Bully: The Female Black Sabbath From Virginia


Bully  – The Female Black Sabbath

Barbara Fara
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Newport News, Virginia-based heavy metal band Bully includes Anita Ibanez (vocals), Beverly Elliott (drums), Marty Randall (bass), and Teresa Huffman (guitar, vocals.)

Formerly with i2i and Project Ima, Anita, has made many guest appearances with local Virginia bands, including Coalescent and Scars Within. At one time, Anita managed the group, Mind Tribe.

Beverly beat the skins for many bands such as: Jack Nasty, Drenched, My Sister, and The Twichin’ Gimps prior to 2002, when Bully formed.

Marty’s background is classical, but when she left home she found her true musical calling. She played her bass with local Virginia band, Hemlock and Full Throttle prior to 2002. She continues to collaborate with musicians on side projects, including Download and Rusty James.

Bully is a great band and all their tracks are great. They remind me of a female Black Sabbath/Deep Purple, which I have told them before. I would like to know when they’re coming out with new music.

They’re going to be at the Hammerfest at the Canal Club in Richmond, VA. But I think they should play second stage at Ozzfest. If they make Ozzfest, give Ozzy a hug for me.

They played the Masquerade here in Atlanta. I would’ve loved to cover the show, but was out of town at the time. This is one band you’ll want to see and hear. This is one band that if I had a management firm, this is one band I’d love to manage.

They have one problem. I love their vocalizations, their lyrics, but I think they need to refresh their sound. Each track sounds the same. Otherwise, they’re a kick ass band.

Track list:


Death Beware

Little Bully

Fall With Me


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