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Tribe of Judah

The Fuck Power of Exit Elvis

An orgasm is a little death. The heart stops for a brief moment in an explosion
of passion and fury. This is the only way to describe the music on Exit Elvis.
The slow build ups are like foreplay. The electronics and keyboards are exciting
teases leading up to the ultimate climax of rock guitars and drums. Mellace,
on guitars, plays like an angel from heaven and a devil from hell. Those guitar
riffs of his make you ache inside for more. The music is so powerful that it
makes you want to rip off your clothes and fuck. Elvis was a sexy bastard at
a young age. Cherone’s voice make you feel like he is right in the room
with you. The combination of vocals and music on this album twists your mind.
Tribe of Judah is what the Smashing Fucking Pumpkins wanted to be.
Left For Dead tells us about the death of God.

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Paradise Lost

The Fallen Angels of Paradise Lost

In the battle for heaven, legions of angels fought on both sides. The fallen
angels in the band that calls itself Paradise Lost mourn the loss of heaven
in this sacrifice offered up to us entitled Symbol of Life. Nick Holmes, who
sounds like James Hetfeld’s twin brother, delivers a fucking soul-wrenching
vocal performance. The vocals are backed up by the driving guitars of Aaron
Aedy and Greg Makintosh. Lee Morris and Stephen Edmondson combine their drum
and bass performances to give a definite heartbeat to every track on Symbol
of Life.

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Ricky Byrd

Tough Room…This World was recorded live at The Bitter End in Manhattan.
Byrd’s vocals remind me of Lou Reed with a heart. His acoustic style slams.
It is like he is bringing that guitar back from the dead. That’s what
you call a fucking New York Libra on guitar. Kasim Sulton’s bass is so
bluesy that it is like a well mixed drink. He complements Ricky’s style.
Simon Kirke’s drumming is such a change from when he is playing with Bad
Company. If you were making a stew, Ricky and Kasim might be the meat and potatoes,
but Simon is the graceful gravy.
The musical styles on the cd are bluesy, jazzy, r&b, soul, and little rock
and roll.

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Grand National

Grand National-KingSIZE: A Bottle of Emotions
Hey all have ya heard about the new band out of Buffalo, NY known as Grand National?
These guys are not The Hives or Good Charlotte. They should be known as the
reincarnation of the Beatles. Yes, that’s what I said, the Beatles. No,

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Gary Numan

Scarred: Live At The Brixton Academy
Gary Numan
Who the fuck is Gary Numan? I hate to admit it, but I needed to know more about
him than he sang that song ‘Cars.’ So, I looked. Let’s start
with that song ‘Cars.’ That song has been covered by Fear Factory,

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Billy Talent

Billy Talent-Demo
I like these guys. They’re cool. They are fucking honest. They say what
they want to say and don’t give a shit what fucking people have to say.
You can feel them kicking the skeletons out of the closet with their Harley’s
on. They sound like a really fucking pissed off Everclear and Offspring combo
with a twist of Faith No More. If Deborah Harry was a guy, she would sound like
Ben the lead singer. Ian D’Sa is a fucking madman. He is himself. He just

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Annie Minogue

Lessons in Love

Annie Minogue-Love Parade

Welcome to the world of Annie Minogue. Her voice makes it a spiritual place.
Annie’s voice is soothing, peaceful, and kind with an energetic kick in
the ass. You can hear the blues come out of her heart. When you first hear her,
you get the edge of Melissa Etheridge and Courtney Love. Maybe Courtney should
take some lessons from Annie. You can feel the spirit of Janis Joplin watching
over her. Annie could be a cross over like Shania Twain or Faith Hill. If MusicIncider
had a chance to coin a new genre, it would be Passion-much like Cursive is labeled

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Adrian Legg

When you hear Adrian Legg for the first time, you see the colors of a rainbow.
You know that his spirit guides and the angels are playing along with him. Playing
with him is one of the greatest guitar players that has passed away-Stevie Ray
Vaughn. I also the hear styles of Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, and Lennon and McCartney-when
the Beatles would do their ballads. Adrian holds his guitar as if he were holding
a six months old child.

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The Wrist vs. The Futurist Party

The Wrist vs. The Futurist Party
“Go Home and Tell Your Parents Everything Is Gonna Be Okay” (Part

The Wrist Vs. The Futurist Party is ANOTHER overlooked brilliant Atlanta band.
They are also another band that has been labeled ‘EMO’. The Wrist
Vs. The Futurist Party tells the story of every struggling musician in Atlanta.
Atlanta has an alive and talented music scene, but who the fuck is listening?
Who is speaking the truth about their lives? Who is being original?
The answer is The Wrist Vs. The Futurist Party. Jeremy (jw) delivers Little
Five Points, Georgia lyrics with a sultry, seductive voice. That voice is

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