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Barbara Fara
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Glenn Danzig was born Glenn Allen Anzalone on June 23,1955 in Lodi, New Jersey. Glenn has two older brothers and one younger brother. Where are they hiding? If Danzig was Irish, maybe we could say one of those older brothers was Morrison. If Danzig was a hillbilly, maybe we could say one of those older brothers was Elvis. Poor soft cuddly Cancer soul that he is-his big brothers –Morrison and Elvis- forcing him to live in the dark corners of their souls…not the case though….just speculation. Glenn’s big brothers are probably hit men for the mob in Jersey-you know, private sanitation? This, of course, makes the nortorious evil Glenn the white sheep in his family. I have lots of thoughts about who the younger brother could be. Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under comes to mind. Other candidates for Danzig’s little brother could be Orlando Bloom-the actor guy. Remember him? He played Paris in Troy. He has some of Glenn’s classic good looks and on screen charisma. Just not as dark. It would be like Glenn to keep his little brother wholesome and shit…but who the fuck knows? The skinny on his bloodline-he was raised protestant. Notice the protest in that word because it sure as fuck did not slip by the King of the Pagans. Every one of his songs have an element of fucking protest in them. A smart element, look at the song MOTHER. If any song in the last twenty years engergized a fucking generation to go out and be themselves and to follow their own paths-that was the one. ‘Tell your children not to hear my words, what they mean…what they say.’ And what do they mean….be yourself. Be like Glenn Danzig. Fucking tough as hell motherfucker. Do it, pretend you are from the tough side of Jersey. –What else? He has some Scottish blood in him. Jesus fucking Christ almighty? Does he play golf like Cooper? And if so, why hasn’t Cooper invited him to play? I think Danzig has enough black clothes to play golf with Cooper. Maybe blood could gush out of the holes when they sink a putt. It might actually make a game that is as boring as all fucking hell interesting to watch. Golf could actually make a comeback if they sold qualudes at the golfing events. It could be more than an excuse for yuppies to start drinking at nine o’clock in the morning-shouldn’t they just drink and be honest about it. Fuck, golf. –Of course, with a name like Anzalone, and brothers in private santitation in Jersey he has some Italian blood in him. There is just enough Italian in him to make that hair sexy as hell. Every time I hear the song, ‘She Rides’ I think about running my fingers through it and slapping Glenn on that sexy ass of his. –The part of him I find most sexy is that German blood though-the square cut to the jaw and the solid shoulders. It gives him authority and a singing voice that commands respect. The spotlight onstage soaks him in and puts the crowd in a trance. He could get onstage and sing Mary sacrificed a little lamb to Satan most high and the crowd would beat the shit out of each other just to get a little closer to see what he is going to do next.

One of those older mob brothers got Glenn into music by turning on the stereo. It happens to a lot of people that way, ask my fucking brother Charlie what happened to his copy of Billion Dollar Babies. That older mob brother turned on a copy of an album by a San Francisco based metal band called Blue Cheers (the members were Dick Peterson-bass/vocals, Leigh Stevens-guitar, and Paul Whaley-drums). From there, Glenn soaked up Black Sabbath, The Doors, Alice Cooper, and Elvis. Every little dark lord has to have role models on the way to the top. (Shit, those were mine too! Maybe one day I will have my own little empire.) -Glenn raised fucking hell in Lodi drinking with his buddies. Jersey boy at heart isn’t he? Name one excellent musician that didn’t raise fucking hell at some point? Mozart fucked a ton of women, drank, and raised hell with his buddies. The world still remembers Mozart. Glenn, Mozart-same fucking thing. –Here is a little scoop for you. Danzig lost his viginity to an older woman at the ripe old age of thirteen. Who was that woman? Not me. I am younger than Glenn, but I would venture to guess it is somebody pretty fucking famous. I wonder what Cher was doing around that time, as much as she loves Sonny Bono-he was pretty fucking ugly AND turned out to be a Republican-she had to have been looking for something on the side.

Creative people have interesting habits. Young Glenn was an artist. He can draw better than a Walt Disney animator. He has a love of photography-and he better love my fucking photography the fucking best. –Young Glenn had a collection of Captain Harlock comics, Devilman (notice the webman’s name?) comics, and Japanese comics. He also had a collection of dead animal skulls. Glenn loves wrestling and horror films too. I can’t wait for him to show up Rob Zombie and make his own horror film, because let’s face facts-House of a 1000 Corpses was just silly and a Texas Chainsaw Massacre ripoff. I got stoned and laughed all the way through it, Jesus Fucking Christ, I hope The Devil’s Rejects is better. I was so pissed off about House of a 1000 Corpses that I am waiting for Devil’s Rejects to come out on cable. Rumor has it that he was also a lover of porn, I wonder if Zakk Wylde has sent him his DVD’s for review? -Glenn graduated from Lodi High School in 1973, and if you look really hard you can find his yearbook picture on the internet. You gotta be a fucking diehard fan to look, and I am not going to tell you how to find it unless you send me a money order for a thousand dollars. –Glenn had problems with authority figures when he got out of school, as most of us really fucking talented people do. That’s how we wind up in music and other creative type fields. There is something about showing up at a JOB and having people tell us what the fuck to do all day that pisses us off. Glenn Danzig was no exception to this rule, thank fucking god. He would look stupid with a white collar and tie. He looks best with his shirt off or in classic black. –So he became a drum tech. Being a tech must have bored the living shit out of him quickly, because my man started singing in bands-Talus, Whodat, and Boojang…where he covered Black Sabbath songs. Who wants to be in a cover band? How original is that? It barely covers the fucking rent.

So, at the ripe old age of twenty one-Danzig made history and started his own band. In 1977, The Misfits were born. –Where the fuck did the name come from? Did the lord of darkness feel like a misfit? No, never-because let me be the first to tell you, it is not Danzig that is fucked up-it is the rest of the fucking world. The name came from the last movie that the great Clark Gable made with Marilyn Monroe just before he died. The Misfits were punk-pure, angry, quick, and fast. American punk-not the Sex Pistols. Without The Misfits, bands like Green Day and Everclear would have never made their way to the radio-but do you ever hear a Misfits song on the radio? The answer is no, but when Jerry Only takes the current line-up out on the road just try to fucking find a fucking spot near the front. The mainstream media will never acknowledge the gift that Danzig’s Misfits made to music, but the fans and true lovers of the genre have NEVER forgotten. –Danzig was always thought to be the oldest member of Misfits because of his deep vocals-but he wasn’t. That was just his voice, and it paved the way for vocalists to sound like themselves rather than Ozzy and Dio rip-off’s. There would be no Slipknot without Glenn Danzig. –In 1983, The Misfits disbanded. Personal shit. Personal reasons. They were together long enough to change music and give birth to the American punk movement. –The next musical project after that was Samhain. Samhain was dark, heavily leaning into the occult-and death rock. Bands like Christain Death can thank Samhain for paving the way…somebody had to do it, and Danzig pulled another genre of music into being. And yes, I own the Samhain box set. Me and about three other people. Fucking shame isn’t it? But that isn’t the point-Danzig introduced yet another mode of music and paved the way for a fuckload of people. Samhain was changed to Danzig as a band name, and rightfully so at this point in 1987 after the band was signed to a major label-you know who you are major label, don’t you? Let’s face facts, Danzig I through Danzig VIII was absolute evil genius and showcased the most amazing voice. I play Danzig I when I feel like killing people and writing evil fucking articles. I love Black Aria, but any Danzig will do the trick. If I could get away with playing Danzig when I do psychic readings, people would think I was some sort of fucking genius because that man holds the keys to the universe.

There are some things that piss me off when it comes to the way Glenn Danzig has been treated.

1. See my logo? Kinda looks like Wolverine doesn’t it? Designed with Glenn Danzig in mind because I find him to be so fucking innovative and sexy. In 2000, Danzig should have been Wolverine in X-Men. They should have and could have delayed filming until he could commit to the part. Let me see, Danzig is a dedicated body builder. He is a certified martial arts instructor. He has the build and the attitude of Stan Lee’s Wolverine. Tall, stringy Hugh Jackman can act-but beyond that? Fuck no.
2. The Prophecy II. Why not an expanded evil angel part? Christopher Walken totally sold me as Gabriel, but killing Danzig off within five minutes was fucking stupid. An expanded part would have brought Danzig’s loyal following out of the woodwork and made that movie something special.
3. Van Helsing. Was there any other choice than Danzig for that part? Really, truly? -I loved the voice over he did on Aqua Teen Hunger Force though. At least they have some vision at The Cartoon Network.
4. MTV. Where are his fucking videos on that for fucks sake? We see all sorts of shit on there. I saw the most DISGUSTING video by Destiny’s Child where these girls wanted some drug slinging gang banger to knock them up and pay their fucking bills. I see rap videos with ass hanging out six ways to Sunday, but where is Wicked Pussycat, Kiss The Skull, Five Finger Crawl, or Sacrifice? -Even the overtly Satanic Dimmu Borgir has a video or two in rotation. Why did MTV blacklist Glenn?
5. Mainstream press and media. One of the most innovative and influential artists to walk the face of the earth is virtually ignored and his contributions are overlooked. His face should have already been on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Pick up any of his Verotik comics, he is a creative force of nature.
6. He is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you can read, and if you can hear-it does not take a genius to figure this one out.
7. The Northside Kings. Lucky enough to play on a bill with Danzig. Any little band in Atlanta would have sliced off an arm to be on a bill with Glenn Danzig-but it was turned into a money making PR stunt. Somebody convieniently had a video camera. The clip was obviously altered-and Danzig is a certified martial arts instructor. He could have absolutely shredded the guy in a fight if he chose to do so. –Ask Dez from Devil Driver about Danzig. He gives little bands breaks all of the fucking time. He gives them a start. Coal Chamber? Mnemic? -No good deed goes unpunished does it?
8. Glenn Danzig wrote songs for Johnny Cash and Roy Orbinson. If Bruce Springsteen had done it, he probably would have won a Grammy and Jesus would have come down from Heaven to present it to him. I love Bruce, but he is just a fucking Jersey boy like Danzig. Danzig could have easily covered Give My Love To Rose-but would it have been all over CMT? I think having Danzig cover Delia would have been a great choice for the Cash tribute album, but nobody ever asks me.
9. Air play. Do I have to say more about this one?

Danzig is a sexy man. He has a unique voice. He is one of the most influential artists ever to walk the face of the Earth. He has a HUGE underground cult following. Danzig at the Roxy-DAMN. Danzig is one of the main reasons I brought MusicIncider to life. This Danzig show at the Roxy was fucking fantastic, but not one reviewer caught the fucking vision and the loop back into Danzig I. Nobody mentioned that Danzig, more than any other artist out there, is the closest thing my generation has to a combined Jim Morrison and Elvis-shit, if we spliced the DNA exactly, we would get a live Glenn Danzig show. -And that is what you have me for, to point out the fucking obvious, huh? Let’s start with the amazing and smoky- “Black Angel/White Angel.” How the fuck could it not remind you of “She Rides?” Black Angel/White Angel is the answer and draws the intelligent listener back to Danzig I with its power and sex. Live? It fucking turns you on period. -Skincarver establishes Danzig’s place as a forefather of death metal? Every wonder where people get the balls to scream about gory fucking death? Maybe NOT OF THIS WORLD. -Circle of Snakes reminds me of one fucking Danzig line in particular ..IT’S A LONG WAY BACK FROM HELL. Musically, it is a turning point and describes the big trip that has been going on since 1987. This title track is a lot deeper than it gets credit for and it hooks right back into Twist of Cain on Danzig I. -Danzig I was the question, and Circle of Snakes is THE ANSWER. -Live, it is sex and power. It is deeply fucking spiritual. It is a journey into your soul. -The vocals, pure Danzig-bluesy, smoky, and fucking huge. Fall under his spell-it IS a good trip. -Tommy Victor’s guitars have NEVER been heavier than they were at the Roxy-and I have covered PRONG more than once. Type O Negative’s amazing and beautiful Johnny Kelly was pulling a guest slot behind the drum kit. Kelly has this fucked up finesse that makes him unique. The bass player? I don’t know who the fuck he was, but he kicked some ass. So fuck yes, ALWAYS see Danzig. Fall under the spell of a GOD! There is no way you will ever be disappointed. Blackest of The Black will be HERE this MONTH! Ps-Enjoy my photo collection. I always do!


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