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Damone: From The Attic

From: Waltham, MA
Damone takes it name from a character in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
Songwriter Dave Pino wrote all of these heartbreaking tunes trying to
get an ex back. Needless to say, it didn’t work. –But that
busted romance has found a home where it can live forever on Damone’s
cd debut, From The Attic. -They found a perfect vocalist in Noelle LeBlanc,
a Waltham High School senior.

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Black Earth

Black Earth is a dark metal Van Halen with a lead that reminds me of Alice
fucking Cooper. Dale Christie should take that as a fucking compliment from
MusicIncider. His vocal style varies, but he keeps the Cooper edge. His fucking
voice is ass kicking. It beats the shit out of you. It makes you wonder what
he is going to do next vocally. He is a fucking strong man. The drum performance
reminds me of Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Brian Tonne’s drums and Duane Conn’s
bass are like two perfectly entwined trees rooted together into one fucking
power source. Savage and Crider on guitar remind me of Randy Rhoades and Ted
Nugent with a little George Thorogood tossed in for good good measure. Those
two guitars are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fantastic fucking

I would lister to their music. I would buy their CD. A label has to pick them
up soon before they get lost in the wind. If I were to pick anybody for them
to open up for, it would be Alice Cooper. Let’s see if Sharon Osbourne can pick
them up, and how fast.

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Over Kill

Over Kill is ANOTHER great band Sharon Osbourne left out of Ozzfest. Maybe it
is time to start DanzigFest 2003, and let metal reincarnate from its ashes. We
all know the corporate world pushed metal into the fucking grave.

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Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson: The Guns, God, and Government World Tour DVD

This is from the Eagle Rock Entertainment’s press release regarding the new
Manson DVD: "This will help you see what it’s like to be nailed to his
wrecking ball," says Manson. Hey Marilyn, do you have some sort of delusion

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Napalm Death

Napalm Death, Order of The Leech

Napalm Death rains fire with Order of the Leech. Napalm is a political death
march punk band. Punk never asks us to think. Punk just asks us to be angry,
with the exception of Napalm. Order of the Leech is fast, hard, and smart. Fans
of earlier Napalm work will not be

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Cathedral’s Seventh Coming

Ex-Nalpalm Death man Lee Dorian delivers monster vocals on Cathedral’s new
offering to the gods of fucking darkness, The VII Coming. Garry Jennings (guitar)

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The Five Fucking Deaths of Thundercore

Bret Simmons (vocals)
Rob Mason (guitars)
Dan Morley (guitars)
Stacy Copas (drums)
Chris Morley (bass)

Album: Five Deaths

The vocalist of Thundercore, Bret Simmons, is like a combination of Bobby Blitz
and Dave Mustane. The guitars of Mason and the Morley brothers remind me of
the guitars in Kiss and OVER KILL. I can hear shades of D.D. Verni, Jimmy Page,
Joe Perry, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Stacy Copas could hang with D.T. of Andrew
W.K. Thundercore’s music is a throwback to AC/DC, but heavier. It screams take,
give us a try. It is angry, heavy, and raw. It is fucking bitching. It is grindcore
like Napalm Death. It is metal like OVER KILL. This band keeps going. They do
not give up.

I would go to see them in concert. I think they deserve a major label. They
should open for OVER KILL. The East would be meeting the Midwest, and what a
very cool combination that would be. It would be a kick ass tour, and a rare

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What can you say about a man that has been kept in the dark too long, but deserves massive amounts of love, respect, and adoration for his contributions to the music world? He is one talented motherfucker.

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Tom Petty

Tom Petty said this in an interview, “Nothing historically significant has happened in Rock and Roll since 1974. Nirvana was interesting. I am interested in guitars, and music. I tried to get one of my videos on VH1, and it was turned down because it wasn’t a concept video.”

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Alice Cooper


This is a fucking true story about how I learned about Alice Cooper. Everyone has some kind of evil sibling; mine was my oldest brother Charlie. He loved Cooper as a teenager. One day I was eight, my friend Raymond came over and we cut up all my brother’s monopoly money.

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