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Mayhem at the HIFI Buys

Let’s discuss The Mayhem Festival. Don’t you like the word discuss? It is one of those fucking three dollar words that lead into the four dollar words known as discourse and dialogue-but I am definitely slated to be a three dollar publication. I am a million dollar photographer, but a three dollar publication.



I take it on the fucking chin about Danzig. –He is so self-important. Full of himself. Serious. Blah blah fucking blah fuck. –The deal is THIS you fucking COCKSMACKS: Danzig is fucking important.


Do Drink The Fucking Kool-Aid!

This was one of the more memorable concerts of the summer-why? Always ask why when some fucking retard starts an article that way. Why. Don’t buy anything wholesale, because if you were not there you do not know.


Flyleaf Show Review

There are people out there who may have been there for her, for example people who like girls who can’t sing. She sounds like a Tasmanian Devil on crack.


Otep Show Review

All I know was the crowd started chanting her name over and over and out comes this little blond, my height maybe shorter, and she uses that red can to stand on because she was so tiny.

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