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If you threw Steven Tyler’s voice and Bono’s voice into a blender-you
would have Dave Ireland’s voice. Dave is the perfect Australian margarita.
Dave blends his voice with Reuben Alexander and Kaiser to turn out the finest
that Don Julio has to offer. These three guys have a huge and sensual musical
sound. Who the fuck needs a live drummer to hold it together? Kaiser’s
bass holds it together. Must is a modern day Buddy Holly with a kick in the
ass update. Buddy Holly would be doing the music Must is putting out if he was
born in this day and age. I see why Tyler And Company picked them for the Atlanta
show. They kick ass. They would be a great appetizer for a Danzig show. The
American band, Cursive, would be a great opening act for them. They would complement
each other perfectly

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The Second Coming of Opeth

Damnation is the answer to Opeth’s Deliverance. The fury and edge of
Deliverance is gone. Damnation is poetry for a soul riddled with grief and pain.
Akerfeldt has an incredible fucking range with his vocals. Frankenstein sings
from his own wounded soul while holding the shattered pieces of his heat in
his hands like a jigsaw puzzle. He wonders how to put the broken puzzle back
together again. Peter Lindgren shows us that he is growing into his own style
of guitar playing on this album-he still keeps a little Randy Rhoades in the
background. Martin Lopez is the ultimate death march drummer as always. Lopez
is Frankenstein’s beating heart. Martin Mendez’s bass playing is
the blood pulsing through Frankenstein’s veins into his brain.

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Peter Huttlinger

Did you ever see that movie Final Destination? Every time death was coming a
John Denver song would play. I got spooked over fucking Rocky Mountain High
for months. I would look up every time I heard the name John Denver. Don’t
get me wrong-I am sorry the man crashed his airplane. But what the fuck man!
I don’t fly because fucking airplanes crash and famous people die. Let’s
take Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Patsy Cline, and the Big
Bopper as examples. Patrick Swayze tried to crash himself to death in a plane,
but he never cut a record did he? He dances, but that is as far as his involvement
with music goes. I, for one, have too much shit to do so crashing in a plane
is out of the fucking question.

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Under The flood

Under The Floods’ debut record, “The Witness”, as a whole encompasses the coming together of every popular style of modern Hard Rock and takes a slight step further. The sound as a whole is much less squashed and murky sounding than you might normally see on a heavy record, which is something I appreciate; the music is allowed to breathe and carries a more natural dynamic than the others can compete with. The only issue that pains me is that the songs can get a little monotonous at times because they are so solid, but it does nothing to detract away from the fact that Under The Flood is a band that has everything you’d want to hear in modern music.

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Between The Buried And Me

Between the Buried and Me is an American heavy metal band, formed in 2000 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Efforts to describe this group based on the pretense that they would remind you of anyone else would prove to be futile. One word though, can sum them up; Progressive. BTBAM utilize all the spectrums available that modern music has to offer. Upon first impression you will easily spot that this band may not even have come from a metal background, but classically trained in style ranging from Jazz, to Flamenco and so Eastern and Western European traditions of song craft.

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Dirge Within

Dirge Within’s ‘Force Fed Lies’ is a slight departure somewhat from average hard metal acts. There are few things that are hidden that make this album much more harmonically complex than many performing the same genre of music. My only gripes lie within the fact that there’s isn’t enough of a release from slash and burn tactics presented on the whole album to make me feel like this album will hold up through the test of time into the realm of the great albums 30 years ago (30 years from now). The lead guitars and choruses are often the saving grace in most of the songs, provided that well needed curve ball among the madness. Without a doubt this album is worth a few listens.

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Agathodaimon’s album ‘Phoenix is a culmination of all you might expect from a sort of theatric/operatic metal band. Ultimately, I feel that this is a sour point as well because on much of the record are too many things that might turn off listeners not fond of Goth or fake strings. Also, the excessive amount of sound effects can be realy off putting and cheesy, an album should be carried by its vibe. I tink I wouldn’t be extending myself too far by saying that even if the music isn’t necessarily great, if the vibe is on have a great album. With this record, the music is tight and obviously well thought-out and rehearsed, but it lacks the soul of the albums we truly remember 20 or 30+ years down the line. With that said, I believe this is every bit worth checking out if you like your metal a little on the melancholy side (as opposed to the angry) and can enjoy a night at the opera without having to listen to some chunky dame in a wig scream Italian in your ear for a few hours

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Burning Human

Resurrection Through Fire is thus far the most listen-able Death Metal act I know of since Cannibal Corpse or Death. Unlike many death metal bands, you’d be surprised not to hear a lick of Metallica’s Master of Puppets or And Justice For All rearing its head Instead you’re treated, if you so wish to call it that, with a more chaotic tone more closely related to Slayer’s 90’s output in the musical sense Its ranges from blistering fast, to grindingly slow with the greatest of ease and without missing a single double bass blasting beat. The vocals are spt on for what you’d expect this genre to be..I tend to be a fan of a little more melody, but let that not be any reason for you not to give this group a listen or many; they worked hard for the respect and they gave us some great tunes to be a maniac to.

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