Audioslave: The Phoenix Rises


Audioslave: The Phoenix Rises
Label: Epic/Interscope

Barbara Fara
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Audioslave is: Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell (Vocals) and Rage Against
The Machine’s Tim Commerford (Bass), Tom Morello (Guitar), and Brad
Wilk (Drums).

There were four bands to listen to in the nineties. These four bands were
Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, and Soundgarden. These were
the bands with THE front men for the times. These guys had the voices
and knew how to put on a show. –I remember when Pearl Jam and Soundgarden
teamed up for Temple of the Dog. Was I the only one that Temple of the
Dog made cry? That cd was fucking beautiful. Vedder and Cornell sounded
like rock and roll angels on it. I was always disappointed that NONE of
these bands ever collaborated on anything again. –Nirvana is still
a classic. I will love Nirvana until the day that I die. –Pearl
Jam? I have always wanted to sit Eddie Vedder on my lap and ask him what
he wants for Christmas, to me, he is just that good. I have always respected
the hell out of how well Pearl Jam fans are treated. I know you got your
Christmas cd from Eddie. –Rage Against The Machine sold me on the
idea that rap in metal good be a good thing if done well. In the nineties,
they were fresh and original. Think about it, nobody else was doing what
they were. Now lots of people try, but nobody has truly matched the fury
and the power of Rage Against The Machine. –Soundgarden. The thing
that made Soundgarden beautiful to me was their long haired singer, Chris
Cornell. At the time, I kept waiting for his voice to crack. My favorite
Soundgarden track was Spoon Man, just like everybody else. –These
four bands made me WANT to watch MTV. Now, I have a parental block on
my cable box so I don’t turn it on at all. After listening to Audioslave,
I may lift that block.

Audioslave made the disappointment about their not being another Temple
of the Dog go away. Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell was a perfect choice
to front the musicians from Rage. I put him vocally in a five way tie
for best rock ballad singer (1985 to present) with Eddie Vedder, Kurt
Cobain, Scott Weiland, and Axl Rose. He has such a distinct voice that
you cannot compare him to ANYBODY but himself. I just wish he would have
kept his pretty long hair. –Tom Morello is another guitar player
in a class by himself. On Audioslave, his style is different. He still
plays with ABSOLUTE power, but he can soften it up a bit too. I have always
liked Tom Morello. He never has gotten the attention that I think he deserves.
–Tim Commerford proves that he can play both punk and rock with
that bass of his. He is going to prove to be a classic over time. –Brad
Wilk on drums ties it all together in a pretty package. He reminds me
more and more of Joey Kramer on every track. –Out of the ashes of
my favorite nineties bands rises the phoenix Audioslave. They are beautiful
and strong. They will make you EXTREMELY happy. Their sound? Easy, think
Soundgarden plus Rage Against The Machine-with a touch of the blues.Track

1. Cochise: What do you do when you are watching somebody die, slowly?
That person that is dying fucking hates you and blames you for their fucked
up life. –They aren’t going to change their mind, so this
song is just about accepting that. You can’t beat ‘em, but
maybe they will get their shit together.

2. Show Me How To Live: This could be a song about begging a mom or a
dad about showing you how to live. I think it is a song about God, the
Universe, or the Great Spirit and asking one of them for help. The older
you get, the more you realize that you don’t know abut life. Everybody
hits that point where they don’t have a fucking clue.

3. Gasoline: Did you ever want to get in your care and take off? Sometimes,
it would be nice to get on down the road and leave it all behind. It would
be fun to burn those fucking bills, fuck the rent, and screw the job.
Sometimes, it all just seems like a fucking prison.

4. What You Are: This is the ‘give your heart and soul’ to
the evil bitch song. This is the ‘give your heart and soul’
to the music industry song. There is always something that can hold you
captive and drain your soul. –My feeling is that this is a reflection
on how the music industry treated Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden.

5. Like A Stone: There is a place in every heart that aches over the evil
shit that we have done. This is a place that craves punishment for our
bad fucking ways. It wants to take us back to the place where we were
hurt, so we can hurt a little more. We have to be punished for being bad.
Actions have consequences.

6. Set It Off: The suicide by cop song. I can see some poor fucker holed
up in his house, without a job, firing a gun trying to get somebody’s
attention. –Think about it. He has worked hard all of his life.
He can’t feed his kids. He is going to lose his house. The only
way out is that they all die, and somebody calls the cops to help him.
The fucking cops don’t help him. They get a shot off and he dies.

7. Shadow Of The Sun: Can you see the shaman sitting at the campfire in
this song? He is explaining why people lose hope, lose their minds and
die. There is always a darkness, an empty place that can never be filled.
People dwell on that empty place and go crazy. That empty place sucks
their souls and they die.

8. I Am The Highway: Nice little bit of poetry here. I am the highway,
the lightning, and the night. –I am something that you can’t
ever completely touch, but I am always with you. Those lines talk about
the path we are all on in life. This is another shaman vision quest.

9. Exploder: Another important vision from the phoenix. Everything depends
on your fucking perspective man. Nothing will ever hold you down inside
of your head. If something holds you down, it might kill your mother.
It might make you kill yourself, and you won’t even know why or

10. Hypnotize: There’s a way out of and a way into everything. You
can do whatever you set your mind to do, we all know that. –So you
are going to off yourself because you feel your life is over. Step up
to Brother Cornell’s House of the Holy and get right with God. Keep
your eyes on the shiny shiny watch children. He wants to help you.

11. Bring Em Back Alive: Molokai is an island in Hawaii. It is a famous
leper colony. They used to put the sick people there to die. Their arms
and legs and skin would fall off. We just left them there to die. –The
Space shuttle crashed to the ground and people died. We watched and couldn’t
do a goddamn thing. We picked them up and buried them. –Isn’t
it always better to bring em back alive?

12. Light My Way: An American prayer. Everybody prays to something for
help when their lives turn to shit. Everybody prays for guidance to make
things right. –Things aren’t always made right though. Sometimes
God takes a vacation to Cancun.

13. Getaway Car: Somebody has got to go baby. It is either you or me,
but we aren’t going together. I can’t be a part of the bullshit
anymore, because it is fucking killing me. Tell you what, let’s
head in opposite directions.

14. The Last Remaining Light: Take it as it comes. Each sunset you see
could be that last one you will ever see. Nobody ever knows when their
time is up. So enjoy it, and embrace the darkness. Like Sitting Bull said,
“Today is a good day to die.” Audioslave has put out a cd
filled with ballads and anthems. Each song on this cd has the potential
to be a single. Do I like this cd? Fuck yeah man! It is filled with meaning
and kick ass music. I liked it so much that I brought a copy for my private
collection. It sits on the shelf next to my Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden,
and Rage Against The Machine. Will I see Audioslave live? You bet your
ass I will.

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