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UNLOCO: becoming i

UNLOCO, I refuse to call them nu metal. I hate the term nu metal almost as much
as I hate fucking emo. Metal is metal, even if your grandma is playing it. UNLOCO
has a good, old fashioned metal big boy sound like Slayer, Black Sabbath, and
Motley Crue. UNLOCO has lyrics that reveal their souls like Nirvana, Pearl Jam,
and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. With UNLOCO’s sound, the eighties sound
and the nineties sound shake hands and blast into the twenty first century like
a nuclear bomb smashing into your eardrums-and it feels like a thousand orgasms.

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Twisted Method: Escape From Cape Coma

From: Cape Coral, Florida.

I hate to say cute about a metal band, but that is what these boys are. They remind
me of the first time I saw Good Charlotte. I thought Good Charlotte was fucking
cute when I first saw them and I still do. There is nothing wrong with being fucking
cute. It doesn’t mean you can’t play like you are on fire and scream
your guts out. -The critics are hating the ‘rap metal’ that Twisted
Method is giving us on Escape From Cape Coma. It has been criticized as being
too commercial and without any substance-but the fans are fucking loving them
and that is what really fucking matters isn’t it? There is a reason these
boys from Florida got a record deal.

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SkidRow- ThickSkin

Have you ever seen a Texas Horned Lizard?

That is where the term Horny Toad comes from. It is a big, ugly, toady looking
fucker. My fucking brother Charlie again-we all know about Charlie and his WEIRD
fucking fetishes by now, don’t we? When I was a kid, Charlie had a Texas
horned toad in a tank, nice gravel…real pretty. Charlie never took care
of his Texas horned toad, and you think he would have.

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Stone Sour: Stone Sour CD Review

Base: The left side of the river Styx, next to the big man’s
summer house.

I love Stone Sour. To me, Corey Taylor has the essence of Morrison. He is a poet
that can sing, and he doesn’t take himself too fucking seriously. He puts
on a hell of a live show, and he puts in a first class performance on Stone Sour’s
debut cd. Corey is the whiskey in the Stone Sour, and I know it has to be Jack

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Here Comes The Hiss

“To win them over you really have to bleed your soul on stage. Lucky for
us, that’s the way we play.” – Adrian Barrera
Atlanta’s other band, doubleDrive better watch their fucking asses-here
comes THE HISS. This band is from East Atlanta. This band has played the little
Echo Lounge with the great acoustics. Ten years from now, you are going to ask
yourself why you never went to the Echo to see them for ten bucks.

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Godsmack: Music Midtown X/Faceless

From: Boston.
I have always loved Godsmack. Atlanta loves Godsmack. I saw Godsmack at the
Music Midtown X in Atlanta. Sully’s big sister introduced the band and
thanked 99X for being the first station in Georgia to play Godsmack on the air.
I watched at least one hundred thousand people cram into the back parking lot
of Sci-Trek in front of the 99X stage completely hypnotized by Godsmack

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grade 8: Debut CD Review

Where do they come from?-The Tooker Brothers are from New Jersey, but the band
formed in LA.
What a fucking amazing first cd! Grade 8 has a sound that is like Slayer, Rage
Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam in a WWE King of the Ring match. Do not compare
them to fucking Korn and the metal hip hop thing, they are not about the fucking
darkness falling-grade 8’s style is better compared to the first heavy
band to do it successfully, Rage Against The Machine.

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Korn: Untouchables

I went to go see Korn at Madison Square Garden last year. It was an outrageous
stage show. Fifty thousand people banged their heads along with Jonathan Davis.
Untouchables won a grammy. Jonathan Davis redid the theme song from The Twilight
Zone in a dark, fucking spooky sort of way.

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Marilyn Manson-The Golden Age of Grotesque

Starring Tim Skold as: THE BASSIST, accordion, keyboards, synth bass, electronics,
and the SHAPER of much.
‘Primal Meter Interpreter’ Ginger Fish: THE LIVE DRUMMER, and the
leader of all rhythm divisions of marching and big band korps. Manson’s
balls have grown back on The Golden Age of Grotesque. Who should we thank- God,
the Devil, or absinthe? He has not done an album this beautifully fucked up
since Antichrist Superstar. Manson, on this cd, has become the werewolf with
the bloody, dripping mouth howling at the full moon-and he is beautiful. He
is sensual.

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NothingFace: Skeletons

I was driving around Little Five Points in Atlanta, Georgia and saw fourteen NothingFace
stickers on twenty cars. That alone tells me NothingFace is a band to watch. When
I found out they were on OZZFEST, I got a hold of TVT and they sent me a press
kit. Skeletons was in that press kit. Skeletons has blown me away. Everybody has
Skeletons in the closet-you know, shit they don’t want to talk about. NothingFace
drags our countries Skeletons out of the closet, dusts them off, and walks them
around for everybody to look at. The truth is finally out there isn’t it?

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