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Hey Friends (makes me sound like fucking Nancy Grace, huh?),
December is always a shit month for a lot of people. Life hurts. The country is at war. People are snapping left and right-look at the fucking news. Nobody has any money or any life, and I get it. We all hurt. At a time when we should be all lovey-dovey and full of ‘joy’, we hurt…badly.

So let’s talk. Dimebag Darryl Abbott-LOVED his life. He lived everyday as a full expression of himself-probably had a few regrets, we all do, and is as large a cultural icon in death as he was in life. He didn’t make his mark by solving world hunger and ending poverty. He made his mark by being himself. I interview a lot of people, and most of their favorite stories are about having fun with Dime. He touched people by being himself and getting out of his own head. He is a lion, and will be revered by the metal community ALWAYS…but you may say to yourself, I am not Darryl Abbott, but you are you and it is your job to love you above all else. If you loved Darryl, go have a drink and smile. Get laid, and put on some loud powerful music. You know that is how he would want to be remembered, and remember to tip your dancers at the Clubhouse. I think him and Vinnie has a percent of that, lol. -In all seriousness, a fucked up ex-marine in desperate need of help took Darryl’s life. For what? -That is the tragedy. So many deaths and no fucking solution. -The metal world is extremely close knit. That is how i have got to meet so many outstanding people. I will always remember Dime blowing me a kiss (as so many of you do, lol).

John Lennon. Dreamer and Peacenik. I ask myself all the time, what would have happened if John Lennon had lived? Would there have been such a huge AIDS epidemic? How many Regan white houses would their have been? Would he have been at the head of the legalizing pot movement? -Lennon used his clout to visualize a different world and constantly tried to make it so. He was shot down, and the United States even tried to deport him-but he never gave up. He wanted the world to be a better place, but he knew the world had to get the vision of what that may look like. Imagine was his best album, and his most important work. Energy is everything. He felt as though Peace was the highest expression of his life, and whatever force took HIM down did not destroy that. Creation of any kind always survives, and Lennon invited us to create. He inspired a generation to aspire for more in the most spiritual of ways.

Being psychic, I can tell you this: different experiences await you when you die. The dead always have regrets and worry about the living most of all. For them, it is never about how much money they had or did not have. It is always-tell so and so I love them and I am ok. Tell them not to worry…occasionally I get the really pissed off ones or ones that passed in trauma. …but mostly they worry about us, and tell us to live and live well. Love life and never give up your dreams. If something doesn’t work, try something different. Your first responsibility is to take care of yourself….

love, Barb


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