Blackwood Article: Live.


Blackwood Article is: Josh Cline-Bass, Vocals. Lee Biggs-Vocals, Guitar. Matthew Grant-Guitar. Adam McWhorter-Drums.

Blackwood Article is just screaming for attention from somebody somewhere. They won in their category at the 2004 New York International Music Festival. They were at the Atlantis Music Conference. They have been all over the place-so is the music, but that is the point isn’t it. Blackwood Article is taken from an Edgar Allen Poe story about varying influences (from the band website). -Me, I want to see a solid vision out of Blackwood Article. Lee Biggs is an excellent singer and guitar player. He has a hot stage presence and reminds me of Stevie Ray Vaughn. I like him. Matthew Grant is techinally able on guitar-but I had to look at the website to remember their was a second guitar player. I know it is hard to play for ten people-but you NEVER know who is watching sonny boy. Take a lesson from Jack Andrad of Uncrowned and ALWAYS put on a show. I want to remember you always. You write a good song-but don’t forget to sell it to me onstage. You have to start out with a song-true. That’s only half the battle. Josh Cline on bass is solid-he has hints of Billy Sheehan greatness to come. I think constant touring is going to make a remarkable bass player out of him. Adam McWhorter is an excellent drummer. I want to see him loose and free-set the drummer free and the rest of us will follow.
I like Blackwood Article and expect a lot more out of them. They have a sound that reminds you of some Aerosmith tossed in with some Depeche Mode with a little bit of Mozart sniffing some Cannibal Corpse. I think frequent gigging is going to iron out the little bugs about making a good show for people who come to see them. Blackwood Article is going to make waves on the alternative rock scene soon.

Bios-by the band, taken from

JOSH CLINE – Bass/Backup Vocals
Josh was born August 17th, 1976 in Rome, Ga. As a child, Josh had a fondness for music, and at the age of 3 built his first guitar out of rubber bands, a broken pencil, and an old shoe box. By age 10 he graduated to a $99 special finger bleeder. At age 11 Josh became elite, he joined the middle school band as the lead trombone player. Later, he found that 4 strings were better than 6 and got a bass. The bass later became his lover and they reside in rural Georgia happily starving with no children. No, seriously, Josh went to some school, excelled in music and then became broke and starving. The madness still continues today.

LEE BIGGS – Vocals/Guitar
Lee Biggs was born, and for the most part, raised in the west Georgia area. His father and grandfather were both music salesmen for Warner Elektra Atlantic, so he developed a taste for music at an early age. Through high school and college, Lee participated in many musical programs such as marching, symphonic, and jazz band, but later found out that he mostly had a passion for singing. Blackwood Article was formed shortly after Lee met current guitarist, Matthew Grant, while they were both attending the State University of West Georgia. After spending many bathless, sleepless, and mischievous nights pledging to the same music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Lee and Matthew found that they could come up with some unique sounding music, just by mixing their own styles and influences… Neither Lee nor Matthew received a degree or graduated from SUWG, but they did go on to form what is now known as Blackwood Article… And who knows… maybe one day, that will turn out to be the better accomplishment.

Matthew Grant was born November 21st, 1976 in Atlanta, Ga. Most of his early years were spent playing baseball with an early musical seed planted via the harmonica. Thankfully, no known recording of his harmonica playing exist. As we skip ahead to his teen years, Matthew became enamored with the guitar and studied seriously. So serious, in fact, that it lead him to study classical guitar in college along with a few jazz studies. In this setting, he would meet Lee Biggs and lay the foundation for their present band: Blackwood Article. Hooking up with Lee, former high school classmate Josh Cline, and a drummer Adam Mcwhorter, Matthew found what he was looking for in a band and set out to work. These days, Matthew is kept busy writing new tunes for the band and wondering how he keeps a steady girlfriend with his unkept appearance and bad habits.

Adam McWhorter was born in 1980, on the Ides of March. Early in his childhood, his parents bought him a drumset and enrolled him in lessons. Since then Adam has studied under many fine teachers: John Lamatina & family, Brian Ridley, Clark Harrell, Jeff Sipe, Bill Shirk and Dave Weckl, to name a few. As a teacher, Adam has worked with many high school marching bands and percussion ensembles, teaching the art of drumming and mallet percussion to the next generation of young percussionists. Working on the Atlanta and Panhandle music circuits, Adam has performed nearly all styles of music. At a younger age (before he aged out), Adam performed with the Escape Percussion Ensemble and Spirit of Atlanta. He has even played with the Panama City Pipes and Drums Ensemble – he still has his kilt and plaid socks. While attending Bremen High School, Adam met saxophonist Lee Biggs. Lee was arranging Ants Marching for the high school band on the piano; at the time, Adam thought he would be cool to play with. Five years later, Adam met bassist Josh Cline in a music store; a few days after that, Adam became a part of Blackwood Article.


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