Dirty Rig


Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

MI So, tell me about the band.

STEVE We’re pretty good bunch of guys, pretty good looking. We’re about the sexiest band in North America right now.

MI Ooh, you are. I have to admit that.

STEVE (Laughs). We’re just a hard-working, rock and roll band. We like to drink beer, smoke some weed, listen to rock and roll, and play our guitars.

MI Who influenced your baSteve playing?

STEVE Probably my dad. I’ve always been a fan of Steve Harris, Joey DeMaio, Chris Burton.

MI Really? All those guys?

STEVE Chris Burton’s probably my favorite of all time.

MI How did you guys get together? I mean you’ve got guys from Long Island, Detroit, Pennsylvania.

STEVE I moved here 5 years ago and I had an itch to play in a band. And, 5 years ago, I picked up my baSteve and started playing and just started calling people. I met some guys in the bar scene. Chas [Banellis, guitarist] had just moved from Pennsylvania to Long Island and we started to jam when Dave got in the band. He’s from Long Island. And we got Kory, who’s from Detroit. He lives in Brooklyn now. So, it’s going good. We’ve been together 2 years now. Yeah, because we had an original singer before Kory.

MI Right, and what happened? Who killed him?

STEVE Ok, he almost did get killed. We did a couple shows and he didn’t show up to the gigs, and we were like, “What the fuck?” So, we gave him a warning and said, “This is your last time.” We got a show at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

MI Oh my God.

STEVE And he didn’t show up. He said, “I’m not motivated to do this show.” And I’m like, “How the fuck can you not be motivated to play in Giants Stadium?”

MI Fucking Giants Stadium.

STEVE You know. We told him to stop drinking his bathwater and pack up.

MI So, what’d he say?

STEVE He got all pissed off.

MI So, you had yourself another little Axl Rose there.

STEVE Yeah. I just couldn’t stand the guy and then we got Kory when we had a Warrior Soul reunion show. And I went up to him and said, “You gotta sing with Dirty Rig.”

I gave him the first Dirty Rig record, and he called me up in two weeks and said, “It’s pretty good, can I try it out?” I said, “Yeah.” We went to the studio and wrote two songs the first night.

MI So, who’s doing the writing for the band because the music is fucking fantastic?

STEVE Chas and I come up with all the riffs. Chas more so than I, but we’ll get together and give Kory some ideas and he writes the lyrics and the melodies.

MI So, when is the next video coming out?

STEVE We just filmed a bunch of stuff in Europe. We’re putting together stuff right now. And, Chas has already recorded four new songs for the next record, so we’re looking at finishing up this record and putting it out summer next year.

MI So, what’s your favorite song off this CD?

STEVE I’d say Rock Did It.

MI Really?

STEVE Yeah, that and Dogs.

MI How did you come up with the video idea for Dogs?When I saw the video, I said that is fucking Long Island. Me and my partner were sitting watching the video and I said, “No, it’s NOT fucking Atlanta. I’m from New York. It’s somewhere on fucking Long Island.”

STEVE Yeah, it’s definitely Long Island.

MI  I said, “It’s gotta be somewhere between Bayshore and Hempstead.”

STEVE Yeah, I think it is, actually. I forget the name of the town.

MI When I talked to Steve Seagal he goes, “Yeah it was on fucking Long Island.”

STEVE Yeah, we go out a lot, drink beer, listen to the juke box, go to the biker bar. We were kinda like, “Let’s just do it, you know.” Have some friends in it, drink some beer all day, have a bbq. It was pretty cool.

MI How did you come up with the name?

STEVE Dirty Rig?

MI Yeah. That is the most weirdest but oddest but best name I’ve heard in a long fucking time for a band.

STEVE Thank you. I appreciate that. I like it too. One of my friends used to write for this paper in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and we’d try to come up with names. I’m a redneck, you know, so we gotta have something dirty, mean, and country style you know. So, smoking weed, we just came up with “Dirty Rig, man. It’s so cool”

MI So, did you guys ever get to play Giants Stadium?

STEVE No. We did it as a three-piece, but it sucked because it was pouring out. It was like monsoon. And, there was hardly anyone there. They were flooding out while we were playing. We got soaking wet. We had a year between that and Kory.

MI So, when are you guys going on the road again?

STEVE In March.

MI Are you coming down to Georiga?

STEVE I hope so.

MI You better come to Georiga or I’ll kick Steve’s ass. I’ll kick Steve’s ass if he doesn’t send you down to Georgia. How did you end up with Kayos Productions as your PR? Carol’s a great lady.

STEVE She is a great lady. We needed great people, so you know, we just introduced the label, and

MI When I first heard you guys on myspace, I said, “Did you hear of this band called Dirty Rig?” She said, go to the myspace page. I called her back and said, “You son of a bitch. You better send me a press kit.” She’s great to work with.

STEVE She’s truly great.

MI Next time you talk to her call her the Queen Scorpio.

STEVE The Queen Scoripio?

MI Yeah, she’s a Scorpio. I love calling her the Queen Scorpio. Fucking laughs her ass off. You know she’s married to Ricky Byrd.

STEVE Yeah, have you ever met her before?

MI Yeah, every time I go back East, I see Carol at least twice. And, we always have lunch, and we always have a great time. When I heard you guys, I thought, “She’s got to know them She’s got to know them.” I called her after I emailed you guys. So, have you been on any major tours yet?

STEVE We just got done playing shows for ourselves. Like here, occasional shows. I’m good friends with Clifford Rigano of Dry Kill Logic, and U Music

MI I know Clifford. He’s a great guy.

STEVE Cliff is awesome. I talked to him yesterday.

MI Tell Cliffy, Aunt Barbara from Music Incider sends her love and that he better remember to put me on his show or I’ll kick his ass.

STEVE I’ll definitely tell him that.

MI Tell me about what concert do you really want to play? If you could play any concert in the world, what would it be?

STEVE We’re hoping to play a festival this June in the UK. We got a lot of people working on that right now. Any concert? DefinitelyAC/DC. That’s my dream concert right now.

MI How did the death of Dimebag Darrell Abbott affect you guys?

STEVE Actually, I got an autographed Dimebag right here, Washburn Guitar and got an autograph when Damageplan came up here. We were partying with them. Dimebag was so cool. One of my friends worked for them. My Dimebag guitar is hanging in my living room.

MI So, you got a goodie, baby.

STEVE It’s right next to my Zakk Wylde guitar. Right here.

MI And how did you get the Zakk Wylde guitar?

STEVE I’ve known Zakk for 8 years.

MI Really? Tell Zakk I want to talk to him too, or I’m gonna kick his ass too.

STEVE I haven’t talked to Zakk in a few years.

MI I think the death of Dimebag affected him too.

STEVE He’s super busy.

MI Have you noticed all the memorial concerts coming up on myspace for Dime? If you could design a memorial for Dime what would it be?

STEVE A big marijuana leaf, bottle of whiskey, couple cans of beer, Washburn Guitar.

MI Name 5 groups that have affected the band’s playing style.

STEVE Definitely AC/DC. That’s my favorite band. I know Chris’ favorite band is Rush. Iggy Pop, Metallica.

MI Are there any dirty little secrets people should know about the band, since I have the Pennsylvania boy on the phone?

STEVE I know nothing of this question at all.

MI Yes you do. Yes you do.

STEVE Maybe the bong has something to do with it. Things are a little cloudy.

MI When you guys are not on the road, what do you do except play music?

STEVE I’m an idiot. I smoke weed, play the guitar, and play video games.

MI You sound like me with the video games.

STEVE Just got an eagle. Now I just need a hole in one. I’m almost there.

MI Ok, so now what do you think of the legalization of marijuana.

STEVE Definitely should do it. I don’t know why they don’t do it. One of my friends from California came and got some municipal weed from California.

MI Great shit.

STEVE I thought it was gonna be some doctor shit.

MI Uh-uh.

STEVE Holy shit.

MI I’ll give you a horror story. I had a friend send me brownies from California. I said, “These ain’t gonna be worth shit, right?” And, turn around and I’m dunking the fucking brownies in my coffee. Between the coffee and two brownies, I was like, I’m not going anywhere.

STEVE We’re pretty good friends with the guy who manages High Times magazine. And, we went to the High Times Christmas party four years ago, and they’ve got appetizers, food, cookies, cakes. I feel kinda fucked up. About 45 minutes later, I’ve never felt like that before in my life. I was like, “Dude, I gotta get the fuck out of here.” I thought I was gonna die.

MI What do you think the best thing to happen to rock and roll was, next to you?

STEVE The day Angus Young was born.

MI Ok, do you see yourself playing Ozzfest this year?

STEVE Nah, we don’t wear girl’s clothes, polish our nails.

MI What if you were offered to play Ozzfest, would you do it?

STEVE That’d be awesome. That’d be cool.

MI Who in the world would you want to dump a bucket of flesh-eating ants on? I’m evil.

STEVE I don’t know. Illegal aliens.

MI What’s your problem with illegal aliens?

STEVE I think if you’re going to come to my country, wave my flag and speak my language.

MI I agree with you on that because if you go to anybody else’s country you have to learn their language first.

STEVE So, that’s who I want to dump the bucket of ants on.

MI Ok, now, what do you think about Bush and the war and shit?

STEVEI think Bush is a fucking retard. I mean, I love my country to death and I would die for my country, but the way things are going are not well. I hope come January, there are big changes.

MI Ok, you’re driving down the street, what CD would you have playing in your car?

STEVE Dirty Rig, Rock Did It, baby.

MI What’s your favorite movie of all time?

STEVE Star Wars.

MI Really? Which one?

STEVE Empire Strikes Back, is my favorite one.

MI If you were stuck on a deserted island, and you could bring three people, three books, three CDS, what would you bring, including your favorite liquor? We’d make sure you have a lifetime supply of batteries, and water, of course. I’m giving you a nice choice. I could’ve given you wine.

STEVE Definitely my wife. I just got married a couple weeks ago.

MI Congratulations.

STEVE Thank you. Thank you. Definitely bring her.

MI So, we’ll whittle it down to one – your wife and a couple books. You’re on your honey moon.

STEVE We just got back from Antigua.

MI How was it?

STEVE I’ve never been to an island before. It was fucking bad ass.

MI And you loved it.

STEVE Have you ever been there?

MI No.

STEVE You should go.

MI I’ve got to. I have to. And the book, and the CD?

STEVE Book? I don’t read.

MI Video game?

STEVE Video game – John Madden.

MI Ok, booze?

STEVE You said you get an endless supply of booze?

MI Of booze, and water, and batteries.

STEVE Booze, just give me Budweiser till the day I die, and I’m a happy man.

MI Ok, and

STEVE And, tequila too. We gotta have margaritas every once in awhile.

MI Right, gotta have margaritas. Ok, we’ve got the margaritas, the book, and the CD. So, what pisses you off most about the world today?

STEVE The way we abuse the earth. Environmental issues.

MI If you had $1 million who would you donate to?
STEVE Greenpeace

MI Do you believe in psychics?

STEVE Psychos?

MI Psychics.

STEVE You mean like the one on Montel Williams?

MI I mean, if you’re psychic and what are you sleeping?

This one time, I saw her, and this lady’s son disappeared with $5 in his pocket, and she tells her that he ran off and got married. And I’m like, “Yeah, right. On $5.”

STEVE I’m sure true people can do it, but if you have talent like that you don’t go on tv shows.

MI Right, you do it to help people out. Do you believe in the paranormal?

STEVE Exactly. I believe in it when people aren’t capitalizing on it.

MI It’s just like that guy John Edwards. Biggest phony ever. Annoys me as much as that fucking woman. What is her name? It’s Brown. It’s Brown. It’s Brown. It’s something Brown, now you got me thinking of her fucking name? Have you ever had a paranormal experience, like UFOs, ghosts?

STEVE The town I grew up in they used to say was swamp grass and they said that was haunted.

MI If you could have lunch with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

STEVE Jim Morrison.

MI Really?

STEVE Yeah, pretty cool guy.

MI Do you believe he’s dead or alive?

STEVE I wanted to believe he’s still alive for so long, all those books about him and theories, but, he’s definitely dead.

MI You gotta check something out on Youtube. It’s by this video photographer who calls himself a rock journalist. His name is Brett Meisner. And, it’s called 24 Hours In Hell With Jim Morrison. I watched this clip and I’m like, “I’m gonna shred this guy.”

I’m gonna get ya. I know it’s a set up. There’s no way you could conjure up Jim Morrison. What do you consider your greatest achievement of all time?

STEVE Learning how to walk.

MI You don’t think getting married to your great, wonderful wife was it?

STEVE That and learning how to walk.

MI Are you guys planning any kids soon?

STEVE We just finished playing our last show in New Jersey last weekend.

MI And, how was it?

STEVE Great. We love playing Jersey, Pennsylvania, and all those towns in there.

MI So, it feels good to go home to Pennsylvania, then.

STEVE Yeah, it feels good. You always get a nice, home-cooked meal. It’s always good to come home.

MI So, are you guys coming home for Christmas?


MI And, scare the family and tell them they’re gonna be grandparents.

STEVE Not for awhile. Not for awhile.

MI How does your family feel about your playing in the band?

STEVE I think they’re finally realizing I’m 36 years old. I’m an old bastard. And, this kid has never given up, never cut his hair in all these years. My family’s proud of me now, because they see I can make money. I was on tv, and they saw it. I just got finished writing my first book.

MI What’s it called?

STEVE Mashed Potatoes.

MI And, what’s it about?

STEVE A cookbook and stuff.

MI Oh, a cook. What do you cook?

STEVE BBQ stuff. I make my own sauces.

MI Do you do house cleaning?

STEVE House cleaning?

MI Yes.

STEVE My wife thinks I’m a slob. But, I always do the dishes and that kind of cleaning. I put my shoes back in the closet everytime.

MI Do you take out the trash?

STEVE Every time.

MI Do you vacuum?

STEVE I don’t vacuum.

MI See, she’s not training you right. Tell her to give me a call. I will have her train you.

STEVE She does all the girl chores, and I do all the guy chores, like I do the recycling, dishes, garbage. I’ll even do the clothes. She cleans the bathroom because I hate doing that shit.

MI What’s the worst job you ever had?

STEVE When I was 13 on a dairy farm, in 100-degree heat in the middle of July, in the barn, bailing the hay. Uh, God. That was the worst.

MI I could imagine.

STEVE You’re blowing your nose and all that hay is coming out of your nose. And, wearing all that flannel, because anything else and the hay would tear your arms apart.

MI One band told me the worst job they ever had was working in the graveyard and he was sitting by the crematorium and he thought it was snowing, and it was the ash coming down from the crematorium. It was an English band. I don’t know if they’re still together. I don’t know if it’s just the English. How did you and the Mrs. get together.

STEVE It was at  like one of the first Dirty Rig concerts, I saw her and that’s the girl I want to be with the rest of my life.

MI And, that’s how long it took you to marry her?

STEVE Actually, I blew her off for a few years.

MI That’s real good.

STEVE Well, I didn’t think it would be fair to have a girlfriend. I was real busy.

MI Good answer. She will see this. Tell me about the most memorable show you ever played live.

STEVE The most recent was a sold out show in London, England. And it was – the energy in the room was amazing. It was like electric. They were chanting and we walked up on stage and I got goose bumps. It was fucking insane.

MI Wait till you hit Atlanta, you’ll have a great time.

STEVE Mastodon? You ever hear of them.

MI I know Mastodon. They’re a good guys.

STEVE My friend works for Relapse Records and I met them a couple times.

MI Very good band. And, they just got signed to Warner also. Have you happened to have heard about Artimus Pyledriver yet?

STEVE Love those guys. Now there’s an AC/DC band right there.

MI Really? You look at them as AC/DC?

STEVE They remind me of Nashville Pussy.

MI I just got done doing Nashville Pussy.

STEVE You interviewed them?

MI No, I shot their show and they’re all fucking fantastic live.

STEVE Nashville Pussy rules.

MI They really do.

STEVE Burnout, stoner rods,

MI Rhonda from Nashville deserves a Dean, man. No way. Gotta give her a Dean. The female, lead guitarist. She wails on that fucking guitar it’s like a fucking goddamn female Dime.

STEVE Yeah, did you see Fireball Ministry?

MI Yeah, I did Fireball Ministry. I missed Fireball the last time they were around. They were playing at a bar called Smith’s up here with Artimus. The problem with Smith’s is – and I have nothing against Smith’s Old Bar – it’s just a really small venue.

And I’m like “How the hell are they gonna get Fireball Ministry up there? How the hell is Dave gonna do his shit on stage?” Got what I’m saying? And the club is so small upstairs. And don’t get me wrong. It’s great It’s got great sound, but the stage itself is like a tiny place. There’s no room.


STEVE  How big’s the Masquerade down there?

MI The Masquerade upstairs in Heaven can hold about 1500 people. Hell downstairs holds anywhere from 3 to 4. And you got Purgatory. It’s like a karaoke bar down there. But, they have these bitchin’ Halloween parties; Christmas parties; everything you can think of. They just had  some band record there recently.

STEVE Why didn’t they play there?

MI The last time I saw Fireball they played over there. I interviewed the Reverend. Ask him his favorite movie. He will tell you his worst, hateful movie is Planet of the Apes. What it is is that the monkeys scare him.

STEVE Monkeys scare you when you’re little.

MI Yeah, but he got high, saw the monkey and got scared.

STEVE I saw this show in New York. And, they fucking rocked.

MI They do. I’ve been pushing those boys 4 years. The Masquerade is like CBGBs for me. I walk in there anytime. I saw Artimus and said, “they’re shitty, they ain’t gonna go fucking nowhere. Let me take a couple shots. They’re shitty,” I said to myself. “Dave’s gonna kill me when he hears this fucking interview,” I thought to myself.

Ever since then, wherever they are, I fucking follow them. But, I’m not pissed at the band themselves. I told their label they could use my shots. And, they just ripped off the shots without giving me photo credit. I was so fucking pissed.

STEVE Oh, you’re kidding me. DRT?

MI Yeah, DRT.

STEVE Did you talk to Sage?

MI No, I talked to Emma. Who’s Sage?

STEVE She doesn’t work there anymore.

MI I’ll call Emma Burns and they’ll take care of it. The band just kicks ass. Another band out of Atlanta is the Uncrowned.

STEVE The Uncrowned?

MI Yeah, and Rockets to Ruin.

STEVE Rockets to Ruin. They’re a big fan of Dirty Rig.

MI Oh, my God. Rachel Bolan is living down here in Atlanta since ’03. They were doing the DVD thing for Skid Row for RPM. And, I’m like, well, ok, it should cover a whole new CD. When I did Stryper about 1 ½ -2 years ago, I was like, “Ok, a Christian concert. I can handle this.” I’m looking at Johnny Salinger. He’s doing an anthology of all their songs. He’s done 2 songs off the new CD, and introduces Scotty Hill as Scotty Ian, and I start laughing my ass off, and Scotty thought he knocked me in the head with his guitar, but he knocked my hat off. So, he ended up taking my camera and taking a photo of me. I ended up grabbing 2 of his guitar picks. The thing is, Rachel is very big down here but Rachel keeps a very private life. You know that. And, he’s telling everybody on the video where Rachel hangs out in Atlanta, and I’m like “Oh, he’s gonna fucking kill him. He’s just gonna fucking kill him.” But, Nasheville Pussy was there, but Rockets to Ruin asked me to come. I went for Skid Row, and I heard Rockets to Ruin and I was like, “Oh, my God, we’ve got another young Aerosmith here.” If you could ever get them to go on the road with you, I would tell you to take them.


STEVE I love those guys. They’re fucking badass.

MI Same with the Uncrowned and State of Man. But, State of Man is more like Sevendust. But, Uncrowned and Rockets to Ruin would suit you guys perfectly.

STEVE Email it to me.

MI Yeah, I’ll email it to you. I’ve got a whole bunch of them.

STEVE I’m looking for new music. I’d really appreciate it. I can tell just by talking to you that you’re in the scene.

MI Now, see the different thing was that when I started Musicincider, it was to help local bands like you guys around the country, around the world connect with the bad boys. And, say “Fuck you, look who you’re missing. Here we go, you could be taking these guys on the road, but you’re taking those assholes on the road.” So, we’re trying to give everyone exposure.

STEVE Well, I definitely appreciate that.

MI Yeah, you got to know about Rockets to Ruin, Uncrowned and State of Man. How did you and Artemus get together? How did you end up meeting?

STEVE Oh, I just going through the scene. They always have the name up here. And, finally about a year ago I heard them. I went out and bought their CD and liked them. The video is fucking great.

MI Yeah, Swamp Devil.


MI Yeah, that’s filmed in Atlanta.

STEVE Yeah, we almost got to do shows with them, but something keeps happening. I was really pissed.

MI It was really weird because when Mastodon was signed, I was like Artemus will be next. But how long will it take? Boom, Artemus got signed, I looked inside the CD cover. They thanked everybody else, but they don’t thank Musicincider and they don’t thank The Masquerade.

STEVE They didn’t thank you guys?

MI Nope. I was like, I’m gonna kill Dave and Damon. I see him at the Masquerade. Don’t even say it. He said, “I thought you were from Metal Head and Metal Hammer.”

I said, “Sorry, not. It’s me do-do.” Then he’s like, “Barb, how are you?” I said, picking up the CD, “I’m not mad at the band, I’m mad at the label, because Masquerade was home to all of those bands.

STEVE Right. Exactly. And, I’m up in New York and I know the Masquerade.

MI And now they own 2 more clubs – The Rockstar Saloon up in Alpharetta, and they own a place called Alleycats at the Underground. They’re moving the Masq.

STEVE Really?

MI Yeah, there’s some new development coming so they’re looking to move it to someplace where they can keep the club open and keep their liquor license.


MI Because some people – if you have a club at Underground, a bar can open Monday at 11 am and stay open till 4 am the next morning. Because part of Atlanta was burnt and rebuilt – called the Underground. How is everyone getting their equipment there? There’s another place called CenterStage. I’ll email you all that information. I promise you. If you could be a super hero, who would it be?

STEVE Definitely Spiderman.

MI Why?

STEVE I thought it was cool he could make webs out of his hands.

MI Is there a message you want me to give Spider when I see ’em tomorrow at Masquerade?

STEVE Spiderman?

MI Spider, Powerman 5000. You got to listen to Powerman 5000. They’re great. They’re like Punk/Rock, but once Spider gets going you can’t stop ’em.

STEVE Yeah, I did have their first record – Kung Fu Grip or whatever – and I did see them live in concert. I think they were playing with Limp Bizkit.

MI Where do you see the band in the next 2 years.

STEVE We gotta do it faster though. We’re laying down the foundation. In 2007 we’re putting the level up on the property. I can’t wait. We’re gonna be a lot bigger in 2007.

MI Of course you guys are. There’s this Internet radio station called Ace Radio. Check them out. Check them out. They’re on myspace too.


MI I’m trying to push everyone locally in Atlanta, NY, NJ; wherever the fuck they are, I’m pushing them to Ace. Another band I would tell you to check out is The Parents. You would get a kick out of them. They’re funny as shit. They’re real good.


MI Do you have a message for your fans, darling?

STEVE Get ready for us in 2007.

MI Myspace and website?

STEVE www.myspace.com/dirtyrig and www.dirtyrig.com

MI And, what’s one of your favorite quotes of all time?

STEVE Oh, the brutality.

MI I’m riding up to Penn Station and I’m talking to this cab driver who picks me up all the time. We’re talking about the new Alice Cooper CD, Dirty Diamonds. And, he goes, “My friend and I are on a double date, we drop off the girls and go home. I turn on a porn channel and there’s Zack Wylde banging some chic.” I’m like, “Zack is married.” He goes, “I’m telling you, Barb, he’s in a porn flick.” I get back to Atlanta, and find him online – he’s got like 8 movies out. I think, “It can’t be the same one.” I call Carol, and tell her he’s doing porn. She says, “We would never be doing that. We wouldn’t let him.”  We’re revamping the main www.musicincider.com site. We’re going to be putting the interview up on that site and on the www.myspace.com/musicincider site. So, you’re gonna be hitting both sites. I gotta interview the rest of you devils.

STEVE By email?

MI Yeah, whatever you want. What’s your sign?

STEVE Gemini.

MI Like my cat Toby. Do you have any pets?

STEVE I used to have a dog, but I live in a city.

MI Ok. Were you in NY for 9-11? How did it affect you?

STEVE I woke up and everything was all fucked up – TV, phones. I called up my girlfriend and she told me to look at the World Trade Center. I turned around and looked out the window and started crying. My cousins were up from Alabama for a visit. And we were planning our exit from the island.

MI My kid woke me up. My son told me to wake up. I saw the second plane go in and thought, “We’re in trouble.” What do you think about the Freedom Tower?

STEVE It’s about time. It’s been such a long fight here.

MI If you could design something different than the Freedom Tower, what would you design?

STEVE A big middle finger that says, “Fuck you.”

MI Ok, go so you back to married life. You have a great night. I’m not gonna ask you about the plane crashing in PA, because I think I can figure out how that affected you. I think that was sick.  

STEVE Yeah, they stood up for themselves. I would’ve done the same thing. If I saw we were gonna die anyway, I would die with my mother fucking boots on.  

MI Exactly. Do you believe the government was behind it or not?

STEVE Corey Clark is always the political person in the band. But, I cannot say that my country would do that to themself. No, I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care what anyone says.

MI Did you see Fahrenheit 9-11?

STEVE I’m not gonna watch that movie?

MI Oh, you should. I bet Corey did.

STEVE I think it’s unnecessary propaganda. It’s dividing the country. And, we should be working together right now. The way society is – everyone’s so selfish and shit.

MI If you were God for a week, what would you change?

STEVE I would make everyone speak English for one.

MI I’ll give you an easy one, and then you can go back to the misses. If there was a movie made about your life, who would play you and what would the theme song be?

STEVE I’d have Elvis Presley play me, and my theme song would be Let’s Get It On, by Marvin Gaye.

MI That’s a good one. Have a great night and I’ll talk to you later. I will contact Steve about interviewing the rest of the boys.

STEVE No problem, thank you so much and email us on our myspace page.

MI I will. When you see the Queen Scorpio again, give Carol a big hug for me, and tell her I’ll kick her ass if she don’t take care of you. Good night.

STEVE Goodnight.


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