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Committed To A Bright Future: Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco is: Todd Smith, Vocals. Stephen Mears, Bass. Jeff Siegel, Keyboards. Mike Oliver, Drums.

What I love about Dog Fashion Disco is that they sound like they have been committed to someplace somewhere. They have this creepy fucking sound that reminds me of the ‘Can’t Sleep Or Clowns Will Eat Me’ episode of the Simpsons combined with heavy, pulsating riffs and DRIVING drums that make me want to throw shit, and I mean throw shit in a good way. DFD is metal, but fucked up metal in a fantastic LSD dream. –Lets look at Todd. Todd has this creepy fucked up thing about him that should get him laid EVERY night. He growls better than Cookie Monster and sings like an angelic LION GOING STRAIGHT FOR THE JUGULAR. Jesus, I hope nobody ever tries to put a stupid mask on him like so many bands do these days-because the catch about Todd is this: He looks like an ordinary average guy. That is what makes his vocal talents such a fucking surprise. –Lets look at Jeff. Ordinarily, I am not all that much into keyboard players. Keys are usually in the background to me and everybody else that puts on a cd. But Jeff, my little Igor, makes everything DFD does sound that much more creepy. He makes shit UNIQUE. –Lets look at Steve Mears on bass. His bass lines on COMMITTED TO A BRIGHT FUTURE give the cd a funky little bluesy twist that makes it just plain different. –Ollie on Drums, suitably fucking freaky. I approve. It takes a fantastic fucking drummer to hold the DFD show together. He is one hell of a ringmaster. Let’s take a look at the tracks.

Track Listing:
Love Song For A Witch- Such fucking poetry in the lyrics! Was it written for me? No, I didn’t know Todd at the time. But obviously SOMEBODY had a VERY interesting night. I have some questions about this song though. Were there black candles and sheep’s blood involved? What color were the sheets? -Inquiring minds want to know.

Rapist Eyes-And the night continues. Imagine going home with somebody totally fucking normal looking from the bar. You get home, and she changes into something just a little more comfortable-AND COMES OUT WITH A BIG ASS DAGGER, HANDCUFFS, AND A CUP OF RED WINE. What are you going to do? She drove-so do you stay or do you go? -I love that line ‘Your disposition would make Hitler flinch.’

Dr. Piranha-Oh My God, is this the fucking doctor at the asylum? This doctor sounds a lot like a roommate I had once that thought he was Jesus Christ and could redeem the world by buying all of the eggs at the grocery store and sacrificing them to the Gods of Smog. Then the nice ambulance came and gave him Thorazine until he was a vegetable.
-On the more fucking serious side, this song speaks to the fucked up medical system in this country. Unless you have money or insurance, you are either going to get a doctor like this or die.

Fetus On The Beat-This is a goddamn dark song. We are all walking abortions being led to the fucking slaughterhouse to finish us off. World War III is just around the corner and the end is near. Everybody is waiting to FUCK YOU OVER. They will rape your soul and kill your mind until the only thing left is your shell of a body-AND THAT IS NEXT MOTHERFUCKER!

Worm In A Dog’s Heart-You are a gross, wiggly little thing that kills small animals aren’t you. You pissed Todd off, and he read your soul. Wake up to who you REALLY are and embrace your little wormy self 100%. There are pills we can give dogs to get rid of you anyway. We can give shots to the fucking cats.

Plastic Surgeons-People are afraid to get old. They start to fucking sag and get wrinkles, and plastic surgeons are a whole new breed of parasite that feed on fear. But are they really all that good? If you REALLY look, you can tell if somebody has a fucking facelift. Their eyes get drawn up really tight, and it looks like somebody tried to pull their bottom lip up over their nose.

Pogo The Clown-Can’t Sleep or the clown will get me. Shivering, alone in your bed, you wonder if Pogo is on the way. You can’t get him out of your head. You can hear his laughter, you can smell his breath. LOOK OUT! Pogo is going to roast you in an oven with some potatoes and carrots and make a nice gravy with your tears. Pogo is bad news. –This song is a warning that EVIL SHIT comes dressed in pretty packages and will MASSIVELY fuck you up.

Castaway-People get thrown away in all shapes and forms. People get thrown away spiritually too. God is a far off thing when you take a look at the world. People are hungry in the streets. People get up EVERY day and are slaves to minimum wage jobs every day until they die. Where is there a chance for happiness in that? -There are just a bunch of fucking slaves doing what they are told. You can only hope there is a god somewhere.

Nude In The Wilderness-If I were Jesus, this is how I would make the last day of the world. Everything has to end sometime. It is the natural progression of things. –The concrete and skyscrapers would go. The fake politicians out for their own agendas would go, and everybody could watch the end of evil. –Definitely sounds like my old roommate.

The Acid Memoirs-Acid. Good Acid. The shit that won’t kill you. The shit that would take you on spiritual journeys and lead to some sort of understanding about life. Leary wasn’t all that fucking nuts, and everybody now knows about a little trip that DFD went on. –This song, especially-listen to it for yourself.

Déjà vu-Your gonna DIE. Fame is going to suck you dry. You can’t handle it. I have seen it all before with you in a dream. I dialed the operator and they played it again. –Sometimes you just have to get away from people that you know are on a course of self-destruction. No matter what you think you can do or what you try to do, they are going to be gone. Get away from them fast.

Magical Band of Fools-The hero in this song is the little green man in the tree. The hero in this song IS the hurdy gurdy man. He knows that the death march is coming from him, but the fool tricks himself into believing something different. The fool knows how to trick himself at the crucial moment so he can go on and on. The fool wants to believe that there is a heaven.

Committed to A Bright Future is filled with spooky images that will haunt your dreams. It is perfectly delivered and yes, you want to have this cd in your collection. The music ties in with the lyrics to the point where YOU are going to want to leave your lights on at night and stay the fuck away from Serial Killing Clowns.

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