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Chris Stills, a handsome dark haired and blue eyed young man with musical roots, dominates the album When The Pain Dies Down Live in Paris. Stills is well versed with many musical instruments. When Stills was a child his mother taught him to play the piano. Later in his life, but still early, he learned to play the drums. However, it wasn’t until age 12 that Stills picked up the guitar. His ability to play the guitar and hold sweet bourbon vocals compliment each other with symphonic passion. Being multi-lingual, Stills can sing in French as well as English without hindrance.

When The Pain Dies Down: This track hits you like the first smooth hit on a black and mild at the end of a long day. Sun setting and sittin’ on the back porch. Calm contemplation with the cool breeze gently passing by. Stills’ manages to capture a comforting tune in this track with solid bass, gentle keys, and drums holding steady beat. Stills’ voice compliments these instruments with mellow harmony and great lyrics.

Landslide: The same calm and steady atmosphere is maintained in this track. However, additional vocal play is introduced by Stills. What at first seems somewhat off key then flows easily into a change of tone from Stills. The track maintains a lower rhythm that is complimented with highlights from Stills.

Demon: This track slows the pace down but still maintains the same environmental feel. Stills’ vocals are much lower, smoother, and mellow. However, he still manages to contrast the music with a higher note that is still smooth. Unlike the previous tracks, Stills’ sings this track in French.

Story Of A Dying Man: This track offers the listener some more anger and passion behind Stills’ lyrics. The track also fluctuates with a lower and more solemn feel.

Flying High: A more upbeat track is presented here. With good feeling instruments and vocals, this song offers a more gratifying listening experience.

La Fin Du Monde: This track is similar to Flying High – an upbeat track. However, Stills’ vocals don’t reach as high in this song except for certain points. Also, this track is in French.

Fanny: An American Classic sung in French.

Stills’ absolutely amazing vocals are easily appreciated on this CD. Live/accoustic performances are growing on me and this CD cultivates this interest even further. It’s also amazing to listen to Stills sing beautifully in English in one track and then switch to French in another. That shit takes skill. Overall, great fuckin’ CD. Awesome to listen to when you’re just chillin’ and relaxin’.


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