Dog Fashion Disco


Dog Fashion Disco at the Masquerade
8/21/03 Atlanta, GA

Dog Fashion Disco is: Todd Smith-Vocals. Mike Oliver-Drums. Steve Mears-Bass. Jasan Stepp-Guitar. Jeff Seigel-Keyboards.

Dog Fashion Disco is the best band you forgot to go see when they came to your town touring in support of their second Spitfire Records release, Committed To A Bright Future. –Ignore all of the stupid little pictures of them in suit coats and ties, they don’t fucking look like that. Ignore all of the stupid ass comparisons to Mr. Bungle-when was the last time you heard ANYTHING out of Mr. Fucking Bungle? –Toss every stupid review you EVER read about Dog Fashion Disco out the fucking window. Listen to only me on this, because I am the only one who knows what the fuck I am talking about. I started MusicIncider for bands just like Dog Fashion Disco-bands you should be RUNNING to see. Fucking EXCELLENT bands that tour 352 days a year and say FUCK YOU to those that want them to be cookie cutter clone bands. So welcome to my version of what happened and what you should do about Dog Fashion Disco. –You never heard of Dog Fashion Disco? The Dog Fashion Disco sound is like Frank Zappa dropping some ecstasy-and going on an all night jam session with Tool and System of A Down. The sound is fresh, hot, and demented. –Todd Smith, as a songwriter, could be Frank Zappa’s illegitimate child. Wait, are you trying to make another Mr. Bungle comparison-Mr. Bungle=Faith No More. Yeah, Todd sounds a little like Mike Patton. I will give you that, but if you listen to his vocals you can also hear so much fucking more. You can hear shades of Alice Cooper, Sebastian Bach, Bret Michaels, Glen Danzig, Marilyn Manson-and the ultimately cool Rod Stewart. Todd blends all of those fucking shades together-including Zappa-and sounds like just one singer-Todd Smith.
Yes, Dog Fashion Disco is a weird fucking name, but it fits them to a tee. I guess they could have called themselves fucking Korn or Metallica-but those names were already taken weren’t they? To me, that name perfectly fits with Jeff Seigel’s bizarre keyboard playing. I LIKED watching Jeff onstage. He looked like he was playing Igor to Todd’s Dr. Hyde all night. You have to love a keyboard player that gets into the show and doesn’t sit his ass on a chair during the set. Seigel’s keyboards add a fucked up cool thing that other bands just don’t have, and haven’t had since Zappa. I AM NOT going to call it circus metal; I am just going to call it a REALLY BIG SHOW. For his publicity photo, put him and his keyboards in a lab. –Mike Oliver on the drums is just HUGE onstage. He is quite a fucking showman and reminds me of Rikki Rockett from Poison. When they take their new press photos, Ollie should be standing on top of a busted drum kit in a Lemmy (Motorhead) pose. –Jasan Stepp on guitar is a little Steve Vai from the Zappa days, a little Greg Koch, and a little Zakk Wylde. He is pretty fucking diverse on that guitar. In his new publicity photo, he should be chopping down a tree with a Zakk Wylde model guitar, you know the one with the black and white circles-that would be quite a fucking statement wouldn’t it? -Steve Mears on bass is just like Glenn Hughes. Steve is all about the set when he is onstage and putting on a fucking GREAT show. His funky bass lines just add something way fucking cool and driving to DFD’s sound. In his new publicity photo, he should be sitting on a train smoking a joint. –Todd’s picture? Just take a picture of Todd in a white tee shirt drinking a Bud Light-use adobe, and splice that shit together and THEN you will have a clearer picture of what DFD is all about.
Todd is quite the fucking showman. The band that went on before DFD was Knuckle-Duster-and they broke a guitar. Todd took that broken guitar and broke it just a little bit more. Then, he batted the broken pieces out into the crowd like they were baseballs-and the kids fucking DOVE for them. I am looking for those pieces on fucking EBAY as I write this. DFD played to forty people like they were forty thousand people. The band didn’t let up and they didn’t hold back because the crowd was small. What can I say? If you didn’t go, you fucking missed out on one hell of a show. –I really loved LOVE SONG FOR A WITCH live. I wonder who inspired that one? I want to meet her. She would probably be a great interview. –So yes, go see DFD live. You will have a great fucking time!

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