Flyleaf Show Review


Flyleaf Live on Cinco de Mayo at Masquerade Park


By Barb Fara



Lacey Mosley – Lead Vocals

Sameer Bhattacharya – Guitar

Jared Hartmann – Guitar

Pat Seals – Bass

James Culpepper – Drums


Here is a little story that I’m going to tell you guys. As you know, when the Tabernacle was hit by the twisters earlier this year, it along with many other Atlanta buildings were taken out around town. All the shows that were supposed to be at the Tabernacle before the twister were moved to the Masquerade. These bands were so big that they couldn’t fit inside the Masquerade so they put them in the park out back – nice green lawn and lots of space. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and I was upset because the photographers should have had the rights to walk around and take crowd shots of the kids having a great time, but instead we were kept at the back gate until the shows started. But I digress.


As we were waiting for the show to go on, I and some other photographers were waiting to be shown in. The Masquerade was originally the mill for the old Sears plant. Flyleaf originally played here in Atlanta on the Heaven floor of the Masquerade back in the day. And her screeching had me saying through the whole show – “Fly away, little leaf, fly away…” Her band is magnificent and they are supposedly a Christian rock band. The only aspect of the Flyleaf show that really showed any inspiration was the backing band, all Lacey did was dance around in her little black slip and screech. I like her just fine, but she better do something to save her vocals or she is going to ruin them like Axl Rose of G&R. She has to start singing from the diaphragm. I would suggest she take some vocal lessons and also learn how to be a performer on stage. She must know that I am not saying this out of meanness, just honesty. She is a sweet kid but she makes me wear earplugs, and I never wear earplugs. Am I deaf? No. The only show I ever went deaf from was a local band called Zoroaster, and after hearing them play live I was deaf for a week.


Now Flyleaf can’t really be compared because they built their own style of playing but she really needs to build her self confidence and learn to draw in the crowd. There are people out there who may have been there for her, for example people who like girls who can’t sing. She sounds like a Tasmanian Devil on crack. I give her credit for trying, but she will burn her voice out in 5 years at this rate. Get your vocal chords checked and a good singing coach. Lacey, you are young, motivated and honest; your problem is this – vocalization and stage presence – you cannot do it. I know you are signed to a major label and I hate to say this, but how much did your daddy pay to get you there? You have people who look up to you and want to become an artist like you and they will end up frying their voice just like you. Otherwise, it was not a bad showcase – except for her. If you are a fan of Flyleaf and like her screeching and lack of talent, we will list her links at the bottom of this review. I should have waited for Seether outside the park. Are you getting the message little Flyleaf? Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again, because your wings are fucked. You’re probably constipated and that’s why you can’t get off the ground. Take some Correctol and get your broken wings fixed and take some lessons so you can be a role model for kids who want to be just like you. Honestly, if you ask me who I would compare her with vocally, it’s a Tasmanian Devil on crack.


The problem with the band is this: you’ve got 4 amazing guys in back of her. Boys, if she doesn’t get lessons, I will be honest with you and her label, find yourself a new front woman. She doesn’t belong on stage until her wings are fixed and she takes some Correctol. Oh, and learns to sing and gets some stage presence. Not to be cruel, my little Flyleaf, but its time to go to the vet and get your wings fixed – you are still in kindergarten. You don’t know how to be a vocalist in the world of rock. When you are onstage and no one can make out a single world you are saying, there is a problem. Let me quote Neil Young, “Hey, hey/ my, my/ rock and roll will never die” I fear you will kill it though, unless you learn your vocals. You are an embarrassment to every female singer in the industry and to your Christian beliefs and to your band. What I’m trying to tell you here is get off the stage until you learn to perform. Your band kicks ass, but you fucking suck.


If you are a fan of flyleaf, you can find them here:


Now, my little minions, you are probably wondering if I would join their street team or fan club. Here is my answer to you: when they get a new fucking singer. It was just such a lovely show.


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