Death By Stereo: I AM NOT DEAD, but…


Death By Stereo: Efrem Schultz-vocals. Paul Miner-bass. Dan Palmer-guitar. Todd Henning-drums. Tito-guitar.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

…so, so much to love about this band. -First, they actually cop to being a punk band. Nobody has made them call themselves hardcore or some silly, stupid shit thing like that.
Then, the song titles warm my evil little heart. For example, how could you not fall in love with a song called 1 Legged Man in An Ass Kicking Contest, or Hippie Holocaust, or If Looks Could Kill I’d Watch You Die (a personal favorite). -I love high energy rage delivered with a smile and a high jump. Efrem Schultz knows how to lay it out for me like that. I love that fact that he can look downright psychotic onstage. -Original, angry, and fun (as in If Looks Could Kill I’d Watch You Die). Think The Buzzcocks. The Misfits. The Sex Pistols. -Schultz could hang with the most pissy death growler and the hottest ballad singer. He has great range and great rage. I would love to see him on a bill with Powerman 5000. -Then there is that mean looking bald dude, Dan Palmer, on guitar. Yes Dan, I like muscles. Your muscles big boy. You abuse that guitar brilliantly. Like Malmsteen abuse man. You are fucking great. -Then we have the very suave looking Tito on the other guitar. I guess he is supposed to offset muscle dude? Dan looks like he is beating the shit out of something while he is playing, and Tito looks like he is having sex. Oddly Vai-like for a punk rocker. -Paul Miner on bass isn’t Sid Vicious or Jerry Only yet-but he is working on it. He is pretty goddamn close. -Watching Todd Henning whack his drum kit is weirdly soothing. He is Animal from the Muppets. -These guys will remind you of Avenged Sevenfold, Agnostic Front, AFI (in a good way), and Sick Of It All. Death By Stereo has a huge underground following, and they are pretty fucking versatile. They could play Lollapalooza, Ozzfest, and your local bar.
Punk. Everybody should love punk. I love punk. Fuck you Chuck Klosterman (writer for Spin)-punk is not silly or stupid. I think you are fucking confused boy-it is about ninety eight percent of rap that is fucking silly AND stupid. For fuck’s sake Chuck, you are on the wrong drugs. The punk music that should be under fire is the silly, happy shit that those twelve year old bands are putting out labeled as pop. Let’s be honest, ninety-nine percent of fucking pop music is programmed by computers in Manhattan somewhere. Fuck man, I like computers-but I want a real person to play my music. Give me some sick, stoned bastard like Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under singing about Murdered In the Basement. Give me some red-headed pissed off GOD of a guitar player like Dave Mustaine telling me he can’t Die Dead Enough. Give me some tough punk singer like Efrem Schultz with a three foot vertical jump singing and shouting about the shit that normal people talk about over a bottle of Jack Daniels at the club on a Saturday night. Trust me, if you happen to catch Death By Stereo-you won’t be disappointed.


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