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Anthrax- We’ve Come For You All Anthrax is: Charlie Benate-Drums, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar. Scott Ian-Rhythm…

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Johnny Lokke: The Wrecking Ball

I want to give Johnny Lokke a big complement. He has a voice that rocks the
house. This man’s voice can be compared to all the major band’s
lead singers. I love this album. Nothing sucks on it. It is a kick ass album.
It is a true fucking metal album. Lokke should be proud of his talents. This
is one band I would go se

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Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth – Versus The World Amon Amarth is; Johan Hegg on vocals, Olli Mikkonen…

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Everclear: Slow Motion Daydream

Editor-In-ChiefEverclear is: Art Alexakis, (vocals, guitar). Craig Montoya (bass,
vocals). Greg Eklund (vocals, drums).

"This album goes to a different place," ALEXAKIS explains. "I had
always toned down the politics in my lyrics, but not on this one; I let it come
out as I felt it, saying what I wanted to say.

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Buckcherry, 15

“The first time I came to Atlanta, it was like a big pussy waiting to be fucked” – Josh Todd

Josh Todd, born April 4, 1971. He’s your typical Aries; a self-made man, sexy, gorgeous, and what a crotch on him. I’m dead serious. He’s not just a musician. He’s an actor who’s fucking awesome.

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Twisted Method: Escape From Cape Coma

From: Cape Coral, Florida.

I hate to say cute about a metal band, but that is what these boys are. They remind
me of the first time I saw Good Charlotte. I thought Good Charlotte was fucking
cute when I first saw them and I still do. There is nothing wrong with being fucking
cute. It doesn’t mean you can’t play like you are on fire and scream
your guts out. -The critics are hating the ‘rap metal’ that Twisted
Method is giving us on Escape From Cape Coma. It has been criticized as being
too commercial and without any substance-but the fans are fucking loving them
and that is what really fucking matters isn’t it? There is a reason these
boys from Florida got a record deal.

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