WARNING: Do NOT listen to this track while driving! It may encourage wreckless and dangerous driving conditions!

With that said, fuck the warning. Put this shit in your player and stomp on the fucking pedal. This is the kind of CD you want to listen to while hauling ass around town, through traffic, cutting off slow drivers, and being a general mayham behind the wheel. Take this shit in your house and you have the same atmosphere. High intensity rhythm and beats will get your ass moving. Especially fucking amazing to listen to during an awesome workout. If you want something to get shit going then get some Dope!

I am an addict. I am addicted to Dope. Bwahaha. The addiction started when a friend kindly shared “Die motherfucker, die!” with me. From there it began to blossom like weeds on MiracleGro. Soon, I was on Rhapsody fiendishly grabbing all the tracks I could. Artistically, Dope has skill with a great degree of variance in their music. Everything from high amped speed, move your fuckin’ body music (“Bitch” for example) to the gentle, but still gritty sounds heard in “Another Day Goes By” or “Easier.”

American Apathy manages to maintain and even add another superb collection to the Dope lineup. It’s actually interesting to find that a band such as Dope is becoming even slightly interested in politics. The American Apathy album doesn’t get as heavily into politics as does System of a Down, but it’s political in nature never-the-less. It seems a lot of Americans are becoming apathetic, myself included, in general and not just in regard to a single issue. The album bashes on President Bush and is fuckin’ great to listen to. However, I think that the album is standing against fucked authority in general and not just President Bush.

I’m Back: This shit drops the bomb straight out the door. Edsel Dope comes out with his statement that he’s back. Godamn, I don’t know where he went, but I’m glad he’s back. The toxic beat will have you moving your whole body in no time. The great fucking mix of instruments and electronica are amazing. “I’ll put a gun to your head and pull the fucking trigger” Holy shit, the bitch who says this has a sexy voice that just amps the song up that much more.

Survive: Hahaha, Fuck’em. Then begins the great pounding of the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. The great screams of the guitar in this track add an amazing feel to this track. Edsel drops powerful and scratchy vocals with a shitload of anger.

No Way Out: Electronica in with a voice stating “You’ll never get away.” Followed with heavy guitar, bass, and drum play. The drums are fucking amazing. Edsel screams into his lyrics with power. About 45 seconds into the track we begin to hear tension rising with “Gotta get away” that peaks with angst screaming that there’s “No Way Out.” The song sets a great psychadelic battle for escape.

Always: The anger filled vocals drop down to a more pleasant and harmonious level in this track. This track is my favorite on the album. I love the powerful rifts on the guitar, the strumming bass, and the drums. The drummer definitely does some amazing work in this track. The chorus in this track is crazy and makes you feel wonderful. This track can almost be considered a lovesong with a painful ending. A reminiscence of what was.

Bastard: The tension is raised again with scratchy, screaming lyrics. Fuck yes. Edsel has the perfect voice match for the sound of this band. This track is very hostile and has a lot of pent up frustration just waiting to explode. This is evident with the harsh and fast paced guitars and the tension establish throughout the track. Fucking impressive.

Sex Machine: Bwahahaha, hell yes. A fast-paced track with an awesome Dope feel.

Four More Years: You’re just going to have to hear this one for yourself.

Revolution: Starts straight into a conflict and raises high to the call for the Revolution. This track has an overall different feel to it than the previous tracks. A little darker and thicker feel to the beat and lyrics. This song stands strongly against corrupt powers that always seem to exist.

Let’s Fuck: Oh hell yes. Ok, I think this song is going to be my favorite instead of “Always.” You don’t even know, going down the street with this shit screaming through the audio is great. Especially when you’re at a traffic light next to someone with their windows down. The beat for this song is actually rhythmically good for what it’s titled. A great blend of Dope instruments and electronica.

Fuck the World: Starting straight into building tension and exploding with relief into heavy drums, guitars, and bass.

I Wish I Was the President: This track drops bombs of shit alllll over Bush. I love it. I won’t ruin it by mentioning any lyrics, but it’s fuckin’ great!

Dream: A song with a radically different sound than the previous tracks. Hypnotic and simply fuckin’ addictive. The vocal electronica is sensual to the ears and sex with the chorus. The electronica used in this track sets a completely different mentality than before and almost has a dream-like feel. Godamn, hense the name, right? The keyboard usage in this track is badass – rock that shit, Simon!

The Life: Another track with a different feel from the previous tracks. Incorporates more electronica and has a grimy industrial feel to it. Holy shit you can hear the badass bass lines in this track. Damn, you definitely have to hear this track. Introduced later in the track are heavy guitar rifts.

People Are People: Damn, I’m diggin’ this shit. The amount of variation in sound alone in the previous tracks is outstanding. A pleasant sounding track Dope-style. Runs in line with Always but a little more gritty. Dope seems to make a stand for good morals with people in this track. Not like a fuckin’ pussy hippy, but a badass way of stating “why can’t we all just get along?” No shit. People Are People.

Bitch (alternate): A great Dope classic from Group Therapy. It’s claimed to be an alternate version, but I’m not hearing anything different than what I had before American Apathy came out. Hmm… Still a badass fuckin’ track.

Fuck Tha Police (2005 studio version): Another Dope classic with their proud “fuck you” to authority.

Burn (feauring the Detroit Hate Choir): Hell yeah, this Dope track is performed live with the Detroit Hate Choir. Badassness.


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