Death Angel: The Art of Dying


Death Angel: Ted Aguilar-Guitar. Mark Osegueda-Vocals. Dennis Pepa-Bass, Vocals. Andy Galeon-Drums, Vocals. Rob Cavestany-Guitars, Vocals.

I picked up this CD and thought fuck-their logo sucks. I was all prepared to hate them, and then I looked at the very last page of the liner notes to the CD. “We dedicate this album to the late George W. Galeon. Rest In Peace, Grandma Monica and Joey.” -Art dedicated to recently dead people is pretty fucking noble, and I love the shot of the angel. How can I hate that? So I started digging and Death Angel has been around for a long fucking time. The started recording when they were a bunch of fucking kids-imagine that. When you are fourteen or fifteen-it has to be for fun. Death Angel released a demo called Kill As One produced by Kirk Hammett…and the thrash metal was born. Drummer Andy Galeon was only fourteen when Death Angel released their first album. How much musical depth-regardless of talent, can a bunch of teenagers hope to achieve? -They were signed to Enigma and released The Ultra-Violence and Frolic Through The Park to mixed reviews. They made the jump to Geffen to release Act III to more mixed reviews and planned an extensive tour in support of Act III, around the same time Enigma realeased Fall From Grace ( a lot of albums for a bunch of kids). At the start of that tour, Death Angel suffered a tour bus crash in Arizona. Andy Galeon had to go through a year of rehab-and the members of Death Angel split into different side projects. Vocalist Mark Osegueda decided to quit music and move to New York at the time. The rest of Death Angel reformed as Organization and released some CD’s on Metal Blade in the early nineties with Rob Cavestany also handling the vocals. Organization split up around 1995. -They had some side projects going-Cavestany, Osegueda, and Galeon had a group called Swarm that got some buzz, and there was a group called Big Shrimp…and it looked like that was going to be the fate of Death Angel-side projects. Until 2001 when the band got together to perform at a benefit in San Francisco for Testament’s singer-Chuck Billy who had a rare form of cancer called germ cell seminoma. -By the way-today in 2004 Chuck Billy is alive and well. People with cancer do survive. Never give up. Never quit. -This lead to club dates and the eventual permanent reformation of the band and bringing in Ted Aguilar to play rhythm guitar. -The result of all of this is a highly grown up and fucking excellent thrash metal experience in The Art of Dying. -Rob Cavestany is so good on lead guitar that somebody should go slap his momma. Check out his vocals on Word To The Wise. -Andy Galeon is a human drum machine. I would get tired-I know it. He is an outrageous fucking animal and Tim Mallare from Overkill would be very proud. Galeon even sings a lead vocal on Spirit. Now I am thinking Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth. -Dennis Pepa, the BASS PLAYER, jumps in for a lead vocal on Land of Blood. He plays a deep, fast thrash bass that a lot of little bands try to copy. If you are a bass player in a thrash band-check this guy out. At one time, the mighty Cliff Burton watched him play and we all know how magnificient Cliff Burton was. -Now, I could have easily lived with any of these three guys on lead forever, but then we would be leaving out Mark Osegueda who is the leader of the pack and the best choice for vocals in the band. I can only compare him to my beloved Bobby Blitz. He is excellence, and I would love to see him live someday. -Let’s not forget the new guy, Ted Aguilar on rhythm guitar. He is perfect-better than James Hetfield. You will love him. -The Art Of Dying gets a TEN out of a possible TEN OH FUCK YEAH’s and a visit to your chiropractor, because you are going to break your own neck over it. It is that good. Personally, I loved Thrown To The Wolves and Word To The Wise. -If you are into quality thrash-go get it.

Track Listing:

Thrown To The Wolves
5 Steps of Freedom
Thicker Than Blood
The Devil Incarnate
Land Of Blood
Never Me
Word To The Wise


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