Candiria: What Doesn’t Kill You


Candiria is: Carley Coma-Vocals. Michael Maclvor-Bass. Kenneth Schalk-Drums. John LaMacchia-Guitar. Eric Matthews-Guitar.

The cover to this CD is the first thing to draw you in. The mangled van on the cover is the actual van from the accident that the band got into in 2002 that nearly ended the lives of the band members. The title is a take off on that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger saying. I hate fucking sayings like that-what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger-god doesn’t give you more than you can handle-but when bad shit happens you have to look for a reason to hold on with both hands. Everybody has bad shit happen. You can either break your fucking band up over it, or be from New York like Candiria, pick yourself up and move fucking forward. Tough words? No. At some point you decide you have to use all the bullshit that has happened and pour in into something creative. That is what is interesting about Candiria. They didn’t nurse the shit like an open wound in their music-they let the blood fly. Candiria has all the fucking potential to be the next dark and deadly Linkin Park. The music is intelligent and focused and does not play to that lowest common denominator of the bitch broke my motherfucking heart and I want to kill everybody and jump off the side of a fucking building. I don’t feel like I am listening to the same fucking song ten times over either-I pick up more shit off of my pile and find that three out of ten CD’s have only really ONE song with fifteen different verses and ten different choruses. If the music is done well, that doesn’t piss me off too much. So Candiria avoids that with some great change ups in the music. Candiria thows hip-hop, jazz, funk, fucking rap, hardcore, and death metal together. Ordinarily this shit would piss me OFF beyond belief-because I want bands to commit to a fucking sound, but for this little Brooklyn band it works. I think they call it fusion or some fucking thing. For those on the Atlanta scene, Candiria does the same type of music that Jaegermeister sponsored Jemani does. Carley Coma doesn’t look as cool as Ike, but the vocals are extremely similar. -Carley Coma’s vocal style is hard to pin down. One minute he sounds like Snoop Dogg, one minute he sounds like DMX, one minute he sounds like Bret Michaels-and I think that is his strength as a vocalist. His diversity and ability to cover a shit load of ranges and types of music. – Michael Maclvor on bass brings the jazz and funk element to the music. He could be the bastard hybrid clone of T.M. Stevens and Billy Sheehan. – Kenneth Schalk on drums has the ability to switch up stlye at the drop of a hat. He must have MPD. – John LaMacchia and
Eric Matthews on guitar-who plays lead and who plays rhythm? Who knows, who cares? You have to be able to play a variety of fucking genres in this band and that requires a certain level of skill. I never really get any showboating guitar on this CD-but it works.
Ordinarily, I hate hip-hop metal with all my heart and soul. It plays to two different genres in order to make a fucking buck or two. I want vocalists to sing, growl like cookie monster, or rap-not try to do it all. -Candiria brings some intelligence into it though. Listen for the jazz and the R&B in the music. Candiria is for those of you who are getting to grown up for fucking Korn. -So if you like Korn, Jemani, and Linkin Park you will definetly get into Candiria. Based on that-I give What doesn’t kill you an eight out of a possible ten OH FUCK YEAH’s.

Track Listing:
Dead Bury The Dead
The Nameless King
Remove Yourself
1000 Points Of Light
9MM Solution
I Am
The Rutherford Experiment


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