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“The first time I came to Atlanta, it was like a big pussy waiting to be fucked”
– Josh Todd

Josh Todd, born April 4, 1971. He’s your typical Aries; a self-made man, sexy, gorgeous, and what a crotch on him. I’m dead serious. He’s not just a musician. He’s an actor who’s fucking awesome. He was in The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer, The New Guy, and The Banger Sisters with Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon.

Josh Todd’s vocals haven’t changed since 1995, and never will. He can sing everything from Rhythm and Blues to straight rock to straight metal. He’s a very special, dirty martini. Anyone would want to drink him up. There should be a Buckcherry martini. There is a saying, “People have learned from their mistakes” and Josh has learned them hard and karma has slapped him in the ass too many times. And now, it’s his turn to be king next to Tom Petty.

To understand Buckcherry, you have to see Josh perform in person. You have to watch his body movements. He gyrates his crotch like no other guy on stage. Watching him live makes you want to cum in your pants. No wonder why I must cover Josh Todd every time he comes to town.

Buckcherry has had a very serious history. For those of you who have never heard Buckcherry before, or Josh Todd’s earlier bands, you’re getting your first taste of Josh Todd. If anything, Buckcherry hasn’t changed. If anything, it has grown. Everything Josh Todd touches turns into gold.

And with this CD, you’ve got another double platinum. It’s something the country needs right now: something young, happy, sexy, something you want to fuck to in the middle of the night. Josh Todd could be anybody’s wet dream any time day or night.

Any time you see him, you know you want to fuck him. He does have a nice ass, too. And, he has not aged. So, the Josh you see now is the Josh of yesterday, except for a few more tattoos.

Keith Nelson, lead guitar, is the other remaining original member of Buckcherry. And, he has a habit of switching off between rhythm and lead. If Dean guitar reads this, Keith Nelson deserves a Dean Dimebag. He shreds that guitar like you’re getting a fucking shave going into the Army. Or, he’s just shredding your clothes off in bed. You can’t compare his playing to anyone else’s in the world. Nobody can touch him.

When I hear Keith Nelson play, I hear George Lynch, but in his own style: sexy as hell, and he knows what he’s doing. When Buckcherry took the time off, he learned to self-produce music, engineer, manage, watch the money books, and studied rock’s roots. He’s the henchman of Buckcherry. He’s waiting to drop his axe if someone tries to destroy the band one more time. If anyone tries to fuck with Buckcherry this time, they’re going to pay the price.

Xavier Muriel reminds me of Mark Cobb on drums. Cobb is the drummer for band, Y-O-U. Muriel’s drumming techniques make any child want to play drums. It’s not just the energy from his drum-playing. It’s from his heart. Drumming is his life.

Jimmy “Two Fingers” Ashhurst, bassist, grew up a military brat with an Italian mother and a military father. It’s no wonder where he got his talent from. I’m just curious where he got the name “Two Fingers”. It sounds Mafioso, but if you know his history, Jimmy Two Fingers, has played with every great musician you can think of, from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Jerry Lee Lewis. And, nobody ever gives him credit for his work with Guns ‘N Roses, or any other project he has worked on. Jimmy Two Fingers cannot be lost in the dust of forgotten bassists. Someone must give him the credit he deserves. He’s gifted. He’s talented. He’s sexy. And, he’s intelligent. Somebody better start giving him respect. And, he’s found that with Josh Todd and Buckcherry.

Stevie Dacanay (Stevie D.), guitar, is the little Virgo. He is the fucking gypsy of the band. This is the traveling musician. When you hear him play, you don’t hear his mentor, Pete Cosey, or any other guitar player he’s played with. Stevie Dacanay is the modern-day version of Robert Johnson, with a little Jimi Hendrix. He throws in the blues of the past, the rock of the 70s, and rock of the 80s. And, when you mix it together, you got one ticking time bomb known as the reincarnation of Robbie Johnson. He’s another guitar player forgotten in the dust. He’s got a touch of Angus Young from AC/DC in him.

So Far
Music by Keith Nelson, lyrics by Josh Todd. When you combine Keith Nelson and Josh Todd, you get a walking machine gun. Josh literally tells you of his life in So Far; what has happened to him in the past with the first time with Buckcherry, with his solo career. And, they ain’t gonna take no more shit with anybody this time. Josh is putting down his foot this time and admits in more ways than one of his past. And, this is not going to happen again. No fucking record company. No fucking label. No more fucking drugs. Sex, yes. Rock ‘n roll, yes. But, fucking Josh over would be like signing a deal with the Devil himself. So, my little minions in the great music world, in plain fucking English, let me put it to you in a New York way. So far things are going good. So far, things are going great. And, if anything goes wrong, my foot’s going to go so far up your ass, you won’t know what’s hit you.

Next To You
Music by Keith Nelson, lyrics by Josh Todd.
The music on Next To You is perfect. Lyric-wise, you can’t beat it. Vocalization-wise, Josh kicks the shit out of it. This is the song that should’ve been the first release off the album. It’s blunt. It’s plain. It’s honest. Even though Josh wrote the words, along with Marti Frederickson, he’s giving you a taste of the old days of sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, and the groupies. And, chasing the one who’s frigid, and doing anything to get down her pants. It’s a great sexual song. I would recommend this song to anyone trying to pick up a girl 15-18. Josh is giving you boys a lesson on how to get to home plate. But yet, he’s also teaching you that women are not cheap, and that they should be respected. It’s a beautiful piece of music for a rock, metal song.

Out Of Line
Lyrics by Josh Todd, music by Jimmy Two Fingers Ashhurst
If you listen to the CD carefully, Josh is giving you a history of his past life and his present life. He’s trying to be the man that he wants to be. He wants the love that he deserves. And, he’s going to get it this time. And, he’s confessing his past and telling you what he wants now. And, this song is dedicated to the woman or to the women who Josh and Jimmy Two Fingers are trying to get respect from.

Lyrics by Josh Todd, music by Keith Nelson and Jimmy Two Fingers
Here we go again. Sweating bullets. This CD should – believe it or not –be in the curriculum for every student from high school into college. Just because of the lessons.
He’s telling you he’s placing this all on a woman, but his music is his woman. He wants everything to be perfect this time. He does not want his buckcherry to be popped.

Lyrics by Josh Todd, music by Jimmy Two Fingers
Josh, you sneaky little fucking Aries. Doing your own little cross-over. From metal to rock to country? This is the ultimate cross-over song from 94.9 The Bull (Atlanta). You’ve got the soul of Muddy Waters, BB King, Robbie Johnson, Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams. You’ve got yourself there, baby boy, a country-rock-pop song. Very smooth move. You gotta bring in those rednecks, baby boy. But this is one song that is a beautiful makeup song for a couple that has just had an argument. This woman has been in is past, his present, and wants her in his future, and begging for her forgiveness for him to come home to her. There’s nothing like a good country-rock song. This should automatically be playing on 101.5 and 94.9 in Atlanta. And, Nashville should be watching out for Josh Todd. Keep your hat on, Keith Urban. Here comes Buckcherry. Josh will now become the pretty boy of country. And, Keith, you will lose your crown.

Lyrics by Josh Todd and Marti Frederickson; music by Josh Todd, Keith Nelson, Marti Frederickson
Every rock band has a power ballad. And, this is Buckcherry’s ballad. Here we go again, asking for forgiveness, and acceptance for who I am. Tell ’em to fuck off if they can’t accept who you are. Knowing you, the good Aries, you’ll go the good fight until you get what you want. Another love song for a young couple in a massive argument, who hasn’t broken up. This is the song that would bring them closer together. This is the song that would make them confess to their past mistakes, learning to forgive each other without judging each other.

Crazy Bitch
Lyrics by Josh Todd, music by Keith Nelson, Marti Frederickson
Thank you for the dedication, Josh. Josh, darling, will you ask me for four nights at the Four Seasons. I’m available. This is your pure essence. This is the true Josh Todd. This is the very, very dirty Aries that he is. And, there’s only one person who can understand an Aries and it’s a Libra. Just make sure when you come back to Atlanta that you have a room waiting. Here’s a hint for you Josh, take The Parents from the UK on the road with you. You’d love ’em. They dedicated Telekinesis to me.

Music by Keith Nelson, Stevie D., lyrics by Josh Todd
Onset is a political song on this CD. Josh Todd speaks about the victims of 9-11 and the soldiers we have lost so far. He speaks for the families, that their lost loved ones are with them, and always with them and all they have to do is speak their name, pray for their souls. It’s time to remember who we have lost, loved, and who will be in our hearts forever. It’s not like waking up next to you. It’s not like you’re a phone call away, or an email away. But, you’re in my heart and soul forever. And I know, one day from all this madness, you will come home. And, you’ll come home, and maybe life will have justice for all of us.

Lyrics Josh Todd, music Keith Nelson and Jimmy Two Fingers
I remember the first time I heard Melissa Ethridge Stand By My Window. This is Josh’s equivalent to her song. It’s harder and heavier and from the man’s point of view. Another one he’s begging for here.

Music Stevie D., Keith Nelson, Ashhurst, lyrics Josh Todd
Brooklyn could be any city, state. Anywhere. And, he knows what he can get, because he’s just such a sexy devil. He has to prove to the world that he can get anyone he can – from New York to Detroit. Josh is like a door key to any woman’s pussy.

Broken Glass
Lyrics Josh Todd, music Keith Nelson, Stevie D.
From 9-11 to the war in Iraq to Katrina, this country lives on broken glass. Bush, aren’t you getting the message? You’ve taken this country and created a World War III. This song should be emailed to the President, and maybe he will learn how to run a country.
The song is very dark. As I hear the song, I can see the jets flying into those towers, and hear all those screams, and all those people dying, and all those poor boys who were sent to the wrong country to fight his father’s battles. And what do we have? We have mothers crying, waiting for their sons and daughters to come home. What are we fighting for – oil, or because we were attacked. Stop making us live on broken glass.

Musicincider’s show review for Buckcherry’s May 5, 2007 performance at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

Josh Todd and Buckcherry have been to Atlanta close to three times this year, since the release of their latest CD, 15.

Their opening act was Saliva. When you put these two bands together, you have a great collaboration. It was an amazing showcase, and Josh Todd automatically stole the show. Each time you see him, his show gets better. When Josh takes the stage, he lets all of his frustrations and spiritualness out with his audience. He lets you know where you stand; that he’s the boss; that no one is ever going to replace Josh Todd; that there is only one Buckcherry.

His stage shows with each concert. There’s this weird mystical euphoria about him and the band. It’s like he’s finally at peace with himself and the band. They’ve come full circle, and yet, they’re stronger this time around.

This time they will succeed. If I was to throw my Tarot cards out on this band right now, this album may not win a Grammy, make album of the year, but it will put Josh back on top along with Buckcherry.

This band has been through Hell and back. And, this time they’re not going to stop. No other show can top it. It’s like a spiritual trip when you go to a Buckcherry show. Josh Todd is showing you his raw side this time.

The lighting was set perfectly. Their sound man was excellent. Buckcherry played at least a 2-hour set. Josh Todd covered everything from his first album all the way to his latest release. And, the show was a lesson in the history of Buckcherry and how it’s grown.

Atlantic is doing a great job with them. They are giving them the best support for tours. They’re lining Buckcherry up for the best clubs going.

If you want to go on a mystical journey, you want to go to this show.

Buckcherry rates at least 10+ among all the shows I’ve seen this year. And, my rating for most shows is a 5. So, that’s high for me.

The show’s worth the money, gas, ticket. And, if you miss this show, you’re a fucking asshole.


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