Dredg: Here They Come


dredg: Gavin Hayes-vocals/guitar/slide guitar. Mark Engles-guitar. Drew Roulette-bass. Dino Campanella-drums.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

This was probably the most creative show I have been to, ever. You all know I have seen some shit-but damn, a slide guitar outside of a country show? And played by the lead singer? Outrageous, different, progressive, and exciting. These guys were all about the show. For those of you that are hot for something different, check out THESE California boys that are on Innerscope. It makes sense to me that the label that busted Trent Reznor wide open and has Eminem on the roster also has dredg. First, you prog rock freaks are going to love this band with its orchestra-like arrangements, big guitars, hybrid kit playing/piano playing Dino the drummer, and the crystal quality of Gavin Hayes voice. I haven’t heard a voice like Gavin’s since the one and only Cat Stevens. His voice has this sweet quality to it while it pokes you in the back with hot coals-just like Cat Stevens. It makes you want to cry right along with him. Live, they are all energy-but it will remind you of the Brad Pitt dying in Troy. Tragic, beautiful, and BIG. -They have a fun thing happening on stage too. We have Gavin playing the good boy-very angelic in his vocals and what he says to the crowd, and then we have Mark Engles very wicked guitar happening along with his very wicked stage presence. Kinda like Jesus and Satan huh? Remind you a little bit of Jeff Pilson and Gorge Lynch? Oh it will. -The most fucking outrageous thing I saw was Dino Campanella on drums. He plays about every kind of percussion on stage that you can think of-including piano. His piano licks are fucking spooky and will stick with you well after the show is over. His playing style is as varied and unique as anything you would see out of the percussion section at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Very much an overall musician. I would recommend him for Danzig’s Black Aria 2. -Drew Roulette is the undertone in dredg’s music. Without him, there is no way that Dino could venture into all of those weird fucking places. -Once again, this is what fucking alternative is. Music that branches out, takes you on a journey, and reaches for something. -When you think of dredg, it would not be out of place to compare them to the Pink Floyd of this generation. I could easily see this band doing a massive concept album like Pink Floyd-and that takes a certain amount of vision and the ability to take it square on the fucking chin for being so different. -I like this band, and yes you do want to see them live. If you like Floyd, you will like dredg. If you like System of A Down, you will like dredg. You will like them because they are different and talented. You haven’t truly heard anything like them before.


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