Fuck Man! It’s Bile At The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 2003

Bile Is: KRZTOFF-all vocals, guitars, keyboards, noises, distortions. R.H. Bear-Bass. Dave S.-Guitar.

Bile opened for KMFDM at The Masquerade, and fuck it was intense. Intense in a very GREAT way. What does Bile sound like-heavy industrial punk with lights that will throw you into a trance. It makes senses that Bile formed as a performance art project back in 1992. Bile uses lighting and video to complete their stage performance, and in many ways they are still performance art. –Look R.H. Bear, with that carefully placed red dot on his head that looks more and more like a bleeding bullet wound as the night goes on. Ignore the rest of him, and that is a comment all by its fucking self. Society will stand by and watch you struggle and bleed to death now won’t they. Bear has a fucking spooky stage presence that entices you to watch him. His bass playing is good and heavy too; he makes up for the lack of a live drummer. –Krztoff is all charisma. In case you did not know, Krztoff also plays guitar and does back up vocals for Pigface. He has a heavy in your face punk style that I am sure makes Raymond Watts of Pig and KMFDM very fucking proud. Krztoff has a massive set of pipes on him for being a performance artist from Long Island. –Look at Dave S. Bile. He is the lighting director and the video editor, playing the guitar is a side thing that he picked up because it looked good with the video. There is such attention to lighting and video at a Bile show, that she show manages to fucking assault every one of your senses. –Oh, and Dave can play fucking guitar. I caught him doing it on camera, and he is pretty fucking good. The pure metal head in me wanted him to break out and do a few solos, but the Bile sound was thick and perfect and there is no messing with good art.
Bile was touring in support of their new cd, The Copy Machine. Yes, it’s all covers-but it is done Bile style so it just can’t piss you off. I really liked hearing ‘Love Stinks,’ ‘We Got The Beat,’ and ‘My Generation.’ I would have liked to have heard their version of ‘This Is The End’ live, because we all know I am a Doors freak-and I am sure it would have been done originally and with taste. It would have been done Bile style, and not like the current touring 21st Century Doors FREAKSHOW. I am sure Krztoff would have NOT gone off stage for a costume change and put on Morrison’s fucking pants. Every cover Bile does shows a great amount of respect for the original artists involved.
Would I recommend a Bile show? Fuck yes. A Bile show is a statement, and they were the perfect openers for KMFDM. Catch them soon, and if you miss them-fuck man, it was Bile.

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