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George Thorogood

George Thorogood Interview – Bad to the Bone with George Thorogood Barbara Fara Editor-In-Chief…



MI: How did you come up with the name?

NS: Temperedcast, I guess, we have this really laid back vibe, so, and just naming the band was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done – trying to find something that best represented us, so basically what we kinda did was we wanted to do something that represented something hard, something metal and that’s where the ‘tempered’ comes in – something cast together, which is a group of guys that sets out to do something, it’s going to mean different things to different people, but we just kinda look at it as representing the music that we’re playing right now.


Walls of Jericho Interview with Candace

CK: Exactly. And it’s about how we need to create a new dream, about how all my life, I’ve watched my family struggle. I watched my dad break his back to put food on the table, stuff like that, to where you really see what’s going on in America. I just want to remind people that not everybody is well off. I think there are a lot of people, especially in our scene today who…in the beginning the hardcore scene was for the kids, the misfits, more for the outcasts. We did not grow up in a wealthy family, we struggled and didn’t have shit and most of the people in the scene that I knew were the exact same way. Nowadays, because it’s so mainstream, you’ve got kids that are rich and way more well off and it’s easy to get in a band that mommy and daddy bought them and go tour the world so they can pay their rent. It’s a reminder of what the struggle is.


Chris Barnes from Six Feet Under

When I see something, it just looks like there’s a little bit brighter light around that thing and I just gravitate to it a little bit more. When I feel strongly about something, I usually hold on tight and tend to not let go and people have to relinquish me to relentlessness of my nature. (laughs)


Liv from Sister Sin

MI: To me, you’re more like metal punkish, but you’re claiming to be “street metal” – how do you differentiate between street metal, punk, rock…

LS: Well actually I don’t know. I think the street metal came across when most people giving interviews chose to put us in the street rock category. The street metal sound comes from the older street sounds like Motley Crue and stuff like that but it doesn’t sound like the new stuff because we are not from LA and we are not with all the pain and all the girls and stuff – we are just a hard-working band from Sweden with our feet on the ground and that’s why we are more metal, more street. But the punk for me was much better than street metal. (laughs)


Mushroomhead Interview

MI: How would you describe your live show for fans that haven’t seen you live yet?

MH: Um, very high energy. We want the live show to be captivating, which a live show should be. Sometimes we get stuck in smaller clubs and we can never do the big thing, but we always try to have a good show no matter what setting we’re in. High energy, theatrical and we always try to be as interactive with the crowd as possible.


The Drama Club Interview

MI: I recently saw a photo of you and you are one sexy motherfucker. Is there anyone special in your life and if not what are you looking for in a soul mate, my dear? Because I’m going to pimp your ass.

NC: (laughs) You can pimp my ass. Yeah, I have somebody special.

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