhere as long as I look for it, and the reality is, it’s always
right in front of you. You know? So now, even if the music thing hadn’t happened,
I think he knows that I would’ve been O.K. and I’m going to be O.K. in the long
wrong, and that’s good. I love my parents.

15. How does a Michigan boy end up on the streets of NYC?

There are several ways to go about it, depending on your unique situation
and where exactly you live in Michigan. I was living in South East Michigan
about 45 mintues aways from the Detroit Metro Airport, and I had enough money
to fly to New York, so I took an airplane. You can take the Amtrak train too.
I did that once and I got to ride in a sleeper car. It was so cool. You can
also drive, and that can be practical if you have a lot of stuff to move. When
I was 18 years old my Dad and I rented a van after I had found a place to live,
and we drove most of my stuff out to New York City from Michigan. It’s not that
long of a drive, but it’s definetly more fun if two people do it. Not to get
back on to Mom and Dad stuff again, but thinking back to it now, it was really
great that my Dad drove me out there like that. It was a big deal for him, because
he wasn’t too crazy about me moving to New York City without a long term plan,
so it took a lot for him to go along with it. My Mom said it was like I was
going to college without going to school, meaning that I would learn a lot either
way, and learn some stuff that you can’t learn in a school… you know? She
was right. By the way, I know that to some people out there, me talking about
my parents and how much they helped me might seem uncool, or that it’s not the
"real" way to do stuff… you know? Like, in High School people would
think it was weird that my Dad would pick me up and drop me off from shows I
would play at, or when people would laugh at me because my Mom would let me
borrow her mini-van to drive out to band practice in Detroit… but I was 15
and 16 years old, and I was SO glad to have parents that were willing to do
that! You know? I don’t know if I would let my son or daughter hang out in those
scenes… but my parents trusted me in some kind of crazy way, and it wasn’t
like they weren’t worried… believe me, they were very worried, probably more
than I’ll ever know… Sometimes I would get home from some long distant trip,
like driving to Chicago to play at a punk festival when I was 16 without even
telling my Mom. When I got home 2 days later it was like 4 in the morning and
she was up waiting in the kitchen, very upset. I told I would never do that
again, and I didn’t. I can only imagine, but I think being a parent is probably
the hardest thing in the world.

16. Is there a message you are trying to express with your music? What is


17. How did it feel to open for Aerosmith?

It was amazing and totally new. We’ve played at some big concerts around the
world, but getting to be on tour and open up for the same big band every concert
was really great. I hope we get to do something like that again. Everyone was
really nice to us, especially Joe Perry, who went out of his way to get us on
the tour in the first place, and he would always come up and talk to us and
just be super cool. I was so blown away by the scale of their show! They had
like 10 semi-trucks of gear! You know? It’s amazing! And I know there are bands
out there with even more than that… I love being around that kind of energy.
All the people working together to get the concert up and running every night,
that’s my favorite part about touring besides actually playing the concerts
and meeting people… I like the way it works: the sound checks, all the equipment,
the set up and take down… I get a really good feeling from all of that. It
rules. It’s funny, because on the Aerosmith show I always felt out of place,
like I shouldn’t be where I was. You know? Don’t get me wrong, everyone on their
crew was super cool to me, but I would just feel like I was some weirdo dude
who creeped back stage and was lurking around! The best thing for me was to
see a band that was still doing what they had been doing for so long, and they
still killed it every night. Steven Tyler is one of the greatest singers ever,
and he was going out and playing every concert like it was the last concert
they would ever get to play. I mean, you could tell that he really enjoyed it
and there was no sign of them being lazy or bored. You know? They were still
excited about what they were doing! And so were the people that came to see
them. It was a huge honor to be part of something like that. I think it went
really well, and every night I got to meet people from the audience, and it
was cool because I think a lot of these people never would have heard of us
or gotten to see us otherwise. It was a great opportunity that I’ll remember
in detail for ever.

18. When is your next album coming out?

I hope it comes out in August or September of 2003.

19. If you were stranded on a desert island and you could have one book, one
person, and one cd with you who would that person be and why? What would that
book be and why? What would that cd be and why?

The person would be any cool person that wanted to come out to a desert island
and hang out. It depends on how long I was going to be out on the island too…
if it was for a few days then it would be cool just to hang out a friend, if
it was forever than it should be a woman so we can make a baby to carry on the
tradtion of living on a desert island. Maybe it would be cool to have a dog
on the island cause they would help to hunt down food and stuff. I would be
cool with that. As far as a book goes I would like it to be a really long book
so that I can read it through out – I think a condensed encyclopedia would be
good. It would be one big book with a lot of information. But those books usually
have really thin pages, so on the island climate they might not last long, but
I’d take that risk. And for a CD I would like to take a CD of really nice classical
music I think, like Bach or something. Something with a proven track record
over time. People have been listening to that music for hundreds of years, so
it should last me a good amount of time on the island without getting boring.

20. Who do you consider the greatest musician of all time?

George Howe. I don’t think he’s the greatest musician of all time, but I’ll
bet he’s a cool dude. He’s actually known for being a candy-maker, but I seriously
heard that he could sing really well too. They have a website called George
Howe ( and it’s awesome. They have a lot of great
things on there, and if his singing is even half as good as the candy, then
he’s definetly got a chance at being the greatest muscian of all time. I’m really
into candy, and I like Bach, as I said above… J.S. Bach made amazing music
always… you know me though, there are so many great people out there, I can’t
possibly just choose one! How should I know?

21. Has your life been changed by Sept. 11? If so how?

Yeah, of course! I think it changed everyone’s life… you know? But what
more can I say that hasn’t already been said? I’ll say what I think: I think
it’s added a thick layer of uncertainty beneath day to day living. Everything
is not O.K., but was it ever? Maybe it’s just more obvious now that the world
is intense. It’s made me think more about what really matters, what I really
believe in, and what I’m going to do about it. It makes big problems become
little problems and it makes it very obvious that as long as you’re living you’re
doing O.K. You know? It makes it more clear that I’m not invincible and that
I should value every waking moment even more – enjoy it while I have it. It
makes planning for the future more difficult and living for today a lot easier.
You know? I don’t know where to even begin on this… it was the first time
I ever felt directly involved in some kind of major disaster. You know what
I mean? It was the first world event that I was a part of. Everyone in this
country was, and around the world too I think. You know when you hear of a bombing
in another country, or a horrible disaster even in your own country, if you
were not directly involved you have a distance that makes it all a little less
real and less of an event in your life, because you weren’t there. But when
Sept. 11 happened everyone was there. You know? Most importantly for me though
was an intensifying of the stuff that I really love. It might sound weird, but
after Sept. 11 singing songs like Party Hard became more important than ever.
And while a lot of people around me were doubting things and saying that people
needed to get more serious and stuff, I felt very differently… I felt like
our only hope was too hold on to the things that made us happy… whether it
was music, or movies, or friends, or jokes, or drawing, or comic books… whatever
it was, hold on to it with dear life, because those things are what make life
worth living. The best weapon we have in the fight against those people who
wish to cause us pain and sadness and above all fear, is to enjoy our lives
and have fun. And I don’t mean to be careless and irresponisble and I don’t
meant that there isn’t time to mourn and reflect, but to stop doing what you
love on account of a major disaster, is in my opinion, giving in and giving
up. There has never been a more important time than now to do the stuff that
you love and believe and to do it with all your heart.

22. What do you think of President Bush?

I don’t hate him as much as some people do, and I don’t love him as much as
other people do. It’s not that I have a neutral position, but I am not completly
against anyone who’s in his position. I may not agree with some of his ideas,
or I may not agree with all his ideas, but he’s got a lot on his plate. He’s
only a man after all. I couldn’t do what he’s doing… maybe he can’t either.

23. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?

I would think it would be cool if all restaurants were all you can eat. This
idea is not my own, instead it was presented to my friend Bruce who runs a Yahoo
Message Board Group about food and gaining weight. Some dude wrote in that all
restaraunts should be all you can eat and think that’s a great idea. You go
in, and you’re presented with a flat rate fixed price and then you can just
eat until you’re full. It makes sense to me. I started a website with Bruce
called and it’s all about gaining weight
and eating more food. Bruce is this awesome dude who has introduced me to a
lot of cool information about eating more food, and the site is totally free
help on how to build it up. I grew up as a really skinny kid, and I am absolutly
determined to never go back there again. I’ll do whatever it takes, but I will
not rest until I’m well fed.

24. What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

I don’t have one favorite movie, luckily I have a bunch of favorites, you
know? As far as newer movies go, I really like the Lord Of The Rings movies.
They are so well done… you know? The visual craftmanship and the commitment
to something completely of it’s own. It’s a really big deal to me, and I am
so happy that they’ve been as succesful as they have. I really like Dead Alive
too, which is an older horror-mega-gore movie by Peter Jackson, who directs
the Lord Of The Rings. He’s awesome. I saw the movie The Ring, and that was
cool too. If you notice in that movie one of the main characters has a sticker
by the band The Refused in his locker. I thought that was awesome. I like most
movies, and I love most movies. I’m the kind of guy who is really happy with
any solid good movie. You know? I’m not very picky. Movies are one of mankinds
greatest achievements. It’s so hard to make a movie and there’s so much involved
that to me it’s a minor-miracle that they even exist in the first place.

25. Where do you see yourself and your career in five years?

I would like to weight at least 215 pounds. If I can do that everything else
will take care of itself.

26. Describe your music.

I try to make it exciting and fun, as I said before, that’s the main thing
I want to do. I love music, and like most people, I love all kinds of music…
but in terms of what I want to do, I really want to focus on those specific
euphoric blasts that come from extreme happiness and excitement. You know? The
ecstatic realization, however brief, that life is amazing and awesome, and that
you are not seeing it from a distance, but you are in it, in the middle of it,
right in the core of the bleeding heart! And to fight against that feeling is
impossible and you might as well give into life and live it! Spend less time
figuring things out and more time enjoying them, whatever they are! Loose control
and let life live you, rather than you live life. I want the music to be music.
And I want it to overwhelm, but you have to let it overwhelm you, you have to
be brave and give yourself over to the unknown a little bit, you know? What
do you have to loose? It’s not crazy… it’s fun. And it’s worth it. As always,
I’m trying to make the most exciting song ever, over and over and over and over
and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again…
You know when you hear a song that you love and it just hits you over the head
with power? You know how it fills up your whole body and you can actually feel
how good it is? You can feel how good it is! You know what I mean? When music
is really good, any kind of music, I get that feeling. A real phsyical feeling
that sends shivers all through out my body and I get chills and butterflies
and best of all, complete and total driving happiness… and it could even be
from a really sad or angry song… but that feeling makes me feel good, no matter
what kind of music it is, and I get happy. I think people can get that feeling
from all kinds of different things, and when you get it, that’s it, you’re hooked
for life. Being alive is the pursuit of that feeling, and any little bit of
it you can get. Maybe when you die that’s the way that you feel all the time.
That would be great… we’ll all find out someday.

27. What was your most memorable live show and why?

Every concert is memorable for different reasons, and I’m glad to have good
memories from every concert we’ve ever played so far. I’m sure in the future
we could have a horrible crazy time, but even that’s something totally memorable
that I’m sure I will look back at and laugh at. You know? Everyday is memorable
and that’s good. If a day goes by and it’s a forgettable day, then what was
the point of living it? You know? Maybe not everyday will be the best day of
your life, but why not look at each day as potentially the best day of your
life and work from there? Live it all the way down!

28. What song do you like to play the most live and why?

Wow, sometimes it changes from night to night, sometimes week to week. There
will be times when I most excited about playing the song "I Get Wet",
and then other nights I’ll be most excited about "Take It Off" or
"Ready To Die", actually "Ready To Die" is always one of
my favorites, but I like all the songs so much, not one will stand out as a
favorite for me… but I have favorite parts of the concerts, I really like
its when I can play some piano on the songs. I really love playing the piano
on "We Want Fun", when that kicks in at the begining it’s so awesome!
The next album has tons of parts where I’m going to be able to play the piano
for even longer amounts of time. I made sure when I was writing these new songs
that there would be just huge parts where it’s just the most slamming killing
music and I could just bang away on the keyboard! I can’t wait to play these
new songs live!!!

29. Do you have a special message you would like to send to your fans?

you very much for believing in the music and for liking it in the way that you
do. It means the world to me, it really, really does. And I will do my best
to continue to give you reason to love it. You have given me some of the best
experiences in my whole life that I would never have been able to have without
you. Hold on and don’t let go. This is only the very begining, and I am honored
that you’ve decided to be here with it. It’s never too late to get it going!
Thank you very much for coming the concerts! Thank you very much for hanging
out and making it fun! Thank you for going completely nuts at every concert!
That’s what it’s for! You know it! Most importantly, always know that this exists
for you. Not me, not someone else, but you – you and your friends and what you
like. This music wants you to take these songs and make them what you want.
Whatever you think this is is what it wants to be. I can’t even begin to tell
you how excited I am about this whole thing. It is yours, it is because of you,
and you should consider yourself responsible for whatever awesome things happen.
You are not only a part of this, you are the whole thing! Everything and anything
that you’ve done is more than appreciated, it is loved and honored and respected.
You are the reason this exists! Let’s keep doing more than we think we can,
and let’s do it more than ever before. Thank you with all my heart. You know.
I know. WE KNOW.

30. Give me your favorite quote of all time.

"Life is short."


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