Cowboy Mouth at Music Midtown X: -WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE TWISTER


Barbara Fara
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Cowboy Mouth is: crazed drummer and lead singer Fred LeBlanc. Lead guitarist and
keyboard wiz John Thomas Griffith. Guitarist Paul Sanchez. Bassist Mary LaSang.

From: New Orleans.
“Cowboy Mouth is a rock and roll orgasm that dares to celebrate the fact
that we are all alive!” according to crazed drummer and lead singer Fred

I love the thought of New Orleans. I love the thought of Cajuns, and I fucking
love Cowboy Mouth. I had always heard that this was a band that you just HAD to
see live. They were at Music Midtown X, it was one thousand and ten degrees outside
and I just HAD to see them live because too many fucking people had told me how
great they were. I was not disappointed. As a magazine editor, I have seen some
great live shit but Cowboy Mouth rose above all of it and set the bar WAY fucking
high. Cowboy Mouth is a great fucking party all by itself. When I watched Cowboy
Mouth, I forgot about the heat. I forgot about the wrecked cameras, and just had
a great fucking time. I got it. Having a great fucking time is the point when
you see Cowboy Mouth on stage. I watched Fred LeBlanc front and center, barefoot,
singing his ass off on that drum kit and thought-WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE TWISTER!
I didn’t. Fred didn’t, and the fifty thousand people that turned out
for Cowboy Mouth didn’t either. I am amazed that ANYBODY can front a band
and play a drum kit. Fred LeBlanc can front a band, wail on a drum kit, and hold
the attention of fifty thousand people from Atlanta in humid hot hot heat. When
I have to pitch for backers and advertisers, I want Fred to go with me. You just
cannot ignore him. –Mary LaSang plays a bass that is out of this fucking
world. I can see why she was picked to fill that slot in Cowboy Mouth. She is
new, but so fucking what? She rocks. –Paul Sanchez and John Thomas Griffith
blended together like the Hurricane that they were meant to be. I have to admit,
those boys made me want to have a drink and loosen up. –I fucking LOVED
Cowboy Mouth. They are an amazing party band and EVERYONE is invited to the party.

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