Bret Michaels


Bret Michaels at The Masquerade
10/30/03 Atlanta, GA

Let’s talk about Bret. I think a lot of you came expecting to see Poison. Bret Michaels fronts a band named Poison, but did you read your ticket? It was the Bret Michaels solo tour, and it was beautiful.
Bret did Every Rose Has It’s Thorn with an acoustic guitar-especially for you. He worked the crowd. After all, he is Bret Michaels. My personal favorite of the night is when he did Raine. He wrote the song after his daughter was born, yet you were all still screaming for Poison.
Being the gentleman that he is, he gave you what you wanted. The Masquerade crowd was treated to Nothin’ But a Good Time, Fallen Angel, Unskinny Bop, Good Love, I Won’t Forget You, Talk Dirty to Me
Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, Something to Believe In, Your Mama Don’t Dance, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Honky Tonk Woman, Menace to Society, Bittersweet, Raine, Loaded Gun, and Party Rock Band. –Menace To Society, Bittersweet, Raine, Loaded Gun, and Party Rock Band were the only tracks he did off of Songs of Life. I would have liked to hear War Machine and One More Day live-but like I said, he gave you what you wanted. It is no crime to play to the fans, but his royal sexiness deserved to roll out some more of his new shit. He played to your needs for live Poison, but you didn’t give him anything back y’all. You didn’t give him much of a chance to tell you what he was doing apart from Poison. –His voice is hot. He is hot. You people just need to remember that he is in a band called Poison; he isn’t Poison all by himself. –Christy Calabro covered CC’s Poison solos magnificently. Like I said earlier, Christy could be CC’s bastard child, Cliff did a great job with backing vocals and rhythm guitar. –But you know, American Anthem was The Bret Michaels band at this point. It was their job to make Bret shine, and Bret did shine. Bret is a showman and a star. He pulled off a hell of a solo tour show to a crowd that was screaming for something different…and he made you love him for it. –He announced that he would be back with Poison in 2004…catch him then, if you can….

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