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Barbara Fara
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Honestly, I love Anthony Green. He took the stage at the Masquerade with blood pouring out of the side of his head. That is something to be said for him immediately. Most musicians would have let you move on to the next act and went about their way to the fucking hospital. Not this guy. -I love his raw, clean vocals. His voice is raw, just like the most pissed off and homicidal death metaller. His voice is clean and melodic, just like Joan Jett. If any guy out there could be compared to the mighty Joan, it would be Anthony Green. Why? The raw emotion. -See there are a lot of bands out there parading themselves front and center as ’emo’. (Killswitch Engage, I am talking about you.) But they all seem to forget about singing from their fucking hearts. There is no journey that a pre-packaged ’emo’ band can take us on. Sure, we can all slit our wrists with Breaking Benjamin, or be in control of ourselves with Hatebreed-but they aren’t genuine. Ask yourself, do they feel fucking real or do they have a suicidal sixteen year old caged above their recording studio? -The difference between good music and great music is just fucking that. Are you connecting with the musician through the music or are you connecting with a talented third party? I love bands that are REAL. Circa Survive is REAL. They play with the raw intelligence of The Doors on Act Appalled. They play with the utter fucking realism of Tom Petty on Holding Someone’s Hair Back. -So why this one? I haven’t heard anything this original since early REM. They are going to catch on in a major way and more likely than not be one of those bands that Sony had WISHED that they had snatched up in the beginning. Bands like Circa Survive and Dredg fit my idea of what an alternative band is. -Alternative bands are NOT something that you hear every day on the radio. They bring a different sound to the fucking table and it is real. It comes from the heart and not the song-in-a-box people. Alternative bands have the balls to sound different and act different. Alternative bands take the road less traveled. -My own personal favorite off of Juturna is Meet Me In Mountauk. Spiritual and intense, just like Montauk. -With Circa Survive, every song is a story-a complete story. -Live, this band is energetic with a pared down, raw sound that will bring The White Stripes to mind. Go see them, that way when they are as big as REM you can say you saw them when they were little on Equal Vision records.


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