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The Wrist vs. The Futurist Party

The Wrist vs. The Futurist Party
“Go Home and Tell Your Parents Everything Is Gonna Be Okay” (Part

The Wrist Vs. The Futurist Party is ANOTHER overlooked brilliant Atlanta band.
They are also another band that has been labeled ‘EMO’. The Wrist
Vs. The Futurist Party tells the story of every struggling musician in Atlanta.
Atlanta has an alive and talented music scene, but who the fuck is listening?
Who is speaking the truth about their lives? Who is being original?
The answer is The Wrist Vs. The Futurist Party. Jeremy (jw) delivers Little
Five Points, Georgia lyrics with a sultry, seductive voice. That voice is

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Greg Koch

Radio Free Gristle
Greg Koch

Hey man! Did you know that Doctor Demento’s fucking guitar-playing twin
made an album? That fucking funny guitar-playing twin is named Greg Koch. His
little intros in between songs are worth the price of Radio Free Gristle-they
are some funny shit. Radio Free Gristle is a throwback to the days when radio
was cool and fun to listen to. You know what I mean, back in the day when turning
on the am/fm was worth a damn? Koch created the kind of airplay he wants rather
than waiting for some corporate machine to put it into some canned, pre-programmed
radio piece of shit rotation. That makes Mr. Koch an original.

Those funny little bits between songs showcase a wicked guitar player. You
have to love the way Koch abuses that fucking guitar. He makes it howl, cry,
holler, whimper, and scream. Today’s metal players would do themselves
a favor by listening to Radio Free Gristle. He can beat it up easily with the
likes of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoades. Koch is a guitar players guitar
player. The cd had some great fucking playing on it. It is one hell of a ride.

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Enders Game: Game Over

Enders Game: Kevin Freeman-Vocals. Jarrod Johnson-Guitar. Dave Merrill-Guitar. Shon Harp-Bass. Daniel Burch-Drums. I like this…

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WARNING: Do NOT listen to this track while driving! It may encourage wreckless and dangerous…

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Banned from Utopia

So Yuh Don’t Like Modern Art is a brilliant and fun debut cd from a cast
of characters known as Banned From Utopia. The size of BFU reminds me of the
big bands from the forties. You know, during the time when music was not programmed
into a fucking keyboard. Banned From Utopia was formed as a tribute to Frank
Zappa. Guys, wherever Frank may be, I am sure that Dancin’ Fool is proud.
There are no holds barred on this cd. Listen carefully and you can hear hard
rock, jazz, country, and classical. BFU does not want to bore the listener.
It is funny and musically complex. This cd has six of Frank Zappa’s original
instrumental songs. “Tink Walks Amok/Thirteen” is a combination
of two Zappa tunes.

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