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Dave Weiner Interview

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

MI: What is your birthday?

Dave: December 24th, 1976.

MI: Tell us about your latest music project, your new album.

Dave: It was the project that came about due to the lack of finding a singer or a project that I thought was going to be my main focus. Because I couldn’t find a singer I decided to do an instrumental record and after thinking about it for a while it made perfect sense. I didn’t want to do it in a studio and I didn’t want producers or engineers. I wanted to do it by myself so I bought everything I needed to do the record and spent a lot of time learning how to use it and two and a half years later the record was completed. I released it myself in June of 2004 and then it was released on Favored Nations in late March.

MI: How did you end up meeting Steve Vai?

Dave: I was in L.A. and I was going to the Musicians Institute and while I was there I did an internship with Steve’s manager. I met Steve through that and gave him a demo I recorded and he liked my playing so he asked me to go on tour. It was a right place right time thing.

MI: What’s your favorite song to play off the new CD?

Dave: That’s a hard question to answer because it’s like picking a favorite child. The third song called ‘Monument Shine’ could be my favorite right now.

MI: Do you plan on going on tour with this new CD?

Dave: I do. We have all summer off before we do an extensive European tour in the fall. The next step in my career is going out and playing my CD.

MI: How did you end up with Carol K?

Dave: When I signed with Favored Nations I guess she is the publicist for Favored Nations so she is handling my stuff.

MI: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Dave: Tom Schultz from Boston was one of my biggest influences. I love the way he put together melodies and harmonies. Steve Vai has been an influence as well.

MI: What advice would you give to young musicians just starting out?

Dave: Pick a focus. If you are floating all over the place you lose focus and none of those thing ever really materialize. Never stop playing what you absolutely believe in. It’s a lot about networking and knowing the right people.

MI: What would you warn any young band about labels and contracts?

Dave: A lot of people get blurred vision when they see a big check in front of them. That big check may be an advance and the label will keep all your masters and publishing… Most of the time these new artists have no money so they’re easily taken.

MI: What about the world pisses you off the most and why?

Dave: I try to not watch the news and I hardly ever read a newspaper because the focus is on negativity way too much. Traffic, not having a parking spot, paying so much for living in a place that is substandard when there are a lot of other places that are so much more for your money…

MI: Where is your favorite place to play live?

Dave: It’s always great to play back in my hometown. I spent some of my college years in London and I love that city. The whole vibe is great there.

MI: Who designed the album cover?

Dave: I did. I do all my own artwork and website stuff. I try to be self sufficient. I don’t want to rely on anyone. I want to do everything from the first note of the CD to the manufacturing.

MI: What do you do when you’re at home not working?

Dave: In the last couple of years I’ve gotten into sports bike riding. When I moved back East I bought myself a crazy fast sports bike. I just got into racing and that kind of stuff.

MI: If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring one person, one book, and one CD, what would they be?

Dave: I’m single so there’s no significant other. If I could roll all my friends and family up into one person I’d bring them. I don’t have a favorite book. I’m a huge fan of Enya. I would bring her entire catalog and I would be happy forever.

MI: Who do you think the greatest musician of all time is?

Dave: Tom Schultz from Boston is pretty high up on my list. The way he writes and the harmony he puts together is genius. Enya is pretty high up there too. Dave Gilmore from Pink Floyd and Pete Townesend from The Who also.

MI: What was the worst job you ever had?

Dave: My dad had a CPA firm and I worked for him every summer. The last year before I moved to L.A. I didn’t want to work in the office so I did something else. I had a bunch of different jobs and one was being a janitor. It was at a horribly disgusting factory, too.

MI: What do you want people to know most about you?

Dave: I’m very open minded and I’m just a nice person. I believe that can take you farther than anything in life. As a musician a lot of people are so stuck on the rock star attitude even though they’re part timers at Starbucks.

MI: Do you have any videos coming out for the new CD?

Dave: Not yet. I would love to do a live DVD to go with the CD but I have to do the gigs first.

MI: If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Dave: I would go way back to Socrates and Plato and get back to the root of Philosophy and get their take on it.

MI: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Dave: I can’t say yes or no. What I do believe in is that karma does come back to you.

MI: Where were you when 9-11 happened and how did it affect you?

Dave: I was in L.A. And I had to go to the Federal building to get more papers put in my passport and I woke up, got in the car, didn’t know about anything that happened, show up at the Federal building and see armed guards all over the place. I turned around and started going back home and turned on the news and saw it all over the TV.

MI: If you could design a memorial for the victims of 9-11 what would it be?

Dave: I like the fact that they’re making it bigger. It’s like us saying we are bigger as a country.

MI: How did the death of Dimebag Darrell affect you?

Dave: It’s astonishing how messed up people can be. There’s no sense to it. It’s a real tragedy. The only good that comes from something like that is that it arises awareness.

MI: What do you think about America in the Middle East?

Dave: I’m completely removed from all that. I don’t think we should be there.

MI: Where do you get your inspiration as a musician?

Dave: All over the place. I write most of my stuff without playing any instruments. I’ll come up with a great groove in my head and then translate it into some kind of instrument.

MI: Do you play anything besides guitar?

Dave: I started on drums, I play a little keyboard…

MI: What are you looking for in woman?

Dave: As I get older I get less picky. My focus has shifted from looks to actual human qualities. Great personality, focus, motivation, I’m not a big fan of laziness… A great sense of humor is good. Being on tour makes it hard to keep a relationship going.

MI: What is your opinion on computerized music?

Dave: I’m a huge fan of technology. I always try to keep up with what is coming out next and I use computers everyday. My entire CD was done via computer and pro tools. I think any kind of music is good as long as it’s original.

MI: What do you think about the downloading of music?

Dave: That is not a cool thing. If you’re getting paid for it then it’s great. It’s not a charity we’re trying to make a living off of our music.

MI: How do you feel the industry has treated you over the years?

Dave: I’m fortunate because I joined a band with one of the most respected musicians in the industry. The name Steve Vai has a clout that goes with it of superb musicianship and the highest quality of musicians and equipment. If I need a piece of gear I usually know someone that can take care of it. I haven’t run into any people that have given me a bad outlook on the industry yet.

MI: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen on the road?

Dave: Every once in a while you’ll get some drunk idiots in the crowd fighting but nothing really horrible.

MI: When you go on the road who do you expect to open for you?

Dave: I don’t expect to be anyone’s headliner yet, maybe down the road a bit.

MI: What’s your favorite movie?

Dave: I like silly movies. It’s a break from work. Dumb and Dumber is one of my favorites.

MI:What does success mean to you?

Dave: Everybody has to make a living. If I can live comfortably doing what I’m doing now that would be being successful.

MI: What is your idea of a vacation spot?

Dave: I love tropic regions. I love going down even to Florida or Key West.

MI: Do you have a message for your fans?

Dave: Thank you so much for all the support. It’s hard to say thank you enough for how much I appreciate it.

MI: What is your favorite quote of all time?

Dave: Shut up and play your guitar.

MI: What’s your website?

Dave: http://www.DaveWeiner.com


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